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Doctor Beverly Crusher looked up from her PADD with a soft smile as the doors to sickbay hissed open. Her smile widened as she saw her niece and nephew, Mary Sue and Gary Stu standing there.

"Hi, Aunt Beverly!" the two chorused, huge identical smiles on their faces.

Beverly's smile grew at the sight of the twins. "Mary Sue and Gary Stu! How are you? My, how you've grown!"

Wesley, standing just outside the entrance to sickbay, rolled his eyes. But the twins raced over to Beverly and gave her a big hug.

Beverly smiled and patted the twins on the heads. They're like the children I never had…well, I had Wesley, of course, but there's only one of him.

Releasing her grip on Beverly, Mary Sue looked around, worried. "Where's Wesley?" she asked in concern.

Scowling, Wes stepped through the doorway. "Here I am," he grumbled.

Forced to turn her attention away from the twins, Beverly smiled thinly at her son, then turned back to Mary Sue and Gary Stu. "How are you two liking the Enterprise?"

Gary Stu's grin widened-How is that even POSSIBLE? Wesley wondered- to stretch literally from ear to ear.

"We're just loving it!" he enthused. "Everyone here is so nice and friendly, and Wes has been showing us around!"

At that, Beverly frowned. "Wes has been showing you around, and he didn't bring you to see me until JUST NOW?"

Wesley winced under the heat of his mother's glare. "Well, uh, you see…"

"Is that the latest medPADD?" Mary Sue interrupted, her voice filled with awe. She gazed in wonder at the device in Beverly's hand.

Completely forgetting the lecture she was about to give her son, Beverly smiled hugely at Mary Sue. "Why, yes, it is! However did YOU know that?"

Mary Sue grinned. "My brother and I want to be doctors when we grow up, just like you, Aunt Beverly! We subscribe to 'medPADD Monthly." Gary Stu nodded assent.

Wesley slumped down onto the floor as his cousins started enthusiastically asking his mom about her job. Not again…


Just when Wes was about to run out the door and blow his brains out with a phaser, a patient required Beverly's immediate attention.

"I'm sorry, kids, I have to go!" Beverly frowned.

"Awwwwwww!" the twins cried in disappointment.

"But it's okay!" Mary Sue added. "We're going to be doctors someday, and we understand about taking care of patients!"

"Yes siree!" Gary Stu smiled.

Wesley started beating his head against the wall. Beverly looked at him in concern.

"I really should have Deanna look at that…" she muttered.

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