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Nero was tossing and turning in his bed. He was barely asleep and fighting with the consciousness threatening to consume him. It was in nights like this that he couldn't sleep. Pitch black nights. Not even the starlight could penetrate the darkness. He pressed Kyrie's body even closer to him but instead of comfort he could only feel annoyance and something bordering to hatred. He felt repulsed by her softness, by her delicate skin and almost gagged himself at the thought that she was so fragile. She wasn't strong – she couldn't protect herself or help him if they were attacked. At dark nights like this he asked himself why exactly did he love her?

He pushed away the covers from his body and stood abruptly. He couldn't stand being close to her anymore. Her softness, her gentle face – it was all sickening. Nero made his way towards the bathroom. The only thing that enlightened their bedroom was his devil bringer. He swung open the door and closed it loudly. Even in the darkness he could see himself in the mirror. His eyes were glowing a faint red and there was just the barest tint of blue surrounding him. As if his Devil Trigger had been activated. And there was the arm. It was shining stronger then ever.

Nero grabbed the sink staring at the mirror, his fingers digging into the cold marble. He could feel the power pulsing with his heart, spreading trough his body like poison. It was a sickening rush that was leaving him breathless and on the verge of consciousness, but he wanted more non the less. He needed more, he craved more power. Nero wanted to throw up. This wasn't his power. This coldness wasn't his. He hated what he was feeling. But most of all he couldn't stand the hatred that was raging trough his mind, body, soul and heart for his young fiancée.

The sink cracked in his strong grip and the loud echoing sound resonated trough the house. Nero's breath hitched and he listened. For a moment there was no sound - only the deafening silence. And then:

- Nero! – he heard her calling from the bed – Are you all right?

- Perfect! – he called out, hoping she won't come. He couldn't bear her presence right now.

But the sound of her light footsteps reached his ears and then she opened door. Kyrie stopped for a second, taking in the broken sink, the dust and pieces scattered around. He could see her reflected in the mirror. Her fear growing stronger with each intake of breath she took. What scared her most though was him. His glowing eyes, and the faint blue power that was making the air around him tremble. She stood there – hesitating.

- Nero! – she cried out finally and went to him. She turned his face towards her and looked at him. Nero could see the fright in her eyes, but also the concern, the worry.

- You should go see Dante. – she hesitated. – Ever since you got that sword…

- Yamato.

- You haven't been acting yourself. – Kyrie finished ignoring him. She gently caressed his cheek. – Please, go see Dante.

- I don't need his help. – Nero flinched at her touch.

- Please, love, go.

He took a step back. He didn't want to be touched by her. Seeing Dante would put him away from her. Maybe he should go. His heart started beating faster at the thought. He should.

- Nero? – Kyrie asked, stepping closer to him. His eyes glowing even redder and she was terrified. She had never seen him like that.

As she stepped closer to him he could feel the nausea getting stronger. Nero couldn't stand being that close to her even a moment more. He pushed her away from him and ran in the bedroom. The first thing his eyes landed on was the big French window and without even a single thought he jumped right trough it.

Suddenly the two floors to the ground seemed too much. Nero thought he was going to die before he even landed. His head spun and he thinks he did throw up as the power coursing through his body became too much. He couldn't be sure though as he lost consciousness.


Your turn. – Dante said looking at Lady.

The look on her face was serious and concentrated. They were playing a game of chess and she was having difficulties keeping up with him. Actually she would have never guessed that he was that good at it. He didn`t look like the guy that would even know the rules of the game, but then again the world is full of surprises.

It was quiet in the Devil May Cry. They were sitting on the floor in the small living room at the back of the shop. The jukebox from the main part of the office was playing some random song that neither of them knew or cared to know the name of.

- So slow. – commented Dante taking a sip from his drink.

- Would you please shut up? You are annoying. – Lady snapped at him. Because really, she couldn`t think when he was making remarks like that all the time.

Lady hadn't expected it to be that much of a challenge. If there was one thing Arkham had thought her that was use her head. So she had spent many hours playing chess with him. And when a customer had walked in The Devil May Cry with a case that promised a big payment she just had to have it. And Dante was always up to a challenge. So in the end they had decided that she would stay overnight again and have a game of chess.

She moved her officer and looked at him. The only thing she got was a victorious smile before her piece was taken out of the game. She gaped. She definitely didn't see that one coming.

- Why are you so good? – she asked. She was getting slightly frustrated. Lady had expected an easy win, not that! – Why do you even know how to play chess?!

- Vergil thought me. – Dante answered making his move.

Lady wanted to hit her self. Of course. From what she knew the older twin had been just that type of person.

- And you agreed to it? – she asked slightly sceptical. Still in the end Dante was Dante and he wasn`t the type of person that would agree to it.

- That`s one way of saying it. – the man answered moving his Queen.

- Hey! It was my turn!

- You weren`t making it – thought you forgot about it. – he said offhandedly.

Lady scowled at him, before returning his piece to where it was and making her move.

- So why did you agree?

- Having the tip of Yamata pressed to your throat can be very convincing. – Dante pointed out.

She could definitely agree with that.

- Your move. - Lady said.

