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In the forest outside Turtle Cove The lunar wolf ranger Merrick was on his way back to Willy's after helping the other rangers defeat another Org. As he was walking Merrick was looking at the jacket that the white ranger Alyssa has given him telling him that no matter what he was part of the team and now Merrick was thinking hard about how could the other rangers forgive him for what he did as Zen Aku so easily and wanted to be his friends.

"How can the others still forgive me for everything I did as Zen Aku when I can't even forgive myself. I should just leave Turtle Cove before I cause anyone else trouble." thought Merrick sadly

With that Merrick started to walk again towards Willy's to get his things pack and leave Turtle Cove for good. After 10 minutes of walking Merrick felt the wind blow in his face and felt there was someone watching him and decide to see who it was.

"Alright whoever you are show yourself right now." demanded Merrick out loud.

All of a sudden there was a bright flash of white light blinded Merrick who covered his eyes and when it faded standing in front of Merrick was a human like being covered in a white light.

"Who are you and what do you want?" ask Merrick reaching for his morpher

"Calm down Merrick it is me Zordon of Eltar. " replied Zordon in a calm voice

"I am very sorry Zordon. I didn't know it was you. Please forgive me?" said Merrick bowing on one knee

"It is alright Merrick. The reason I have come back to life is to ask you why you don't join the rest of the rangers in the battle against Master Org." replied Zordon

"If you must Zordon it is because of what I did when I was Zen Aku and I feel that I don't deserve the forgiveness of the other rangers." replied Merrick looking at Zorden with sad eyes

"Merrick what you did as Zen Aku was not your fault and you should not beat yourself up over it as the other rangers have forgiven you." said Zordon

"That may be true Zordon. But I still feel like I don't deserve to help the other rangers fighting the Orgs and I can't find Redemption here in Turtle Cove helping them for what I did as Zen Aku since I still feel it was my fault in the first place." said Merrick

"I was afraid that was going to be your answer to me Merrick. Which is why I have come to you with a offer in case you were seeking redemption for what you did as Zen Aku." said Zordon

"What kind of offer?" ask Merrick curious

"Well since you want to find redemption for what you did as Zen Aku and you can't find it here in this world. I have decide to offer you a chance to be reborn in a new earth where you will have a chance at redemption and maybe find happiness." replied Zordon

"What kind of life are you going to be giving me if I accept this offer?" ask Merrick more curious

"The life you will be living if you take my offer is a tough where you will be hated by almost everyone for a reason that I can't tell you as you will find out yourself. But you will have a family and one day you will save the earth you will be living on from a great evil one day. But it must be up to you if you will take my offer." replied Zordon

After Zordon said that Merrick started to think hard about what Zordon was offering him at a chance to start over fresh and to seek redemption for what he did as Zen Aku. After thinking about it for five minutes. Merrick look at Zordon.

"I have decide to take your offer Zordon as I can finally seek redemption for what I did as Zen Aku and if it means I will live a hard life then I deserve it after everything I did when I was Zen Aku." replied Merrick

"I am glad you have decided to take my offer Merrick as I can't image anyone taking on such a great burden as what you will have. Before I send you to your new life. I will send your ranger powers ahead of you a couple of years to the world where I will send you as you will need them in the future." said Zordon

With that Zordon waved a hand over Merrick in with a bright flash of light Merrick's morpher and animal crystals disappeared. Once it was done Zordon then look at Merrick one more time.

"Now as I send you away to start your new life Merrick. I will let you keep all of your memories and your skills as you deserve that much so you don't forget who you are and forget the people closest to you. I wish you good luck on your new journey Merrick and may the power protect forever." said Zordon

With that Merrick was covered by a bright light and felt his body shrink to the size of a new born infant as he disappeared to start his new life.

Meanwhile in the Village Hidden in the Leafs

Inside a room of the Hospital in the Hidden Leaf Village Kushina Uzumaki was in her bed trying to give birth to her and Tsunade's son as her wife the legendary Sannin Lady Tsunade was by her side holding her hand trying to keep her wife Kushina calm down and focus on delivering their son to the world.

"Alright Kushina only a few more pushes and you will have deliver our little boy to the world." said Tsunade

"I know Tsuande. But what does Minato think he is doing here in the room watching as I am giving birth?" demanded Kushina looking at the Fourth Hokage Minato who was in the room looking at Kushina as she was giving birth.

"I am here Kushina as you and Tsunade's son is mine to since you both ask me to father your child nine months ago and I plan on being there to watch him grow up to become a great shinobi ." replied Minato

"Well me and Kushina don't mind you being there for our son. But if you think we are going to let him be train by that pervert Jiraiya then you got another thing coming as I will make sure you will pay if my son turns out like him or you." said Tsunade holding her fist up in the air

"You have my word Tsunade that will not happen." said Minato getting nervous

At that point Kushina felt another contraction hit her and the nurse in the room told her to push some more. After a few more minutes of pushing Kushina finally delivered her and Tsunade son which the nurse was holding in her arms.

