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Twisted Knots

No Rage Like a Seraph's Rage

Harry felt warm and more importantly safe as he was awaking up. He let out a shaking sigh, which made Draco sit upright and steel himself to his mate's reaction to being in his lap. He could only imagine how the other was going to react to his long established archrival being in love with him and also his soul mate. He didn't expect things to run exactly smoothly. Harry blinked and the first things he saw when his eyes were fully open were Draco's own eyes.

They were familiar but from the upside down view of him Harry couldn't tell who it was. Closing his eyes to help him concentrate on getting up his whole body shook with the effort. He gasped as he managed to pull himself up with a little helpful push from Draco who kept his hand on Harry's back for just incase the other was going to fall back. Harry was dizzy and as he turned around to the other behind him he grabbed hold of Draco's shoulders.

"M-Malfoy?" For a horrible moment he thought that maybe the death eaters had swarmed his aunt and uncles house and managed to get through the barriers and kill them all and capture him. His heart sped out of control and he swooned to one side and if Draco hadn't have reached out and grabbed his hips and pulled him forward into his chest he would have fallen to the floor. It was then that he noticed that he was in the hospital wing. He started to push against Draco's chest trying to get free of his arms, but the blond wasn't letting go.

"G-get off. S-Stop-p t-touch-ching me." His voice broke and stuttered horribly. Blinking a couple times he started to notice something even stranger than the fact that Draco Malfoy was holding him against his chest. Glowing lines of red were shooting out of random areas on both their bodies and some were connecting them together and others were escaping through walls and under the door to the infirmary. One gold line intertwined around one red string and connected his left pink to Draco's own left pinky finger.

"W-What i-is all th-this! G-Get it O-off m-me!" He started to jerkily try to get the strings off of himself and when his hands passed through the strings he started to cry and get further agitated and started frantically clawing at his body. Draco looked at his mate in horror as his nails ripped into his thin skin and tears slid freely down his face. All of his wings spread out behind his back in a defensive instinct, which brought Harry's eyes back up from himself to Draco and he let out a fearful yell and then slumped forward. His heart, which had been rapidly beating to the point of skipping beats, had forced him to pass out from too much at once happening.

Draco didn't have enough time to react other than to catch the other and hold him protectively in his arms all the while calling out for Madame Pomfrey. The witch came running into the room and see his patient's new state she managed to peel him out of the Seraph's arms with a little force and a stern yell at him to let her heal him when he tried to refuse her taking him out of his arms.

"I'm going to take him into the other room. Right now you are too much for him to handle." Draco was about to protest but at her stern glare he hung his head in defeat. He wanted to heal his mate but he knew that he needed to let Madame Pomfrey do it because the other didn't trust him yet. He sadly got to his feet off the bed. She had humored him in letting his mate sleep in his lap after they had first arrived but now that Harry had woken up he was going to have to put more distance between them than he would like or was really healthy for their already growing bond.

Madame Pomfrey managed to half carry and half levitate Harry into a separate room and close the door behind her, no doubt setting Harry up with a calmer environment to heal in and wake up to. Draco's heart hurt at the knowledge that he had caused his mate to over stimulate himself into passing out in his weakened condition. Thinking about the cause to his weakened condition in the first place he channeled his energies of wanting to be near Harry into being angry with Dumbledore.

The old man had let his mate live in a house in unfit protectors! He had heard rumors that Harry's remaining family were muggles that hated magic, but he had no idea that they hated Harry even more than magic. He certainly didn't believe that Harry was being abused when he wet home every summer. If he had known he would have- he stopped his line of thought. What would he have done? He hadn't known Harry was his mate before he had found him the previous night. If it weren't for the fact Harry was his mate he wouldn't have done anything.

This knowledge even further annoyed him and fueled his anger with Dumbledore. He couldn't help the past but the headmaster could have. Harry's wellbeing had been in his hands and thus all of the abuse his mate had suffered was indirectly all because of the headmaster. In his rage he made his way to Dumbledore's office. He didn't knock but opened the doors so forcefully that he broke them off their hinges. The man was sitting at his desk sucking on a lemon drop. He raised an eyebrow at the angry Seraph that had his wings spread out and his eyes had gone eerily white again.

"Yes, young Malfoy, how can I help you?" The old man's greeted made him growl and let out a fierce roar, his fangs seeming to elongate.

"You knew he was being abused, didn't you." It wasn't a question but the headmaster felt the need to reply and he said it all with a weary and apologetic look on his face.

"I knew that his aunt and uncle were no fans to magic but I never thought they would ever use psychical force against him." This only furthered his anger.

"Oh, so if they belittled him all his life with mental abuse that was okay? If they kept him a cupboard verses giving him an actual bedroom with an actual bed verses just a mattress that was okay? Hey, they didn't hit him so he will be alright?" He let out another roar and punched the headmaster's desk making it split into two halves. It was after that Draco's father entered the office as well. Seeing how upset his son was Lucius came and grabbed him from behind and tried to coo soothing things into his ear.

"Draco, Draco, it is okay. Harry is with Madame Pomfrey now. He is safe. You can't attack Dumbledore. Calm down. Shh, shh." It took many more words of comfort and hushing before Draco's eyes went back to normal and his wings folded back up.

"You are right father. He isn't worth it. Though I will have my revenge on that uncle and aunt of his." Dumbledore was about to protest but Lucius sent him a look that could rival the coolness of ice.

"That you will have my son, but only after you have talked to your mate. You should let him decide what fate is suited for them." Draco seemed to be shocked by the concept but then nodded at the idea. Seemingly agreeing and thinking that Harry would want them to hurt as much as they had hurt him to the point of nearly killing him. He didn't like the look at Dumbledore was giving at the idea though. His face seemed smug and he seemed to like the idea too much. Draco pulled himself away from his father after his hold had loosened enough and started walking out the doorway that had its doors hanging off from the frame more towards the floor after his display of strength.

"You no longer have my support Professor Dumbledore. My allegiance is to my mate and only my mate from now on." Lucius blinked in shock at his son as he watched him walk away. He had not known his son would be so outward with his dislike of the headmaster. It wasn't very Slytherin of him; it was too direct an attack against the headmaster. The older Seraph turned from the headmaster's office and exited without a word and without a look back to see the frown on the headmasters face.