A/N: The Long Lead Story.

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"Hey I'm looking up at the box." Immediately, at every break of every show.

She said she'd be there. Not that he felt disappointed or worried, or anything. Just ... wondering.

"I don't see McDeere." The use of her surname is purely for distance.

This wasn't a thing, he refused to let it be.

"You think she fell out of love with us?" It just slipped out.

No comment.

"It happens, you know, people change." He rambled, because what else could he do?

"Hey, give her a break tonight if you see her. I got people telling me Les Moonves got the new Martin Sykes show." Cal warned him, and he's reminded of that bar, and her supposedly unwarranted proposition.

"She lost the bid?"

"She didn't make the bid."

He should have guessed. Martin Sykes, the unctuous bastard, was far too classless for Jordan and her saintly standards.

Danny was instantly impressed.

"Let me talk to you for a second." He beckons the kid under Jordan's eyes and whispers: "I need you to do me a favor and do this. I know your concerns and I understand but she can do this, I promise you. She also needs a break. So I owe you one, okay?"

The kid understands, thank God.

"Okay, you got it." Trevor explains and she just lights up from the inside.

"What was that for?" She gives him such a smile.

"For passing on Martin Sykes," Danny replies.

"I do a whole speech about Pericles of Athens. You come in and say "do it" and he does it?"

Street cred. Of course. "Street cred."

He left, but peeked back in to see her still smiling.