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Chapter Four: Awakening


But in the end, good, evil, right or wrong,

what we choose is never what we really need.

For that is the real cosmic joke.

The real gift that God has left behind



Dante entered a vast chamber with two other ornate doors. He saw that the way towards one of them was cut off by rubble. He neared the statue that was pointing towards it. It had three holes in it, which meant that he needed three objects to activate it. He headed towards the door that was opposite to him. He entered and saw that there were three bridges in the new chamber. Dante moved on the one to the left, hoping he had better luck now than with the last bridge he had crossed. He didn't want to end up in the sewers again after all…

He crossed it successfully and found himself in a chamber with three other doors, but the numbers above them were different. He took a turn to the left. He was in the exact same room as the previous one. He took a turn to the right this time. Nothing changed in the next room too. Was this some sort of labyrinth? He moved forward into the door that was directly in front of him. This time there was a change in room. It had a base in the center and an object was resting on it. He took it and headed back to the door he came from. This time, he came out directly on the bridge.

Then Dante moved towards the second bridge that was in the middle. He was in a long corridor with lots of small holes in its walls, the floor and the ceiling. He saw metal spears coming from the right, then from the left, then from up and lastly from the floor. Dante groaned. He didn't like the looks of this. At all…

He dashed forward and moved to the right as the spears from the left were coming near. After they passed him he had to move to the left to avoid the spears that were coming from the right. Then he ran peacefully, until the spears from ceiling passed him. Dante jumped over the ones that were coming from the ground.

These actions were repeated one more time, but then unexpectedly they changed order. Second one came from the flood, directly after the previous one. Dante tried to jump, but he was hit and he rolled backwards. Come on! He was almost there!

Dante finally reached the safe area. He took the object that was there and turned around to see that the defense mechanism of the object was turned off, now that it was gone. It would be a bitch to move past those again.

He headed back, only to stop as few blood-gargoyles rose from the blood puddles on the floor. The hunter took out his twin guns and shot at the nearest one. It froze and he broke it with a Stinger. He then proceeded to shoot at the next one. When it fell to the ground, another one dove towards him. It managed to hit him. He rolled on the floor and then jumped up and shot at the one that had hit him. It fell to the ground and Dante smirked. He switched Rebellion with Agni and Rudra and stalked towards it. It was turned to dust with a couple of ultra-fast slashes.

He repeated the action until all of them were dead. Dante made it undisturbed the rest of the way. He was at the bridges again. Two down, one to go…

He headed towards the one that was on the right. He wondered what he would have to do here. He entered and square platform, only to see the exit sealing behind him. He looked around. He felt the sensation of demons coming. And here it was… the first red alchemic circle.

A Pride appeared from the summoning. Dante dashed towards it, feeling that this will be one hell of a fight. The Pride had dark aura that was surrounding it. He had never seen that before. Dante found that they were harder to kill, as he performed a Helm Breaker on it, and it wasn't killed. A Lust came up behind him. Two more were approaching… They all had dark demonic auras around them.

Heh… this was going to be interesting...

Dante switched Rebellion with Cerberus. The enemies were surrounding him. Dante made his ice shield. It froze the demons and Dante used this opportunity to break apart the first Pride. One Lust dashed from behind him. It managed to cut at his abdomen. He hissed and rushed after it. He jumped and spun a few times into the air, with each spin hitting the lust with Cerberus. He delivered the finishing blow. The problem was that the Lust was still standing… He felt the hairs on his neck stand, screaming danger... He dodged to the right side. Dante saw another Lust's scythe was now imbedded into the place where he had been standing. Not that he'd die so easily, but it would've been a nasty cut...

More Prides were appearing. Dante cheered and jumped right in the middle of all the demons. He made ice pillars towards the nearest one. The rest of them used his opening to get closer to him. Dante smirked. They had fell for his trap! He slammed Cerberus into the ground and a glacier sprouted around him, sending all of the closer demons into the air. Dante whistled and jumped after them, his blood boiling for more gore and battle. His demon was growing more and more.

Dante, deciding that he wanted to test Agni and Rudra he grabbed them in mid-jump and made an 'X' with the blades. Then he slashed at a high speed, sending the 'X' made from fire and wind at the nearest Pride. That worked as it disintegrated into sand. He landed in the middle of the melee again and connected Agni and Rudra together. He spun fast around himself and hit all the enemies around him.