Dante took another sip of his can only to find it was empty. It was so annoying how small they made those things.

- I`ll go get some beer. – he stood up.

- Oh, no you don`t! You are only running away!

- Don`t cheat while I`m gooone. – he said over his shoulder heading for the kitchen.

Dante opened the refrigerator. He grabbed a few beers and turned around to go back to the living room. But then he stopped dead in his tracks, his heart beat becoming just slightly faster, something clenching on his chest. He could feel an aura, a presence that shouldn`t be there. And it woun`t go away. Dante took a deep breath before turning around to see that it was only Nero sitting on the opened window.

- Hey, kid, you scared the shit out of me. – he sighed in relief – That's not very good – sneaking in on people and everything…

Dante's words faded away as his brain processed the image of Nero. Not like he had never seen him. It was like well, he had seen him, met him, before Nero. Did that make any sense? At all? To put it simply Nero was radiating too much power that felt too much like Yamato's.

- You put away the guns, kid. Little children shouldn't play with big toys.

He had stepped closer seeing that Nero's Devil Trigger had indeed been activated.

- Come, on. Put that thing away and come have a drink with us, what do you say?

In times like this Dante thanked whoever was up there for his fast reflexes. He didn't understood when the other man had jumped towards him, but he sure as hell felt it. He pushed away the black blur that was Nero and was about ready to beat some sense in the kid, demand some answers maybe, when that ghostly hand watched on him. Next second Dante was on the floor, his hands caught on either side of him, legs pressed against his and a hot breath in his face. He couldn't move.

- I'm planning on coming back very soon. – Nero said and Dante shivered when the younker's power bristled his skin – I am going to obtain everything that belongs to me.

Nero leaned in and for a brief moment Dante thought he was going to kiss him. But then the boy fell on his chest, passed out.

- What was that for? – Asked Lady puzzled.

She was towering above them holding her gun by the front part.

- You knocked him out!

Lady only rolled her eyes. He could be so good at stating the obvious.

- We should call Kyrie. She is probably sick of worries for him by now.

Dante stood up taking the boy in his hands. He dropped him on the couch.

- Guess you can`t crash here tonight. – He said to Lady, taking out a blanket to put on the kid.

- Hey, Kyrie, it`s Lady. I found your fiancé… Don't worry, he is fine… At Dante… Yeah, I'll make sure he gets home in one piece… No, it's not a bother… Don't worry…Ah, what?.. Yes, I see… Blue light?... No, don't worry… It will be fine… Good, will do. Bye.

And with that Lady closed the phone.

- Kyrie said he broke the bathroom sink barehanded, before jumping out of a second floor window. She swore that he flew away…

- Flew?

- Yes, according to her he had wings made out of blue light.

- His Devil Trigger. – Dante nodded to himself.

Lady fixated him with his gaze, expecting him to continue talking, but he didn't.

- Do you know what's going on? – she asked in the end impatiently.

- No idea. – retorted Dante.

Lady scoffed, before going towards the door.

- I think I better go. – she added after a moment of silence – You need any help?

- I think I can manage, sure you can drive?

- No problem.

And with that she was out of the house.

Dante sat on the arm - chair across the couch. He stared at Nero's sleeping face. It wasn't the first time that he wondered who Nero was. True – he had accepted him. True – he had given him Yamato, but still… It wasn't hard to believe that Sparda had other descendents except Dante and Vergil. After all he had been a demon that was thousands of years old, but the fact that Nero was younger bothered him. Maybe a grandchild?

Dante sighed and stood to take out a strand of hair out of Nero's eyes. What bothered him were the boys action tonight. He had radiated power that only one person possessed. Vergil. The name left a sore taste in Dante's mouth. But that was not it since Nero's Devil Trigger used Yamato's power to activate. Which meant that he was practically dripping with Vergil's power every time he Devil Triggered. The Problem was what the kid had said. Dante could remember the words as clearly as if it was yesterday: "I am back, from hell. I have come to obtain everything that belongs to me." There were from one of those soap operas their mother would watch when they were little. Dante smiled. It was the only time when they would sit still. They would lay on their mothers legs and watch with her. Afterwards they would mock the show and characters, but it gave Eva one hour of piece a day. And she was thankful for it. Maybe it was like Nero had received a heart from Vergil. If the bastard even had one, Dante mused. He had heard of things like that happening. Sometimes people would have memories that weren't their own after such events. That's what he suspected it was. Yamato being soaked in Vergil's power and now belonging to Nero…

Dante shook his head. He was thinking crazy things again. He should just go to bed and rest for now. He would ask Nero what had happened tomorrow.


Nero woke up for the second time this night. It was still pitch black outside, but he didn't feel so angered or repulsed as before, but there was the maddening feeling that something was missing. He was woken up by a smell. The scent was so familiar, but he couldn't place it. He didn't know where he was or how he got here, but he knew he was somewhere safe. And it was that familiar smell that had forced him out of his sleep and was now making him stand and follow it. As a matter of fact it was all over the place, but the more he walked the stronger it got. Nero climbed up some stairs and then the first door to the right. His heart ached as he opened it. The room was a bedroom the sight of which made the blood in his veins warmer than it already was.

