Chapter One: So it Begins!


On the sixth day, God created man in his own image.

Now it's up to us to figure it all out. Right, wrong.

Good, evil. In each of us is the capacity to decide

what drives our actions.

-Sylar- Heroes


It was quite peaceful on Slum Avenue at sunset. The streets were empty, doors and windows locked. The people were waiting for the night to descend…

At a rather big nameless shop a man with white hair just walked into what looked to be a reception room. He was drying his hair while drops of water glided down his perfect muscles. He was a sight to see… His movements were confident, his stance showing nothing but strength and arrogance.

He walked towards the desk and reached towards the slice of pepperoni pizza that was there. He kicked the chair and sat, popping his legs on the desk in relaxed manner. The phone rang and he answered:

"Not open for business, yet."

He carelessly threw the receiver and it landed on the phone, closing the line. He managed to take a few more bites from his slice, when he was interrupted by the opening of the door. He looked at the noise, only for his eyes to lock into identical ones… The newcomer had the same face and appearance as the first male, with only one difference. He wore his hair slicked back. It gave him an air of elegance and grace. They looked at each-other's eyes for a while. It looked like time had stopped at the shop. Two electrical sets of blue eyes met for the first time in a while.

"Dante." The newcomer whispered.

The first man, Dante, just continued to stare at his mirror image. He looked captivated. Looked into the eyes of a man he had though dead. He drew a sharp breath and looked away.

"Vergil", Dante acknowledged the second man. "From what rock did you crawl under? I thought you were dead." He tried to cover his surprise and uneasiness with a smart remark.

"Really Brother, I thought you knew that I don't die easily." Vergil's tone was cold and emotionless. He had perfected his mask while he was away from Dante. Dante watched him warily, not knowing what to expect. He usually liked surprises, but he had a feeling that he won't like that particular one. And he knew to always listen to his feelings. It he didn't, he'd be dead long time ago.

Vergil was watching his brother. He could read him like one of those books he was so fond of. His sweet little brother had grown up to be a handsome devil. He smiled at his thought. He watched Dante and remembered how he had longed to see him and feel him nearby, while he was on his search. He had left suddenly, without any warning. After some time, he had gotten used to being away from Dante, but the desire for his twin was always there… The hunger to take a bite from the forbidden fruit. He supposed it was only natural, since their souls were so close. That was one part of his mission here – to lure Dante to follow him, and the other was to get him to agree with his ideals. He knew that his stubborn twin won't agree with him in the beginning, but he believed that he can make Dante see things his way. Making Dante his was more of a bonus for Vergil. Not that he'd let anyone else touch his little brother. He was his and he wasn't sharing. Even if Dante didn't know it yet.

Vergil smirked, while watching Dante finish his slice and trying to ignore his presence like he wasn't there.

"It's been a year, brother. Are you going to ignore me all night?"

Dante got up and opened his arms to him, annoyed.

"So what do you want? A kiss from your little brother?" Dante scowled. Reaching for Ebony and pointing it at Vergil. "Or better yet, how about a kiss from this?"

Had he been a weak-minded creature with no self- control Vergil would have been a puddle of goo on the floor at the mentions of 'kiss' and 'little brother' in the same sentence. But fortunately for both him and Dante, he wasn't. He was able to keep his mask in place, but his lips curled upwards. Then when he saw Ebony he frowned, he hated those man-made weapons. He couldn't see any class or grace in them. Vergil had expected similar reaction from Dante, since it was normal that the younger twin will be angry with him for leaving.

He knew his reason, though he'd die rather than tell it to Dante. He had wanted to become stronger to protect his little brother. He was the only thing he had left after all. But he was the only one who had realized that they were too weak to fight back then, so he had left in search for power, not wanting to involve Dante in the struggle and hardness that Vergil knew was to come with it. So he had left. Left behind the only thing that was precious to him in any way.

Dante watched his brother as he frowned at Ebony, knowing his brother's dislike for guns. He gave a snort, but Vergil apparently didn't hear him, lost in his own little evil world.

Yes he had hated Vergil for the longest of times after he left. Left him alone. He had wanted revenge. He had been weak then and had overcome many obstacles to be here now. He had become stronger. Now that he had revenge in his grasp, though he knew that one bullet won't kill his elder brother, he knew from a fact that it would hurt like a bitch.

Vergil hadn't changed much, with the exception of the emotionless mask he was now wearing. He was still the same brother that Dante had loved. Still loves. He wanted to ask so many questions. If his brother refused to talk, then he will catch him somehow, beat his sorry ass and demand an answer.

Vergil knew what was going through his brother's head. He knew he was in pain and wanted answers, but now was not the time. He looked at his brother's naked chest and noticed the amulet. That was the fake reason he had come here after all. And his little brother was itching for a fight with him, so why not indulge him. After all Vergil had never been able to refuse Dante anything.

Dante took the initiative, firing at Vergil who teleported backwards, cocking his head to the side, avoiding the bullet. He prepared to draw Yamato. Dante seeing this, ran to the side, rolled and grabbed Rebellion while he was standing up.

Both locked gazes, the calm before the storm. Swords drawn for an attack they dashed towards each-other. Their swords clashed. Sparks fell on the wooden floor. Dante jumped. Vergil teleported in the air behind him, trying to slash him mid-air. The younger anticipated that and turned around, blocking the attack. Both landed away from the other.

Dante ran at Vergil. He had to jump in the air to avoid his brother's Rapid Slash, recognizing the attack as his brother lunged forward towards him. They turned, facing each-other again. Vergil sent a few Summoned Swords, but Dante shot at them with Ebony, which was still in his hand.

