The Night She Saw Blue

She was brought to life

Through visions of true

Fully to realize

The night she saw blue

A metamorphose of power

A shift in her stride

Pushing away all anguish

Replacing it with pride

A cold blooded drive

Fueled by another

But they would all pay

Especially foolish big brother

To her gift, she made a promise

To keep on fighting

She felt no mercy

As she watched her enemies dyeing

But with power comes poison

She found out too late

Centripetal rules

Determined her fate

What happened to the prodigy?

If only she saw things through

Her life was clearly over

The night that she saw blue


I haven't written a poem in what feels like forever. I was inspired by Kahel's "The Night she turned blue", which I absolutely loveeee


I love the idea that Azula saw visions of blue fire (if Zuko and Aang had them, why couldn't she?) and realized how powerful she really was.

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Ps: Azula and ATLA RULES!!!!!!!! XD

Disclaimer/copyright/whatever the F**K it's called: Azula is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender, which does not belong to me