The first sign of trouble had actually been the surveillance ordered by Ziva David's father, Mossad Director Eli David. It had been lost in the effort to clear the liaison officer from murder and espionage charges.

The second sign was the strange relationship Ziva experienced when she was sent back to Israel by the new Director of NCIS, Leon Vance. Her father seemed to be colder to her, yet would force Ziva to be demonstrative with her affection. The more the man pushed, the more uncomfortable she became. During the nights when she was alone, the Israeli longed for her life back in Washington, D.C.

She found herself turning to one of the Mossad's top agents, Michael Rifkin. He was handsome, with a wry sense of humor that reminded Ziva of Tony DiNozzo, her former NCIS partner. And Michael was a man who was close to her father, something she longed to be.

Their undercover assignment in Morocco had served to drive Ziva and Michael closer. She remembered the club exploding around her, being rescued from the rubble by local fire rescue personnel. Barely conscious, Ziva still recalled seeing Michael as she was loaded into an ambulance.

Alone and lonely, she turned more and more to the man who had her father's confidence. She found herself falling into a desperate kind of love with him. Ziva needed someone who understood how much she had changed while working with NCIS. Her emotions were closer to the surface than they had been since Talia had been killed.

When the call came from her father that the new NCIS Director Leon Vance was willing to allow her to come back as liaison officer, she had been thrilled, but sad as well. She would be leaving Michael. She was going to the one place that she now considered home.

"Michael?" Ziva found her lover waiting by the car taking her to the airport.

"Ziva. I asked to drive you. I hope you don't mind." His dark eyes appeared sad as they surveyed her lithe figure.

"Of course not. I tried to call you, to let you know I was leaving."

"I know. I saw it was you. Your father told me you were leaving us again."

"אני מצטער, יקירתי."

"I'm sorry as well, Ziva." Michael took the Israeli woman into his arms, kissing her gently on the mouth before grabbing her and twisting her neck until it snapped. "This is from your father for Ari."