Dante stabbed the fire and the wind sword into to the ground, making line of fire go towards the Lust that was in his path. It fell on its knees and disappeared. Dante's heart was beating in his ears. He could see two more Lusts remaining. He taunted them to get close.

"Come on!" They dashed towards him and Dante spun the twin swords faster than the sound, creating a heat vortex, finishing off the remaining Lusts.

Dante shivered, stopping for a minute to calm his still racing heart. It was too quiet… Dante felt a demonic energy approaching. He saw the black cloak and the giant scythe swinging at his head. He ducked. The Vanguard tried again. Dante blocked with Agni, while he swing Rudra at it. He hit his target. It screeched and took a step backwards. Dante's blood was boiling. Finally, some real fun! He jumped behind it and made an X with his swords. The hunter sent the formed energy right at the Vanguard. It screeched and teleported away. It was trying to catch him off guard. Not a chance! , Dante thought. It disappeared from view and Dante felt the air shifting behind him. He rolled to the left, barely avoiding the attack.

Dante switched with Cerberus and made a Revolver. Then he caught the weapon for the ring and made the rods spin around it. Each rod hitting the Hell Vanguard… It teleported again. It appeared on Dante's left. He used Cerberus swinging the rods around his body, yet managing to hit the demon every time he wished. It disappeared. Dante looked around. Where would it come at him from next? Up? Left?


The demon hunter felt the demonic energy beneath him. He needed to move away fast…

He jumped high into the air, and took a page from Vergil's book. He teleported away from danger... Dante had managed to avoid the swing on time! He landed awkwardly on his shaky feet. He was still unused to the feeling of teleportation…Dante paused for a moment to collect himself…He hadn't tried that in a while…

The Vanguard sensed an opening. It teleported in front of the half-demon. Dante felt the demon come at him. It swung the scythe at him. He managed to roll to the side. He had barely avoided being cut in half. The hunter jumped behind it and took out Rebellion. He bought the sword down upon the demon in a powerful Helm Breaker.

The room was silent. Dante was panting from the exertion. The noise echoed in the empty chamber. Shiny sphere fell in the center of the platform. His prize! Dante took the object and walked away leaving silence in the now empty room…

Dante was back in the room with the three bridges. There was a circle in the middle, glowing with power. It was similar to the one he had used to teleport to Jester. He decided that the clown wanted to play again, but he had no time to play with the little flies. He needed to reach the top of the tower, fast…

Who knew when was Vergil going to decide to activate the portal. He still had his amulet and that meant that he would see Vergil very soon. Now that Dante thought about it, his twin had had many opportunities to take the amulet. If he had really wanted that thing he could've taken it at least three times by now. Or at least tried to take it… It showed him that his brother wasn't in a rush to open the gate. That gave Dante more time to make the decision that should've been easy, but was tuning out to be the most difficult in his life. The irony…Dante smirked.

Dante walked back into the room with the statue. He went to it and put the three spheres into the three round holes that were on it. The ground shook. Dante felt the monument collecting power. A red light appeared at the statue's tip and it shot a beam of energy right into the rubbles that were covering the main door. It broke apart and the pathway was cleared.

Dante coughed and cleared the dust from his leather coat. He stepped towards the door. He pushed it open and entered, leaving the other room quiet.


Dante found himself in a corridor with stairs. He climbed them and saw that he was on something like a platform that was out in the open. After all this time in the dark corridors and rooms of the tower Dante was glad he could see some of the outside and to take some fresh air. The inside of the tower was thousands of years old, and the air in was stuffy. There was dust all over the place…

He took a look at the stars and thought about Vergil and how he waiting for him at the top of the tower. He was almost there. He could feel his twin's aura already.

Dante entered the brown door. He saw that there were platforms that would send him up, but his gut feeling was telling him to jump down. So Dante did…

He landed four floors below and saw that there was one only door there. Dante entered and found himself in a giant library. Wow! That must be the reason Vergil likes this tower so much. His twin must've been in heaven when he discovered the collection of books Dante could bet that some of the books dated back to long before even their father had been born. Dante could just imagine Vergil's expression. He grinned, amused.

