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Their Story

Chapter 1

Rose watched as the figures of her family disappeared into the distance before the scarlet train turned the corner and they were completely gone from her view.

"Come on Al, let's find somewhere to sit, coming James?"

"No thanks, Rosie-Posie-"

Rose hit him at this point; the only person who got away with calling her Rosie was her father.

"Tut Tut little cousin - what would your mother say if she saw you hit me like that?"

In response, she hit him again.

"Okay! I get your point! I've just spied Roxanne and Fred. See you at the sorting!" And with that he sped off, knocking other first years over as if they were bowling pins, and he was a dramatically thrown bowling ball.

"Come on!" Rose whined, pulling on Albus's unresponsive arm, as he still stared out the window as if he could still see his mum, dad and little sister.

"Al!" She gave him one big tug on his arm and his emerald green eyes locked on her sea blue ones and he snapped out the trance that he was in.

"Alright, alright. I'm coming." He grinned, grabbing his trunk and leading the way down the corridor. Rose huffed and blew a stray lock of curly red hair that had fallen in front of her before following her cousin down the rapidly filling corridor.

"This is the last compartment. Everywhere else is full." Albus said as he slid the compartment door open. From her position behind him, she could only see a platinum blonde head before Al said, "Mind if we sit here?"

"Help yourself."

"Thanks." Al pulled his trunk through the door and tried to get it on the top rack but he struggled.

"Here, let me help you." Another set of hands grabbed the other side and together, they lifted the heavy trunk onto the rack before both boys turned to Rose, ready to retrieve her trunk.


"No problem. I'm Scorpius."



This was the boy that her dad had told her to watch out for. This was the boy that her dad told her to beat in every test. Rose got the impression that this year was going to be a lot better than she imagined.