Beauty Beholden

Jack knew he was staring, but he couldn't help it. Rose and the Doctor were gorgeous together. Her golden, shining warmth against his rugged, dark strength was a magnetic combination. She was spunky and sassy and wise beyond her years in what made people tick, and he was gruff and brooding and full of more heart than even his nine hundred years could account for. Jack had been drawn towards Rose's sassy smile and the Doctor's manic grin from the beginning – and they were even sexier when they were wrapped around each other like twining vestara vines, lost in their passion for each other.

Jack had known from the first time he'd seen them together, that they would be this beautiful. But what was even more beautiful was the sultry, come-hither look on Rose's face – as the Doctor held out his hand to him. They weren't too lost to realize he was there – and they wanted him to join them.

Jack's breath caught in his throat as he realized what he was being offered. Then, swallowing down his sudden, unexplainable bout of nerves, he reached back, and allowed them to tumble him to the library floor between them.

It wasn't too long before the three of them were too caught up in feeling each other to focus on their sense of sight. Yet the TARDIS could feel it as they came together in many and varied ways: bright warmth, stormy strength, and quicksilver flexibility.

The way this particular triad of companions fit together was the most beautiful thing she had had the pleasure of feeling in quite a long time.