Wesley Crusher: He COULD Be Worse.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Star Trek, but I really, really wish I did. XD

Note: takes place right after "Coming of Age"

The USS Enterprise was in orbit around Earth, having just picked up Wesley Crusher from his tests at Starfleet Academy. The Enterprise had just picked up two new passengers, and was ready to leave Earth.


Wesley's doorbell buzzed. He bit his lip and called,


Wesley's cousins walked into his quarters, broad grins on their faces.

"Hi, Wesley!" they said in unison, beaming.

Wesley grimaced and forced a smile onto his face.

"Hi," he muttered. "Welcome to the Enterprise."

Wes stared at his cousins in disbelief. Mary Sue had a pink bow in her curly blonde hair and was wearing an old-fashioned, polka-dotted pink dress. Her twin, Gary Stu, had messy brown hair that was parted down the middle and was wearing blue jean overalls over a flannel shirt.

"Thank you!" Mary Sue chirped.

"We're just so happy to be here!" chimed in Gary Stu.

Wesley looked sick.

Gary Stu looked worried. "Oh, my, Wes, are you all right? You look ghastly!"

Mary Sue's hand fluttered to her mouth. "Maybe we should take him to sick bay!" she gasped, and grabbed for his arm.

"No!" said Wesley, yanking his arm back. "No, that…that won't be necessary."

The twins stared at Wesley with identical looks of concern on their faces. Wes sighed.

"Look, um…how about I…give you a tour of the ship?" he asked, and instantly regretted it.

The twins' faces lit up.

"Oh, Wes, would you really?" cried Mary Sue.

"Why, that would be splendid!" agreed Gary Stu.

"Great," muttered Wes. "Let's go." He gestured to the door impatiently.

"No, after you! We insist!" the twins chirped in unison.

Wesley groaned and walked out the door.