The demon hunter looked around. As far as he could see there were endless shelves of dusty and worn out books. He moved further in and saw a knight chess piece. It was holding two blades crossed in front of its chest. Curiosity got the better of him as he approached it. There was no reaction…

He moved further in and saw three knights; two of them were stationed, as if they were trying to protect the one in the middle. What was so different about it? Dante moved towards them. There was definitely a reaction now…

Dante hummed the tune of his favorite song under his breath. This wouldn't take long. The knight on the right made the first move…

"Let's go!" Dante took out Agni and Rudra. He slashed the first knight, the second one moved behind him. Realization came to the hunter as he was almost sandwiched between the two chess pieces. It was a trap! Dante's blood boiled. The knight in front of him opened the swords it was holding. Dante jumped over it. He landed but felt a sword graze his arm. Dante frowned, but otherwise showed no reaction to the cut. It stung but it would heal soon. Dante needed to deal with this annoyance.

He laughed like a maniac and pulled out Rebellion. He brought the sword at the knight from above with massive force. It broke into many pieces. The second one was advancing towards him. It tried to slash him. Dante ducked away from it. Then he jumped and shot at it from the air.

He landed in front of it and changed to Agni and Rudra. Dante used Twister to make a fire tornado from swinging the now connected swords around him at ultra fast speed. That finished the knight and did some grave damage to the third one that had awoken, now that its guards were gone. Dante saw something shiny lying on the floor behind the knight and dove towards it. He swung the fire and the wind swords around himself, hitting the knight with powerful slices. Soon, before it even had the chance to retaliate, it was broken into countless pieces, scattering on the stone floor.

Dante picked up the thing and saw that it was a fragment of an Orichalcom stone. Dante looked around. He had dealt significant damage to some of the volumes with his fire attack. Pity... Vergil would hurt him if he knew this.

Dante chuckled. He walked towards the exit of the library. The hunter walked by another stone knight, but to his disappointment it didn't awaken.

Dante sighed and shook his head. The adrenalin of an incoming battle was fading. He walked with a slow step towards the door and he went back outside. He climbed the stairs to the jumping device and jumped on it. It threw him high into the air. Dante loved the way the cold air caressed his face. He landed back at the door he had come from.

Dante looked up and saw that there were more jumping devices on the higher levels. He jumped again and moved further up. After three more jumps he landed in front of a green door. Dante entered and saw a long corridor that had sets of knights near the walls. Dante grinned. He hoped that those knights will move. It was not interesting when you had to cut stone that was unmoving and lifeless. It took the pleasure of a good battle away. And Dante lived for the rush of a good battle. He stepped forward and the first two knights shook and lightened in color. Dante grinned.

"Cool! Let's rock!" He took out Rebellion and rushed towards the one on the left. He quickly disposed of the knights, leaving only four of the many that had been there.

He quickly disposed of all of them and stopped in front of a light green door. It was sealed with metal spikes. On its two sides there were two huge columns. One of them had a crystal scull in the hole that was carved on it. Dante noticed that the other one had a hole too, but there was no scull. He sighed. He had to hunt for items again. On his way to the door he had noticed that there was another corridor to his left.

He went back and looked at door. It was red… the same color as blood. Dante liked that color. He entered and was in another vast corridor. He walked towards the end and saw a statue of a mermaid in the center of the room. The walls looked like catacombs, coffins all over the place. He stopped in front of the statue and shivered. There was battle coming his way. And Dante always trusted his instincts. At the same moment two demons appeared behind him. They were holding two metal coffins that looked like the famous Iron Maiden.

Dante didn't bother to look at them for more details. They'd be dead soon anyway… He ran towards the nearest one and attacked with Agni and Rudra. The fire and the wind swords danced in his hand, just as happy to be in battle again as was their master. Dante made a few quick cuts. Unexpectedly a cool skeletal hand touched his chest. The hunter shivered. He could feel the remains of rotting flesh hanging on it… Disgusting… The hand shoved him back. Taken by surprise for a moment Dante lost his balance. He swayed back. A coffin came at him. The demon obviously had the intention of squashing the intruder with the Iron Maiden. It swung it again, to the left, then to the right. Dante just stared at it… Was this demon blind? It stabbed the ground in front of it with the iron maiden and the coffin opened. Some sort of entity came in spiral path into the air. Dante stilled, expecting the thing to attack him. He was shocked to see other demons appearing. It clicked into Dante's mind. Some demons were able to summon other, weaker ones to protect them! Apparently those were able to do that. Now the chamber was full of Prides. Not that those were a challenge, but it was the first time he saw something like that. Sure, his brother was able to summon swords of demon energy, but he had never seen one demon summon another. It was interesting, but now he had to do some pest control!!