Vergil teleported in front of Dante again and slashed at his chest. Dante jumped backwards, but was unable to avoid it fully, so now he had a thin line cut across his chest. Blood leaked from the wound, but neither twin paid attention to it. Nothing unusual here. Even when they were small, Vergil was the one to draw first blood. That is when things got interesting…

Dante launched forward and tried to stab Vergil with Rebellion, but the elder evaded and pushed him forward with the hilt of Yamato. Dante managed to stop himself before he crashed face-first into his shop's wall. He turned around and glared at Vergil only to have his brother smirk at him.

They knew their styles and attacks, but somehow Vergil was always victorious (with a few exceptions that Dante could count on his one hand).

Dante tried the Stinger again and failed, which earned him a slash across the back. He managed to hit Vergil with Ebony tough, and enjoyed his little victory with a smile. His brother had gotten much faster since they last met.

That was about the same thing that Vergil was thinking about Dante with the addition of stronger. On one hand he was glad that he left so that Dante was able to develop his strength.

They were both panting now. Vergil could see his brother's sweaty body glitter in the light of the setting sun. He stood strait and stared. Dante could be so distracting…

Vergil could feel his mask cracking and he couldn't help it. He pounced. His brother's sweaty, bloody body was mesmerizing.

Dante's eyes widened when he felt Vergil's weight on him. He fell backwards unable to support them both. He was tired from the battle after all. In the beginning he thought that was some type of new attack, but the next thing he felt wasn't pain, but soft lips on his own.

The younger twin froze. His brother was kissing him…

Vergil took advantage of Dante's shock and delved his tongue in his brother's mouth. And he wished he never did that. Dante tasted divine. Vergil wasn't sure he'd be able to last very long without that taste. Just one bite from the forbidden fruit and he was addicted. And he knew he never wished to stop. He wanted Dante now more than ever…

The kiss was long and passionate on Vergil's part while Dante stood frozen, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Vergil moved from the sweet taste to lick at his brother's neck. Dante unable to hold the moan, blushed not because of embarrassment, but because his brother was the one causing those sensations. He couldn't believe he was reacting like this to Vergil. He could feel himself hardening. His body was betraying him!

Vergil feasted on Dante's neck for a little while longer, leaving nice purple marks. He looked at his handiwork and smirked. Just a bite… Just a bite and Dante will be his forever…

Vergil ignored that voice in his head and moved to the cut on Dante's chest. He started licking and nipping at it until his efforts were awarded with a heavy moan. Vergil couldn't believe it. Even his brother's blood tasted divine!

Dante arched beneath him and Vergil smirked again. So in some part of his mind his little brother also wanted this. He would make sure that this part emerges and makes the decisions from now on…

"W-what?" That was the most coherent word Dante could utter at the moment… He wanted to ask his bastard of a brother what was he doing now, but he was unable to voice it. His body was out of his control. He couldn't believe that he was so aroused by his brother! That was his twin for fuck's sake… Oooo wrong word to use…

Vergil as if hearing his thoughts, pulled him for another heated kiss, to which Dante responded and got up from his brother.

Vergil straightened his clothes and took a few breaths trying to calm himself. He'd have plenty of opportunities to take his brother in the tower…Now he had a message to deliver.

"I'm having a party, Dante and you are the main guest." Dante was still breathing heavily, trying to make his brain restart.

"I hope you'll accept my invitation, brother." Vergil walked out of the door just as Dante's eyes focused on his retreating figure.

Vergil descended down the stairs and smiled when he heard:

"What the hell, bastard?! Are you out of your fucking mind?"

Then he heard the demons summoned in there and continued on his way to the tower that had yet to be raised.


Dante felt the demons in his shop when Vergil made his exit. He swore, because he was tired, still hard from his brother and his sword was nowhere to be seen. Who knew where he had dropped it when Vergil had pounced him… He shuddered. What was that about?

He turned left and saw Ivory lying in his arm's reach. He took the gun into his hand and sat up whispering to it.

"I knew you won't betray me baby." With that he got up swiftly, looking like he didn't have a boner in his pants. Damn Vergil… Damn Vergil to hell!!!!!

He started shooting left and right, making his way to his other gun, Ebony. He swept her from the floor and fired at the demons with both his guns.

Dante took care of the demons as soon as possible and rushed towards the shower to take care of his 'little' problem. He didn't care if demons were waiting outside. He couldn't chase after Vergil with a hard on. In fact he was very pleased with himself for being able to get rid of the demons in his office in this condition…

Damn Vergil for doing this to him and leaving him with some demons!... Wait… Just for doing this to me! I'm glad that the bastard left!


Vergil smiled as entered underground passage where Arkham waited for him. He slipped on his mask when he neared him. He was very glad for his self-control, or he'd be facing the old man with a bulge in his pants. After all he didn't trust the man turned devil at all. He wouldn't show any weakness in front of him.

"Did he have it?" The fool asked.

"Yes, he had it. He is taking good care of it."

"Did you deliver the message?"

Did that human take him for a fool, of course he delivered it…He didn't award the imbecile with an answer. He just smirked. He had made sure that Dante will seek him out, no matter what… He smiled mentally.

Arkham headed for a golden door, leaving Vergil to take out the enemies that appeared before them. That man was useless anyway and Vergil was beginning to question his judgment when he agreed to work with him.

He looked around instinctively he had killed all the enemies. Must have been too lost in thought…

He climbed the stairs after Arkham and stopped at the golden door.

"So it begins!" And he entered with a smirk of man knowing that he will get what he wants…