- A Girl Called Mil Wind -

Miss Mil Wind – a marvelous creation of the God of the Heavens,

As all children of Him are born into life, and yet,

Also a beautiful female creature of mysterious origins;

A true walking mass of complexes is she.

The long, dark-as-midnight hair of Mil Wind flies crazily in the gathering

wind as she journeys forward.

Her naively inquisitive eyes of an emerald hue gaze prettily in wonder

At the hazy world around her.

What of His authority did the good Lord surpass when He created her?

Why must you fall under such a fit of modest blushing, Miss Mil Wind?

Once one of many a million suitors approach their beautiful prey, whom they

so desireth to charm,

As you continue to wander on down that lonely golden road,

Towards an unseen destiny that a woman of science such as yourself hopes to

one day fulfill?

Turn blood-red from embarrassment you may, Miss Mil Wind,

If you have somehow been swooned by one of those who worship you.

Yet, though you might successfully warn them away with the astounding

intelligence that you possess,

There nary exists a suitor who cannot see the true intent of your precious


And so, just what could be the destiny that your noble spirit rests upon, my

dear Miss Mil Wind?

Are you still so intent on pursuing what will leave behind a legacy with your

loved ones upon your passing?

… Or are you actually plotting nothing of the sort?

Only the snow-winged angels with whom you shall soon reside among can

know for sure, is this not true?

- by "Sarah's Knight"