Best Friends Forever

"Yasmin! Hurry up!" Arielle called as she stood on the stone bridge. Yasmin caught up with her out of breath.

"You're.. So.. Fast!" she said between breaths. "You're the fastest person in our Grade 7 class. Maybe the whole school!" Arielle smiled and placed a strand of her long hybrid hair behind one of her ears. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect body. Arielle was perfect. Everyone liked her and so did alot of guys. Yasmin envied her for that.

"It looks like it's gonna rain soon." Arielle said as she glanced up at the sky. "Wanna go to my house or yours?"

"You know I can't answer that. I can't make decisons. Even if it was common sense" she replied. "Like if my mom was in a house fire and I had a cell phone, I'd hesitate to call 911" Ariell giggled and pulled Yasmin in for a hug.

"Let's hope that'll never happen. But you know" she pulled Yasmin away. " I can't make all your decisons for you. What if I'm the one in trouble?" She shrugged. "Let's go to my house, okay?"

Boom.They both looked up and watched as the rain started to heavily pour.

"Let's go. We'll be all wet soon" Yasmin said.

"Wait, look!" She bent over on the ledge of the bridge and pointed down to the rising river "Isn't tha-WOAH!"

"Arielle!" Yasmin screamed. Arielle gripped onto the jagged rocks on the bridge, ready to fall in the river.

"Help me! Please! Help me up or get someone for help! I'm gonna fall!" she yelled as tears started to stream down her face.

"W-what do I do?" Yasmin asked. She was too weak to help her up and too slow and clumsy to get someone to help in him. Arielle attempted to pull herseld up but failed. She cringed as she tried to grip on tighter. The jagged rocks went deep into her palms, peeling her skin and making her bleed.

"Yasmin! I can't hold on much longer!" she screamed. Arielle felt her grip losen as she tried to grip on tighter. Yasmin grabbed onto Arielle's wrists and started to pull.

"I'm too weak!" she cried as the rain started to pour even more. "AH!" she slipped back and fell into a pool of water as Arielle fell down.

"YASMIN!" she screamed. Yasmin got up and reached for her hands but didn't get to catch her on time. Arielle fell into the river and started to cough as water kept flowing through her mouth and in her lungs. "I can't swim!"

"Hold on! I'll get help now! I'll try to be fast!" she yelled.

"H-hurry!" she coughed as the water reached her chin. "I can't.. Breathe!"

"No! Hang on!" Tears filled Yasmin's eyes. "You're my best friend and you'll always be! You'll never be replaced, Arielle! I promise!" she called. Arielle opened her mouth to speak but the water in the river kept getting into her mouth, not letting her say her final words to her best friend. Instead, she smiled, closed her eyes, and fell into the depths of the water in the river. Yasmin quickly ran and found someone,telling her about Arielle. The police and ambulance rescued Arielle's lifeless body from the water. Yasmin sat on the side of the bridge, curled up into a ball and began to cry.

1:43 p. m., October 19th, 2006. Arielle Skit died of drowning.