Dante switched to Cerberus and attacked the thing with the coffin. He swung the rods fast, hitting the demon. Ice froze its body at every place the rods had touched. Dante spun into the air and slammed Cerberus in the demon. It died, falling on its knees, slowly disintegrating into sand.

He was suddenly slashed in the back. Damn those Prides!! He had been so focused on the summoning demon, that he had forgotten the Prides that were filling the room. He had gotten distracted… Dante grimaced. That hurt like hell! It was almost like his spine was broken, but Dante was sure that it was not. If it had been then he wouldn't be able to move his feet. He turned as fast as he could. There was a puddle of blood at his feet and it was growing. He needed to finish this quickly. He clenched his teeth and slowly ran towards the Pride. He jumped and made a Helm Breaker It died with this one hit. He grinned somewhat happy that this thing was dead. His back was still pulsing with pain. Even with his demon healing the wound still hurt like a bitch.

Dante looked around, making sure that there was nothing left that moved or breathed. Then something shiny fell on the altar that was in front of the mermaid. Dante stepped to it and picked it up. It was a Siren's Shriek. It bought forth a memory…

It was the last time he had been at the seaside for a vacation, not for work. His mother had been alive and he and his twin had had a good relationship. Not counting the constant fights they got into. It was just natural, to exist a sibling rivalry between them. They were seven years old back then. How time can fly…

Their mother had lied on he back, enjoying the sun that was high in the sky. They had come at the hottest time of the day. Eva had instructed the twins to put some sun cream on, before going in the water.

Her words fell on deaf ears. She looked in the direction the twins had gone and saw that they were already having a war in the water. They were splashing at each other, not caring for the sun, or anything else for that matter. She shook her head and took out her book.

Dante was having great time. This time he really didn't care who won, because the water felt nice in the hot summer day. Apparently Vergil thought the same, something that was rare for the twins, because he wasn't trying very hard to avoid the water Dante sent his way. And he was capable of doing it. But so was Dante for that matter.

Suddenly Dante felt a burn at his leg. He yelped from the pain. It wasn't that bad, but he hadn't felt anything like it before. He could feel his blood pulsing on the spot that was hurt. Vergil came near him, but Dante ignored him in favor of finding that thing that bit him. He was sure that it was no fish. It had felt a bit slimy in the water. But then again most things felt like this in the water.

He saw a transparent white blob, floating near his leg. Dante lifter his leg above the water and saw a red spot on the place that he felt the burn. Vergil was still looking at him with concern. Dante looked at his twin to tell him that he was fine. When their eyes met Vergil visibly looked less tense. That had been a time when they could talk without words to each-other.

"Look!" Dante pointed at the blob. Vergil looked at the direction and saw the Jelly-fish. Dante went to grab it from below, but Vergil stopped his hand.

"You must take it from above, so it won't sting you." Vergil grabbed the Jelly-fish from above. It felt weird in his hand. He lifted it above the water. Dante liked at it with curiosity and poked it with his finger. After he was sure that the flat part of it won't sting him he poked it again and again. Vergil joined him in the game. The thing felt nice to poke, like it was made for that sole purpose. Dante said to Vergil.

"Let's show it to mum." He excitedly made his way to the shore where their mother was reading. Vergil followed after him but paused. The jelly-fish was starting to disintegrate into pieces that were slipping between his fingers. He managed to take it to the spot Eva occupied into a rather decent shape. He heard the last of what Dante was saying.

"…. And Vergil caught it!" Eva smiled at them both when Vergil stood next to Dante. He showed it to her and she told them to put it back into the sea. Not wanting to anger their mother, the twins released the thing. Dante trying to catch it again grabbed it with a bit more power. The jelly-fish slipped in peaces between his fingers. He looked at Vergil in wonder, but his twin just laughed at him.

