Soul Mates

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Surlent's POV

She made me feel different things when I first saw her. Noticing the Jade embedded in her forehead, I knew she was the savior of this world. The girl was dedicated to her mission and protecting everybody. She was indeed a merciful goddess.

I promised Aqua that I would protect this girl and aid her whenever she needs my assistance. The radiance of her jade, the pretty smile on her face. I want to know more about her.

One day, I met up with her. She healed me and our companions with her mantras. I noticed her tenderness, her kind hearted attitude and her affection towards us. She was well loved by everyone that met up with her and I can see why. I, alongside many people, considered Riza as some one special.

Riza's POV

Surlent was one of the people that are special to me. We have a lot of things in common as well.

He is the truth seeker and has very soft manners. When children come in contact with him, he seems to be very friendly with them and is seen as their brother figure. He made the children feel good. And he is rather handsome as well. He was a reliable friend. He is good with his mantras and possessed a vast amount of knowledge.

It's like we knew each other since when we were little.

Now things in life are different. I have someone I can protect and aid on his journey when he needs it. I'm glad there are people like me in this world, because for the longest time, I thought I was the only jade bearer on Terra Firma. I'm glad there are others like me and it is my duty to protect them.