He could see everything almost perfectly clear in the combined light of the moon and his Devil Bringer that was still shining brighter than usual. Nero could bet that his eyes were still red and he had that faint blue power surrounding him.

It was an almost empty room with a wooden floor and brick - made walls. On the far end there was a big bed set on a small platform. One of the walls was completely covered in French windows with transparent curtains that the cold night wind was playing with. There were tall plants situated between the windows. Other than that and one wardrobe the room was completely bear.

Nero's legs moved on their own accord and led him towards the bed. The sheets were going up and down with the steady breathing of someone. He saw silver hair and a strong back. Dante. Nero smiled and without even a single thought in his head about how this would look or seem in the morning he stripped down to his boxers and lay next to the other man. He hummed contently as his hand wrapped around Dante and for the first time since…. The boy sighed and buried his nose in the others hair to take in the familiar scent that had driven him out of his sleep and led him here.

Dante mumbled something in his dream and turned to hug the warm body pressed next to his.

Nero just smiled at the other man and drifted in to a peaceful sleep.


Dante woke up from the annoying feeling of an air blowing in his face. He ducked his head only to collide it with a strong chest. He opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times just to make sure he was awake.

The sight that greeted him was a sleeping Nero with tousled hair and as Dante didn't fail to notice bare chest. Now as far as he could remember he had left the boy sleeping on his couch. Clothed – he had left a passed out, clothed Nero on his couch. Not naked, not in his bed.

Dante gulped and willed his racing heart to stop beating so fast. He didn't do anything to the boy, did he? He wouldn't have. He would have remembered. Yes, that's right he would have remembered – nothing to worry about… And the thought that he had done that with Nero wasn't the most attractive one.

He lifted the sheet and peeked under it, careful not to wake up the kid. For his greatest relief the other had his underwear on. That means they haven't done anything, right? Right.

Dante sprawled on the bed and stared out of the window to the sun that was shining in the blue sky. Maybe it was around 10 o'clock – 10:30 top. He was getting better at deciding what time it was just by looking at the sun. Maybe Trish was already at the shop preparing it for another day. That didn't include cleaning, though. Dante imagined Trish cleaning and had to laugh. It was an impossible thing to see. He would personally pay to anyone who could make her clean.

The other groaned beside him and stretched his limbs. Nero opened his eyes only to be greeted by eyes that were a light crystal blue color. He blinked. His first thought was that Kyrie had done something to her eyes. But then he realized that the strong face, white hair and wide grin most certainly did not belong to his fiancée.

Nero bolted out of the bed taking a defensive position, his eyes taking in the room, landing at last at Dante who was still lying in the bed, head leaned on one hand, his grin even wider.

- What am I doing here? – Nero asked forcefully.

Dante's grin faltered for a moment. He didn't remember?

- I`m crushed. You don't remember and we had such a good time.

Had good time doing what exactly? His eyes went around the room once again. This time he did notice his scattered clothes and Dante's underwear that was carelessly lying next to the big wardrobe. Nero's eyes widened. He franticly searched for anything that would refute the other. He didn't, did he? To do such thing to Kyrie…

- Relax, kid. Nothing happened. – Dante scowled. Nero was having the same panic attack he did less than five minutes ago. – You really don't remember?

- What am I supposed to remember? – Nero asked. Last thing he knew he was flying towards the ground, about ready to smash his head in it.

- How you got here for example.

Dante sat on the bad with his back towards Nero. He started searching for his underwear somewhere on the floor.

- I remember Kyrie telling me I should come here, because you probably know what's wrong with me.

They weren't on the floor. He got on his knees and started searching under the bed.

- Then I jumped out of the window. They must have brought me here.

Not there. Dante looked around.

- You came on your own and you were functioning perfectly well – talking, moving, spilling my beer. The last one was pretty mean of you.

- I don't remember that! – Nero said defensively. But he didn't remember and Dante had no reason to lie to him.

There! Dante grinned victoriously. He fetched his boxers from where they lay next to the wardrobe and pulled them on.

- So you are staying with me. Attacking people while you are sleeping is a no – no. – he waved his finger at Nero's face before proceeding to find some clothes to wear.

- Sorry, but I've got better things to do than playing with you.

- Those "better things to do" can survive without you for a few more weeks.

Nero scoffed at Dante. The other was rummaging trough his wardrobe searching for something relatively clean and not so wrinkled to wear. Tough job he decided by the looks of the content of the wardrobe.

- I have a wedding to attend to and it won't survive without me.

Oh, that. Dante though as he finally pulled some jeans and a T-shirt. He had completely forgotten. Nero was getting married in a week from now. He hoped Trish had bought something. He had forgotten about it five seconds after he was told.

- What are you waiting for? – Dante yelled at the other when Nero made no move to get dressed – We have demons to kill, pizzas to eat, damsels in distress to save!

Dante cheered lifting his right hand as if he was giving a signal for his armies to attack.

- I`m not staying.

- Well, tough luck, kid, cause it's not your decision to make.

And with that he was out of the door, heading downstairs to see what the hell was Trish doing and call Kyrie to postpone the wedding.

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