Dante shook his head, trying to clear his head from the memory. What brought this up? He missed those times when he still had a family. You still have…A part of his mind whispered to him. Go after him… He 'hm'-ed and moved to the door that was behind him, that idea was starting to sound more and more appealing by each passing second.

Dante found himself in a room that was beautifully decorated. It was in lavish colors, but the main ones were red and gold. He jumped on the second level of the room and saw something like an altar. He figured he should put the Orichalcom on it. He moved to it and put the stone.

The hunter jumped back down on the first level and saw that there was a staircase leading down. Dante stepped on the stairs saw an elevator waiting for him there. He grinned and wondered where it would lead him. Dante entered the elevator and to his disappointment it went down. Dante saw a familiar room.

He was back in the round chamber with the lots of levels. He figured why he was here. He had business in that sealed door, and now he had the key. He grinned.

He got out of the elevator and went to the door he needed to get in to. He broke the Siren's Shriek and gentle wind blew past him, distinguishing the fire that was preventing him from moving closer to the door.

Dante entered the door and saw that he was in another corridor with a staircase. Three Prides awaited him there. He rushed forwards. Agni and Rudra were pulsing on his back, striving to be used in battle. Dante decided to oblige them, unsheathing them and diving towards the enemy. He jumped between the three demons and joined the swords into one, spun around a few times, making a vortex of fire around him. The Prides were gone before Dante knew it.

He entered the door in the end of it. Dante stared into a wall with a wide crack in the middle. Dante smirked. Like that would stop me!

Dante was still holding Agni and Rudra and pushed the both into the crack. It expanded and the wall fell apart. Dante found himself into a dungeon. There was a powering wheel in the opposite end of the room. Dante walked to it and hit it until all the torches were lit. A sphere-shaped bar came from above. Dante jumped on it and took out Rebellion. He did a couple of powerful slashes at the bar and it broke, a crystal scull landing on the dusty floor. Dante leaned and took it. It was gleaming in the dimly-lit dungeoun.

The moment he picked it up the door was sealed and Dante could feel demons appearing in the dungeon. He looked around. He was in the middle of them all: Prides, Lusts, Gluttony's, Sloths and those demons with the iron maidens. Damn, wasn't that a nice crowd.

Dante grinned like crazy and rushed forward with Rebellion. He sliced and diced and most of the demons were gone in a blur. He cut his way towards the last demon with a coffin. He used Million Stab attack, but the thing managed to hit him with the coffin. He was thrown back right into a Gluttony. Dante felt that he hit something alive a turned around to see the drool falling from the lips of the demon beneath him. Dante was up and running away from it before the demon had time to process that it was on the ground. Dante was so disgusted! Gluttonies were the grossest demons out there (with a few exceptions). They attacked with barf for fucks sake! Ewwwww!!!!!

While he was distracted Dante was almost sliced by a Lust. He avoided barely and turned towards the summoning demon.

"You're going to pay for this!" He pointed Rebellion at it to make his point. He dashed towards it, dragging Rebellion on the floor and swung it upwards. The demon was sent flying into the air. Dante jumped after it and performed a number of slashes. The demon fell apart and Dante smirked with satisfaction. Ha! This is what you get for screwing with me! He then looked at the remaining three Prides and one Lust.

"Want some?" They took a step towards him. "Then come get it yourselves!" Dante waited for them to near him, teasing and taunting them. He had to dodge the Lust that dove towards him. He shot at it with his twin guns. The Lust stopped, dazed. Dante pierced it with Rebellion. The Lust was gone…

The Prides were coming at him. Dante decided to use his favorite attack of Cerberus while he switched it with Rebellion. He made ice pillars towards the one on his left, and when he saw that all were near enough he slammed the devil arm into the ground, creating an glacier in a three meter radius. That finished the Prides and the seal was broken, opening the door.

Dante came back into the corridor and went down the stairs. This time, surprisingly there were no demons to kill. He came back into the round chamber and walked back into the elevator. It moved back up. Closer to the top of the tower…

It stopped back into the luxurious room and Dante exited it, climbing the stairs away from the elevator, while he admired the beautiful walls.

H e came back in to room with mermaid and the door was sealed behind him again. He saw that a Hell Vanguard appeared. Dante made a quick job of killing it with Cerberus. He headed back towards the first door he had come from.

