Hey everyone!!

This is just a quick note to anyone reading this fic ( or may have read in the past ) and were wondering about a sequel. Well, after many requests ( and my urge to keep writing after such positive feedback ;) ) I have finally written the first chapter :D

It's called A New Life, and the first chapter will be posted up some time today.

Until then, here's the first section of the story to try and entice you to keep reading :)

Here it is, and I hope you like it :D ...

Intangible and undistinguishable, he glided through the night towards his destination. If he were to be seen, he would appear as nothing more than a shadow, a spectre of movement that would be disregarded as a trick of the mind. But he was no illusion.

He was real. He was pain. He was death.

And he had a new target, a victim that seemed so unlikely given the current situation, and that he existed because of fear, despair and hopelessness. That was what made them vulnerable though, believing that they were free of such emotions. He just had to bring them out. A dark chuckle sounded from the shadows as he moved silently.

What better place than the Hellmouth?