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The bay doors opened as Thunderhawk One returned from Meridian's surface, coming to rest upon its holy hanger pad within the Armageddon. Across the bay from the pad, a group of devastator marines and a dreadnought were playing a round of poker, their 97th over 16 days. One of them, not wearing a helmet, proceeded to get up and walk over to the incoming transport as its bay doors opened. Within, a pair of wounded tactical marines stumbled out to be met by apothecary Gordian, med-tools at the ready. The force-commander quickly ran out energetically, almost too happy considering most of his torso plating was lined with blood and shurikan, plus most of his men were wounded. He quickly ran over to Tech-marine Martellus with vigor and enthusiasm not expected out of any space marine. "Martellus, prep drop pod three in four hours, we're going down again." He said quickly before rushing of before the tech-marine could complain about the condition of his armor.

Meanwhile, Tarkus stumbled out of the Thunderhawk's hold, scout sergeant Cyrus held on his shoulder, to find Avitus waiting for him, a somber expression on his face at the sight of his seemingly fallen comrade. "Is he..." He struggled to speak.

"Is he what?" Asked the aged tactical sergeant.

"Dead?" Asked Avitus, looking more and more grimmer before finally looking like a mourner, until a loud snore shocked him out of it. "What the?!? Who...?" He looked around franticly around the bay to find who did the deed. Tarkus pointed at the load on his shoulder. "What?!? Hes asleep?!?" Asked Avitus in shock, only to be replied with a shush from Tarkus.

"Hes been like this since we were evacuated." Explained Tarkus as he began towards Cyrus' quarters.

"That bad huh?" Replied Avitus, tagging along with his friend. "Guess he can't take this forever."

"Three deployments every day for 19 days, plus standard patrols and duty's, that grinds on anyone brother."

"You think the commander would let up a little. My devastators and Captain Thule haven't been off ship for a while"

"Don't bother talking to him, hes a wreck too."

"How? Hes bouncing off the walls." Avitus meant that literally, the force commander was dashing all along a main corridor.

"Too many stims and holy rallys do that to you."

"You can overdose on that stuff?"

"Big time." Said Tarkus as they finally reached Cyrus's quarters, which were sparsely decorated, as per norm, though a datapad journal was on the bed, which after dumping Cyrus onto it, Tarkus picked up. "Hmm..."

"Should we read it?" Asked Avitus somewhat hesitantly, making sure Cyrus was asleep.

"Lets, I need to relax." Replied Tarkus as he opened it up randomly.

Day 3692 (How long did he keep this?--Avitus)

Hunt 192

Entry log: Target plus 13 of his followers terminated at 0231 hours

Left planet at 0319 hours aboard sanctioned vessel

The entry then continued to show methodical details about the next few days. "Boring." muttered Tarkus as he flipped through multiple pages until:

Day 3824

Hunt 194

Entry log: Got paired with Isarus again X3 (Huh.--Tarkus)

Undercover op this time. I'll be wearing the gang suit this time, though Isarus's outfit is a...wonder to say the least for a tech-serf/assassin. Hope I may speak to her soon. Can't wait. .

Log supplement:

Ahh, a good time as always. Though we are parted by space and time once more, our bond has no limits. Til we meet again my sweet violet rose...

It was after reading that last bit did the two sergeants realize what was written. Suddenly a knife found its mark into Tarkus's hand, forcing him to drop the datapad, and force him to deal with a very irate and grumpy scout sergeant.

"His idea." Said a very scared Avitus, pointed towards Tarkus.