Dante went in front of the door that needed the Crystal Scull to open. Dante put the item into its place and waited. The eyes of both sculls flashed an eerie light. The spikes that were sealing the door disappeared in a spiral. Dante opened the door and entered.


He was at the top of the tower and the view was amazing. Though he had no time to admire it… Vergil was close, very very close… Dante could feel his twin's excitement and he could taste Vergil into the air. For some reason the closeness of Vergil made his stomach twist and turn. Dante shook his head. He still hadn't decided what to do. With all the thinking he had done, both choices were equal in their importance.

He'd go and meet his brother, and hope that he can convince him to stop this quest. From experience he knew that his twin can be very stubborn, but he had no choice since he hadn't decided yet. A large part of him wanted to follow Vergil and Dante wasn't sure for how long he'd be able to contain that part, before it took over his mind. His demon was insisting that they follow his family.

Dante ran to the top of the tower and stopped before the stairs. He slowed his step and took slow strides up. He reached the round platform that was the top of the tower. Vergil was right there, with his back to him. Dante's heart raced, when he saw his twin's silhouette. Rain had started to fall upon them. Lightning lit the night sky above …

Dante stepped forward and moved closer to his brother.

"You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left." Vergil frowned at the mentioning of the woman. Dante was his damn it! He won't let her take him away from Vergil! Vergil pretended that he wasn't affected by what Dante had said, but the younger twin could see the frown as clear as day.

"My sincerest apologies, brother, I was so eager to see you that I couldn't concentrate on the preparations for the bash." Vergil blinked as Dante pointed Ebony at him. He needed to awaken the devil inside of Dante. That is why he had waited for Dante here. It seemed an appropriate place for the awakening. Also Vergil needed to exhaust Dante and then he needed to wound him mortally. Vergil's heart clenched, but he had no other choice, and he knew that Dante would survive. His little brother had become strong.

Dante watched his brother. He could see that something was bothering Vergil. He wondered what that could be as looked at him, with gun targeted at his twin. He could see that Vergil was tense. Everything inside Dante screamed to go and console his twin, whatever the problem was, Dante wanted to make it go away, or at least make it better. He decided to lighten the atmosphere.

"So this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion?" Vergil smirked. His brother had a talent to take away the stress of the situation with one sentence.

Vergil touched Yamato's handle, but didn't draw it. He just lifted the sword with his thumb. It reflected the light from the moon. Dante dashed towards Vergil, deciding to use Rebellion. Vergil already knowing his brother's move teleported behind him. Since Dante also knew his twin too well he avoided by jumping into the air. The slash barely missed him and at that moment Dante knew that his twin was serious. There will be blood again…

Dante tried to use Million Stab on Vergil, but his twin teleported above him. Vergil threw a few summoned swords at him. Dante was stabbed by the demonic weapons, feeling his twin's demonic energy pulse though them. He managed to deflect the other one, slashing it with Rebellion. Yeah! This was the ultimate battle! Dante knew that he would never find anyone more worthy of being his opponent than his twin. He supposed that Vergil knew that too, because there had always been a limit to injuring one another. They both knew unconsciously when they needed to stop, before they kill the other. It was like when they were separated, they knew that the other one was alive no matter where they were. This bond would not disappear no matter what they do to each-other.

Vergil then used his sword to slash at Dante from mid air. Dante rolled to the side, barely managing to avoid it. Vergil followed after him, teleporting right in front of the younger brother. Dane blushed and took a step back, remembering the last few times his twin was that close to him. Seeing Dante's distraction Vergil's lips twitched, knowing too well the reason for it. Vergil straightened and squashed the feeling. He needed to hurt Dante now! It was for the good of the younger twin. Vergil needed Dante's demon awake. As much as it pained him, he had to give Dante life-threatening injuries.

Dante shook out of his trance and jumped, trying to slash the elder in half, but missing. Vergil on the other hand was already attacking and he slashed at Dante's chest. Dante swung backwards and drops of blood fell to the ground on the place he was standing.

Vergil had the urge to squeeze his twin in a hug, but he resisted it. He tried to stab Dante, but the younger one moved, instead a cut appeared on his arm. The puddle of blood was growing.

