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Letters and Returns

The Drover and I have been engaged for three months now. He asked me to marry him shortly after Nullah left. We both miss Nullah terribly. I can't wait for Nullah to get home. Drover and I are happy to be together but there is always an underlying sadness because we are missing a part of our family. The Drover and I are waiting for Nullah to come home before we get married, once Nullah returns we shall get married. It wouldn't be right if we didn't have our son with us on our wedding day. The Drover was so sweet when he proposed. It was the most romantic thing. My heart swells form love and adoration for him.

Today the Drover and I decided to take a walk. We were walking around Far Away Downs when I heard it. My boy was singing for me. I heard the soft familiar melody of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." My head snapped up. Was my boy coming home? In an instant I began running towards the sound. I felt Drover's presence beside me; he was running too. That's when I spotted him. I slowed to a walk. My son was home.

"Mrs. Boss! Drover!" he yelled and he came running towards us and I ran towards him.

"Nullah!" I called as I knocked into him, pulling him into a fierce hug.

"Welcome home." Drover whispered as he pulled both Nullah and I into a hug. I felt at peace now, my two boys were now home. My family was together.

"Let's go back to the house now," I suggested as I was finally able to pull myself away from the other two.

"Sure thing, Mrs. Boss."

"How was your walk about?" Drover asked.

"Great! I learn so much. King George taught me. I am Gulapa," Nullah said proudly. He was a man now, but he would still be my boy.

When we arrived back to the house I made sure dinner would be ready for three instead of two. We relaxed for a while and talked, until dinner was ready. I was so happy, Nullah was home.

"So, Nullah, Drover and I have some news…" I said.

"Yeah, we are umm…. Getting married!" Drover finished off for me.

"That's great!" Nullah reacted. "I'm so happy for you.

"Thanks little mate. I was hoping you would be in the wedding." Drover asked.

"Really?" Nullah asked surprised and I nodded.

"You are our son we want you there," I told him.

"Yes, Mrs. Boss, I want to be in your wedding." We continued eating dinner and enjoying each others company when we heard a knock on the door.

"Sarah? Drover?" called Emmet through the door.

"Hello, Emmet," I said as I opened the door to him.

"Hello," said Drover as I walked back into the room.

"Hi, Nullah; welcome back." Emmet exclaimed when he saw Nullah.

"Hi!" Nullah replied.

"So what brings you out here?" Drover asked.

"Oh, well Sarah got a letter in at the post office and it said urgent so I figured I'd bring it to her and come visit Far Away Downs."

"Well, it's nice to see you. Why don't you sit down and we can have some tea." I told him.

"That'd be lovely. Thanks, Sarah." We got the tea and when I sat back down at the table, Emmet handed me a letter. Once the envelope was in my hands I opened it and began to read.

Dear Sarah,

I wish I could be writing under better circumstances. We all miss you here. I wish I could be asking you how Australia is and find out what you are doing down under since we haven't talked in so long. Sadly, I can not. I must tell you that mother has taken ill. We do not know if she will recover. It would mean the world if you could come back to England for a little while. I hope you are well and safe.


Your sister Anna

Oh, Crikey. My mother is sick. Father died a few years back. I must go to England. I have to help my family. I can't do this alone. I need Drover and I can't leave Nullah after he just got back. They'll have to go with me. I felt a few tears run down my face as I worried for my mother.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Drover asked alarmed. I felt everyone's head turn to me.

"My mother, she's sick," I whispered, "she may not make it."

"I'm so sorry, love," I heard Drover say.

"I need to go to England for a few weeks." I told Drover. "Please, will you and Nullah come with me."

"Of course," the Drover said sincerely.

"Sure thing, Mrs. Boss," Nullah added.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Sarah?" Emmet asked.

"Could you help arrange a flight and make sure it is arranged that Nullah can travel with us."


"Thank you, Emmet. I really appreciate it."

"Well, I'd best be heading out. I'll see you three in a few days," Emmet said getting up to leave.

"Okay, Emmet."

"Thanks again," I could hear Drover tell Emmet at the door. Once Emmet was gone Drover walked back into the room.

"Well, we'd best be packing," Drover said.

"Yeah, I guess we're going to England." I said softly. Some of the shock began to sink in.

"Oh, Crikey," I heard Drover exclaim.

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