"Congratulations Kushina you have a healthy little boy." said the Nurse handing the baby over to Kushina who took him in her arms and saw her son look just like Minato with the same blond hair and blue eyes and a mark of the crescent moon on his right hand.

"So what do you think of our son Tsunade?" ask Kushina looking at her wife

"He is the most perfect thing in the world right now." replied Tsunade giving Kushina a kiss on the lips

"So what do you plan on naming him?" ask the nurse curious

"Well I promise Minato that if me and Tsunade had a son then I would give him the name Naruto like he suggested to us." replied Kushina

"Well Naruto Uzmaki has a nice ring to it." said Tsunade

"Oh course it does since that the name I suggested to the two of you in the first place." said Minato rolling his eyes over

All of a sudden the peace in the room was interrupted when a Jonin came into the room and he had blood all over him.

"Lord Hokage we have a big problem." said the Jonin

"What is it?" ask Minato afraid of the answer

"It's Kyuubi the Nine Tailed Fox it's heading this way towards the village and the sun goddess herself Okami is helping us trying to fight it off from getting here. But I am afraid Okami is staring to get weak from trying to stop the Kyuubi and we have lost many good Shinobi trying to help her with the fight. I have came here to come get you as are the Village's final hope of trying to stop the Demon once and for all." replied the Jonin

"I understand. Tell the other Shinobi to help Okami fight the Kyuubi until I arrive to help." said Minato

"As you commend Lord Hokage." said the Jonin bowing

With that the Jonin left the room and Minato turn to Kushina and Tsunade with a sad look on his face.

"Kushina Tsunade I need to go now and put a stop to Kyuubi. But I am afraid I will have to take Naruto with me." said Minato

"Why do you need Naruto and what do you plan on doing with my son?" ask Kushina

"I know what Minato is planning Kushina. He plans on using that forbidden jutsu he made to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto. Isn't that right Minato?" replied Tsunade looking at Minato

"You are right Tsunade. That is what my plan is. I am afraid I can't use anyone else as I can't ask another family to gave up their child to carry such a burden but the one I help bring into this world. But I promise after ti is all over the village will view Naruto as a hero." replied Minato

"Are you sure there isn't anyone else you could use to seal the Kyuubi into?" ask Kushina looking at Minato with tears in her eyes.

"There isn't anyone else I can use Kushina. But at lest this way the village will be safe from the Kyuubi for good.' replied Minato

"Well if it means the village will be spared. Then I guess there is no other choice. Just please be careful with Naruto and make sure he will be alright." said Kushina handing Naruto over to Minato

"You have my word that Naruto will be just fine." said Minato

"You better hope for your sake Minato he will be or I will bring you back from the dead so I can kill you myself." said Tsunade holding up her fist

"You have promise Tsunade nothing will happen to Naruto as long as I am alive." replied Minato with a nervous look

With that Minato step onto the window and bit his thumb and perform a series of summoning and slam his hand down and said "Summoning Jutsu." and there was a huge cloud of smoke and when it faded Minato was now on top of the toad boss Gamabunta.

"Minato what is the meaning of summoning me at this time of night?" ask Gamabutna curious

"I am very sorry boss. But right now Okami is fighting Kyuubi as we speak trying to keep it away from destroying the village and we need to get there right now to put my plan into action." replied Minato

"Well in that case we have no time to lose." said Gamabunta

With that Gamabunta headed in the direction of where Okami was fighting the Kyuubi. Meanwhile outside the village's gates the sun goddess Okami was in her white wolf form trying her hardest to hold off the Kyuubi which was a huge red fox with nine tails who was slowly gaining the advantage .

"Give it up Okami. Even the great sun goddess can't hold me off for ever as you are starting to become weak from our fight." said Kyuubi

"I will never give up Kyuubi even if I have to give up my own life to take you with me." replied Okami with a growl

"Well don't ever say I didn't give you a chance to give up." said Kyuubi

With that Kyuubi charge at Okami who brace fro the attack when she saw Kyuubi flying backwards as it was hit by Gamabunta's sword who was standing in front of her with Minato on top holding Naruto.

