Their Story


11th August 2040

Today is mine and Scorpius' tenth wedding anniversary! It feels like yesterday when I walked down that aisle, seeing him at the end like a light at the end of the tunnel. He looked so handsome in his black dress robes; his grey eyes, platinum blonde hair and pale skin contrasted greatly with the dark colour. Black is my all time favourite colour on him for that reason!

My father was not happy in my choice of husband and when the nameplate on both my desk and door were changed to 'Special Auror, Rose Malfoy.' His face matched his red hair perfectly…Until it surpassed red and turned purple, his veins pulsing; not a pretty sight. I think, that even though he had been at the wedding…The fact that it was written made it all too real for him. He was never too fond of Scorpius, always calling him the "Ferret's son." You know, sometimes I find it hard to see why mum found him decent enough to marry, but then I remember the times when he'd take us to the theme park and pay for everything, when he used to read me bed time stories, how he bought me a dog when I was seven because I broke my arm falling out of a tree, how he'd pick me up if I was to tired to walk. Now, I can see the looks that he sends my mum's way, the subtle touches and glances and then I get it. I get why she married him. Sure, he has a bad temper, but so do I. She puts up with him because she loves him, a bit like I suspect Scorpius does.

Hugo wasn't happy about it either. The minute he saw me and Scorpius together for the first time he seemed to have a personal vendetta against him and he often did whatever he could to make Scorpius' lie hell. I soon sorted him out. Weasley Temper. Got to be afraid of it, right?

One year after mine and Scorpius' wedding, I became pregnant with our first child, and, nine months later, we welcomed Nicholas Malfoy into the world. I was young, only just turned twenty-five, but it was worth it. He's eight years old now and a certain Gryffindor! We were going to call him Leo, both after the consolation and Leo Zabini, Scorpius' best friend and pseudo brother, but we made him Nicholas' Godfather instead. I loved the name Nicholas to much…Even if every time I say it I'm reminded of Sir Nicholas (or Nearly Headless Nick, as we all called him). I loved that ghost, he was by far my favourite ghost at Hogwarts.

Although I'm a half-blood, our children are technically be pure-blood's; both sets of their grandparents have to have magical blood and qualities and, once Draco knew that he was okish with me and Scorpius being together. Eventually.

Three years after Nicholas, Rachael was born. She's five years old now, and goes every where with a book. She can't stand to be without one, a sure sign for Ravenclaw, though my family are saying Gryffindor. There's even a bet going around on what house she's going to be in. Draco Malfoy bet Ravenclaw. Since she's the first female Malfoy in a very long time, he says that its okay for her to be in Ravenclaw. But no other house. He forbids it! Ha! I seem to be the only one not bothered about which house she's in. Well, we'll just have to see what happens when she goes to Hogwarts.

Two years after Rachael, we had Phoenix. The soon to be Slytherin. She is an absolute hellion, and a sneaky one at that. Only three years old and doing anything possible to drive us mad. You know what? Its working!

It's ironic that she might end up in Slytherin, seeing as how she looks more Weasley then any of her siblings. She has the red hair and freckles and she's getting the temper. The only Malfoy thing about her are her eyes. Grey, which looks strange on her. Fire hair, ice eyes. She's a beautiful child. Nicholas looks the most Malfoy, with Platinum blonde hair and sharp features, no freckles and pale skin, he, too, has grey eyes, but they boast flecks of bright blue in them. Rachael has curly, dirty blonde hair and my mothers deep brown eyes. She also seems to have my mothers smell of partchment, but I think that I'm making that up…

Anyways, tonight was extremely romantic. Scorpius took us for dinner at this small, quant, Italian restaurant/café and after that delicious meal, we went for a walk down by the river. The lights were lit and we held hands, something which we still do after a very long time of being together. It's the little touches that tell us that our loves still alive. A quick brush of our hands as we set the table, he places his hand on the small of my back as we walk, we touch our foreheads together briefly just before we go to sleep…They let us know that were on the right track.