Vergil teleported to him and he slashed upwards, throwing Dante into the air and then teleporting into the air right after his twin. He slashed horizontally and Dante lifted Rebellion to defend, but landed on his back, feeling some of his ribs cracking. The white hot pain in his chest confirmed that.

Dante got up and pulled out Ebony and Ivory. He fired a barrage at his elder twin, but Vergil spun Yamato in circle at ultra fast speed. He left the bullets on the ground in perfect line. He then hit them with Yamato and sent them at Dante. The younger twin, lifted his massive sword and cut the bullets in half, sending them into the statues behind him.

Dante dragged Rebellion on the ground, creating sparks on his way. They crossed their swords and Dante managed to make Vergil lose his grip. But unfortunately for Dante Vergil caught his sword with his fast reflexes and pushed the hilt into Dante's stomach.

Dante was pushed back into a statue, pain flaring in his stomach. He slid to the ground. Vergil approached, but Dante was able to push himself up, before his twin reached him.

Both of them crossed swords, blue eyes locking into blue eyes. Sparks were created from the friction between the swords. Vergil pushed harder and it was Dante's turn to lose the grip. Rebellion flew into the air and landed on the ground a few meters in front of the twins.

Then Vergil impaled Dante with Yamato. The younger's eyes widened. He looked into Vergil's eyes. His brother was looking at him with an almost pleading look. Dante fell on his knees, but Vergil caught him and whispered.

"I am sorry brother! You need this…"

Dante continued to watch Vergil as the older lowered him to the ground and took his amulet away. Dante tried to reach for it, but Vergil sensing that Arkham was coming from behind him, slashed at his arm.

The blood flowed from Dante's wounds, tainting the stone beneath him red. The rain was falling on Dante's exhausted body. He was cold. He knew he needed to get up, or he'd die there. What had Vergil meant that it was for Dante? Was dying good for you? Dante shook his head, knowing that he had lost too much blood. He wasn't thinking straight. He tried to sit up but then he was impaled by a much larger sword. It was pushed in the middle of his chest.

Dante looked at Vergil for one last time… He thought that that would be the last thing he sees. One part of him was flaring with rage at his twin. Another one was happy that Vergil was next to Dante in the end.

When black spots started appearing on his vision Dante felt fire burning in his veins. Something was happening with his blood…

It was like molten lava..

. He was on fire…

The wounds were healing at rapid rate.

Dante felt his body moving, but it was like he wasn't controlling it. He was up before he knew it. He was running at Vergil. Something in his twin was calling to him. He had the powerful urge to hit Vergil, but his twin blocked it with his katana. Vergil locked his eyes with Dante's and Dante had the urge to jump his twin here and now. He now understood what his twin was talking about. The desire… The overwhelming desire to be with his twin was irresistible. Dante now knew his choice. No human was worth losing Vergil. He needed Vergil.

Vergil smirked at him, the same desire into his eyes, reflecting the one in Dante's.

"So a devil has awakened inside you as well."

Dante mirrored Vergil's smirk and caught the sword, ignoring his torn palm. He pulled the sword towards him, making Vergil jump and flip into the air. Vergil took a step towards him. Intending to shed some of Dante's blood and then lick it off of his twin's hot body.

The moment however was interrupted of by Arkham.

"Do you finally have it?"

"Yes. Now the spell Sparda cast will be broken"

Dante was glowing with demonic energy and was glaring holes into Arkham. His aura was alluring Vergil to him. Vergil was about to join his twin. But he was interrupted by the fool again. Apparently Arkham had thought he was about to attack Dante, because he said.

"Wait. We should leave. We have all that we need." Vergil looked at Dante and gave him a signal from when they were little. 'I'll see you soon'. With that message left Vergil jumped off the tower, Arkham following behind him.

Dante didn't want to be a moment without his twin. But he understood what Vergil was doing right now. He made everyone believe that he wanted Dante dead. At the beginning even Dante had believed that, but after his awakening, he understood demon trains of thoughts a lot better. He was one himself after all.

Dante then released his demonic energy, letting the demon take over. It was the first time Dante had transformed into his demon form. He let out a scream and then fell to the ground, transforming back from lack of energy. He lied there into the rain and thought.

You better be ready for me big brother, cause I'm coming to you!


A/N: I honestly have no idea where the flashback came from... It just needed to be written XD ok thank you for reading again!