"Gamabunta Minato. Am I glad to see the two of you." said Okami

"Well you can think us later Okami. But right now we need to get rid of Kyuubi once and for all." said Gamabunta

"Well I need time to get my jutsu ready as it will take all my chakra to perform it." said Minato

"If all you need is time Minato then I will keep Kyuubi busy until then." said Okami

"You can't do that Okami as you are weak already and if you don't get out of the way when I perform my justu then you will be sealed up inside Naruto along with the Kyuubi." said Minato concern

"I don't care if I am sealed up along with Kyuubi inside the child as he could use my powers along with Kyuubi. Besides I owe it to the village to keep the Kyuubi at bay since you took me in. So don't think about disagreeing with me." replied Okami

"Okami right Minato . She is the only one strong enough to fight toe to toe with Kyuubi right now." added Gamabunta

"Alright you two you made your point. But Okami please watch over Naruto as he means the world to Kushina and Tsunade." said Minato

"You have my word Minato. That I will keep watch over Naruto and keep him safe." replied Okami.

With that Okami look at Kyuubi who had gotten back up and was ready for a fight and she charge at Kyuubi. As Okami was keeping Kyuubi busy Minato went through a series of handsigns and the Shingami appeared above him and look at Okami who was still fighting Kyuubi and realize Okami would not move out of the way by the time he use the justu. With that Minato went through one last handsign and look as the Shingami grab hold of Okami and Kyuubi to the surprise of the demon and sealed the both of them inside of Naruto as the seal appeared on his stomach and whisker marks appeared on his face. As Minato disappeared he look down at Naruto and smiled.

"One day Naruto I know you will become a greater Shinobi then me and become Hokage as well." said Minato as he finally disappeared

With that Gamabunta disappeared into a cloud of smoke and Naruto started to fall down to the ground when Kakashi came out of no where and caught Naruto in made air and drop to the ground with tears in his eyes.

"Why is it that everyone I care about dies around me." said Kakashi as he saw Naruto starting to cry.

Later inside the Hokage's office the newly reinstated Third Hokagre Sarutobi was sitting at his desk looking as Tsunade was sitting in a chair as was Kushina who was now holding a sleeping Naruto in her arms and was thinking about the report Kakashi had given him about how not only the Kyuubi was sealed inside Naruto but also the sun goddess Okami as well and he was also thinking about the attempt on the child's life as well.

"Minato I wish the village could have seen Nartuo as the hero you wanted him to be." thought Sarutobi sadly

"Lord Hokage?" ask Kushina

"What is it Kushina?" replied Sarutobi

"What will happen to Naruto as well as me and Tsunade?" ask Kushina worried

"I don't really know right now Kushina. But you and Tsunade will probably will want to take Naruto away from the village to keep him safe as most of the villagers are upset that the Kyuubi isn't dead." replied Sarutobi

"I don't think that will be a good idea Sarutobi sensei." said Tsunade

"What do you mean by that Tsunade?" ask Sarutobi curious

"What I mean is that me and Kushina want to stay in the village with our son Naruto and train him to become a shinobi until he enters the academy like Minato wanted." replied Tsunade

"Are you sure that is what you both want to do?" ask Sarutobi

"Yes we are sure of it Lord Hokage. Besides since Naruto is the only male member of my clan left. I will give him my clan's heirlooms when he becomes of age. And there isn't anywhere else for us to go." replied Kushina

"If that is what you both want for Naruto then I will assign my best Anbu to help guard Naruto until he is old enough to do so. Kagura." said Sarutobi

All of a sudden a Female Anbu that was dress in red with long white hair and pink marks on the left side of her body with a Kanata strap to her left leg and was about six years old appeared in front of the Hokage.

"What do you want of me today Lord Hokage?" ask Kagura taking off her mask to reveal her face with pink eyes and a pink mark on the left side of her face.

"Kagura I am assigning you the job of protecting young Naruto here until he is old enough to defend himself. Until that time you will be living with him along with Kushina and Tsunade. Do you have any problems with this job I am giving you?" replied Sarutobi

"I don't have any problems with it Lord Hokage and you have my word nothing will happen to little Naruto as long as I live." replied Kagura bowing

"Good. Now that is settled I think you four should all head home and get some rest as there will probably be many tough days ahead for little Naruto here." said Sarutobi

With that Tsunade and Kushina left with Naruto and there guard Naruto and headed back to their home. Once they had gotten back to their house and got inside Kushina put Naruto to bed with Tsunade watching her.

"I still can't believe that the villagers will try to kill our son for something he didn't do to them." said Kushina in a sad tone.

"I know what you mean Kushina. But that's just how the villagers are right now. But something tells me that will not stop our son from becoming a great shinobi of this village and you and me will make sure of it." said Tsunade

"Your right as always Tsunade. I am sure as well Naruto will beocme the greatest shinobi ever to live in the Hidden Leaf Village and the both of us will make sure of that." said Kushina

With that Kushina gave Naruto a kiss on the top of his head and her and Tsunade left the room and turn out the lights. Once they were gone and Naruto fell asleep the crescent moon mark on Naruto's hand glowed a bright blue as the moonlight hit it.

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