Hi, My name is Isabella Swan. But most people call me Bella unless I'm in trouble by my father Charlie Swan.

I am also secretly in love with my best friend Edward Cullen. He has no idea and I am planning on keeping it that way.

He has a girlfriend named Tanya whom I hate with a passion. He doesn't know that either and I and planning on keeping it that way too.

I woke up to a blaring alarm clock. I whacked it and it immediately shut up. I groaned and sat up. I stood up and walked to the bathroom with my toiletry bag in my left hand and my clothes in the other.

I took a shower, letting the hot water pound on my back. I finally got out once the water turned cold. I put on my black skinny jeans and a dark blue long sleeved top. I topped it all of with my converse and a gray hoodie. (A/N: She does not have a car in the fanfic.)

I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for Edward to pick me up, when my cell phone rang.

I looked at it and saw that it was Edward.

I smiled and flipped it open, "Hello?" I said

"Hey Bella, I have to pick Tanya up. Sooo I was wondering if you could catch a ride with someone elseā€¦" He trailed off

My heart sunk "Y-yeah sure. No prob. See you at school." I said and hung up before giving him a chance to say anything.

I looked out the window and saw that it was pouring rain out side and it was windy.

I figured that an umbrella wouldn't help at all so I just grabbed my backpack and opened the door.

A huge gust of wind almost knocked me over. I took a step outside and immediately started to shiver.

I walked about half way to school and I was soaked and shivering violently.

"I hate Edward Cullen," I muttered under my breath.

I reached the school parking lot and saw Edwards car parked in the usual spot he always parked in.

I walked through the door and everyone turned to me. I saw their eyes widen as the saw me dripping on the tiles of the school.

I saw Edward run over to me and stand in front of me.

"Oh Bella, I didn't think this would happen I'm so-"

I cut him off. "Save it," I said and walked to the girl's bathroom.

I dried off a little bit but I was still damp.

I went to my first class and the teacher droned on and on about stuff I already knew. This happened in all my classes until lunch.

I walked in, and most of the conversations stopped and they all looked at me.