Where was I? Ahh, yes. We laid down on the dock and watched the skies overhead, the stars twinkle, we just laid there in silence and listened to the world pass us by, stuck in our own little comfort bubble. I remember moving so that my head was resting against his chest, my hand over his heart and glancing out at the expass of deep blue water that the river held, reflecting the night sky above it. Then he tilted my head towards his and kissed me. Merlin, I sound like a school girl! You'd think after ten years of marriage and about five years of dating before hand that I'd be used to it, but I'm really not. Everytime is new, special and different and everyone sends tingles right down my spine, be it a kick peck on the cheek or a full, deep passionate kiss.

When I was fifteen, I'd never had a moment. Now, Scorpius gives me one every single day. Whether he's aware of it or not I'm not sure, but Merlin, that man can kiss! I love him, so much for it. He makes me feel appreciated and I don't feel the need to have to change myself for him. The only thing he'd change about me is my job. Says its do dangerous. Yeah, right. Like I'm gonna give up my dream job, he can think again.

Oh, which reminds me. We are double celebrating tonight as Scorpius got made the head of his department at St. Mungo's! He's the youngest in the History of the place, although I can tell he's bored of it. He need's some Pizzaz in his job...

Scorpius entered the bedroom undetected by Rose, who was bent over the desk, scribbling furiously, a look of concentration on her beautiful face. He ran his hand through his platinum hair, making it stick up in different directions as he moved silently through their bedroom towards His Rose.

And this house – it's the house I've always dreamed of! A living room, dining room, three bedroom's, 2 bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, garden, conservatory in a muggle neighbourhood…Its beautiful and peaceful and so worth the price. Our children can grow up here, well, they can grow up anyway, but here…It just feels better for them.

A hand fell onto her shoulder and she instinctively went into Auror mode. She pushed her chair out and spun around, taking her wand out of her back pocket and pointing it at the intruders neck.

It was Scorpius. Of course it was Scorpius, who else would it be? She apologized profusely and before putting her wand away.

He raised his eyebrow and opened his arms out for a hug, which she gratefully returned.

"Being an Auror has made you paranoid, my love." His deep voice floated through her ears. She huffed and buried her head further in his chest, causing him to chuckle. "Tell you what, you can pull those moves on me tonight," He said, his breath tickling her ear, his voice rumbling in his chest.

"Most deffinatly." She replied before moving her had and reaching up to give him a mind blowing kiss that…Well, it blew his mind. "That's just a preview." She whispered against his lips. He groaned and pulled her closer, trailing kisses from her ear down her neck, one hand reaching up for the one resting over his heart…A bit like he had done earlier in the night when they were laid on the docks, the other hand reaching around her waist, trying desperately to pull her closer.

"Daddy!" A child's voice yelled from down the down the hall. "Read me Alice n Wonderland!"

He groaned in annoyance before yelling his response over his shoulder; "Daddy's busy!"

"Hey, come on, the quicker you read her the story, the quicker she'll fall asleep and then we can spend the whole night un-interrupted." She reasoned, a wicked grin casting across her face. He too, smirked at the idea and, again, yelled over his shoulder, "Be right there, sweetie." They could hear a very faint "Yay!" and they both chuckled, Scorpius' head falling down onto her shoulder, his forehead pressed against the curve of her neck.

"Damn kids, so demanding. They get it from you, you know." He mumbled into her neck, closing his eyes at the feel of her fingers running through his hair.

"Daddy!" Rachael called out, annoyance colouring her tone.

"I'm coming!" He yelled back before saying to Rose, "You'd better be in bed by the time I get back." He ordered, peeling her top off, revealing her bra-less chest.

He moaned at seeing her, resisting the urge to touch her. "I mean it!"

"And you say I'm the demanding one." She said, unbuttoning his top before kissing him, their chests lightly touching.

"Merlin, Rose." He cupped her face and pecked her forehead before leaving, buttoning his top up, mumbling under his breath about 'Bratty kids', 'sexy wives' and 'Stupid Alice chasing the stupid rabbit…Why would you do that?"

Rose chuckled, watching her husband make his way to Rachael's room, thanking her lucky stars that she had such a wonderful husband. She went to get into bed, just as Scorpius had ordered before spotting her brand new diary on the desk. Her mother had given it to her as an anniversary present and she'd put in one entry already. She just needed to finish it.

I have the best husband in the world. Always. Xxx

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