Title: Save Me

Author: Shelby

Chapter 1

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The day Blair Waldorf went missing was the day Chuck Bass's heart went as well. No one knew what happened she just up and left the morning of graduation, he only knew this because he saw her at the party held the night before. The night he thought everything would be okay again. The night he made love to her and the night he decieded he would tell her he loved her at graduation the next day. But come graduation morning she wasn't there, and she didn't come back after, or to go to Yale. She was just gone. She left no note and kept in contact with no one, not even Serena. He knew he had the blonde's calls screened just in case she was keeping something from him. He had his P.I. Always on the case, but no plane ticket was ever purchased in her name and her credit card remained unusued. It was as if she had vanished into thin air or maybe been kidnapped, but if that was true then some of her clothes and her favorite headbands wouldn't be missing. No she left by choice, but then again he never gave her a reason to stay. Now a year later he sits in his office at Bass Industries looking over the financial records. The place is slient except for his secretaries muffled chatter outside the door. He drops the file and runs his hands through his hair, rubbing his eyes. He then gets up walking over and pouring himself a glass of scotch. As he goes to take a sip his cell phone buzzes in his pocket. He sets the glass down immediately checking the caller I.D.

"Hello?" he answers quickly, the scotch forgotten as soon as he saw it was his P.I.

"Mr. Bass I have some news for you," the man spoke on the other end of the phone. Chuck froze a year later and he finally had something on her. Hopefully it was where she was.

He nods eagrly, "Did you find her? Come on tell me."

There is a pause on the other end and Chuck thinks if he doesn't speak soon he's going to die of anxiety. Finally the man speaks, "I don't know her exact whereabouts, but her credit card was used in a city in Australia for a plane ticket. I traced the card and it showed up, but unfortunetly it wasn't Miss Waldorf, but a young woman by the name of Carly Harrington."

Chuck frowned in confusion trying to recall the name, he couldn't. He shifted the phone to the other ear, "Well what was this woman doing using Blair's credit card?"

"See I thought you would like to know so I sat her down. Unfortunetly she refused to speak with me, she seemed very frightened and brusies covered both her wrists as well as a black eye. I can however fax you where she's staying, right here in New York, and you may try yourself." His P.I. Spoke with caution.

Chuck sighed angrily, "Well then do it already."

"It's already done Mr. Bass, goodbye." With that Chuck heard a click and the line went dead. He shoved his phone back in his pocket. He then burst out his office doors grabbing his secretary's attention. She smiled handing him a fax that she said just arrrived. He grabbed it and kept walking towards the elevator to his limo as he read over the hotel room location. He was jumpy in the limo, and curious. Who was this woman? How did she know Blair? What if she didn't tell him anything? If he could just find out where she was, go and see her, even if she still didn't want to see him.

Finally after an hour of traffic across the city Chuck stood outside a hotel room. He knocked on the door and waited. He heard a noise on the other side so he knocked again.

"Who is it?" a muffled and weak sounding voice came from the other end.

Chuck leaned up against the door, trying to speak clearly through it, "I'm here to ask about Blair Waldorf, she's a personal friend of mine and I heard you knew of her whereabouts." The other side of the door was silent.

"I'm sorry I can't help you, I don't know that name please go away," the girl spoke through the door. Chuck panicked as he heard her walking away.

"Please I need your help, look my names Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf and I grew up together, I just want to know if she's okay," he said pounding on the door to catch the girls attention. It was silent and Chuck was ready to call his defeat when the door cracked open a bit.

"Did you say Chuck Bass?" a small voice called through the crack, no light shoning through the door into the dark hallway.

Chuck tried to move to see her face, but he couldn't so he nodded. He sighed with relief, "Yeah that's me, please do you know where she is?"

There was a sigh behind the door and then the girl sounded again, "Can I see some I.D." Chuck frowned, but did as she asked and grabbed his driving liscenase, which he barely used, handing it to a small hand that stuck out of the crack. He saw the bruises on it, so this was the girl Mike spoke of. The small hand took the card and both the hand and it disapeared for a moment. The the door closed, Chuck felt his heart panic for a moment. It stopped though when the door opened to reveal a dark room Chuck stepped inside and the door closed behind him. He turned around quickly. There stood a petite girl, not a woman, she looked no older than seventeen. She had blonde hair that was cut short, but mostly Chuck noted the bruises covering her body. She walked past him handing him his card, "Come with me we can't speak so close to the doors."

Chuck didn't question it although he wanted to. Instead he folllowed the small girl into a dark room with a coffe table and couch. She motioned for him to sit so he did, she sat down next to him. He noitced her hands were shaking and then she quickly moved away from him. She saw he noticed and forced a small, "I'm sorry it's just I haven't been around people since something happened to me, men especially."

Chuck looked away catching on to what may have happened to the girl. He then spoke in a low voice, "What can you tell me about Blair?"

The girl eyed him for a moment, speaking softly, "She misses you."

Chuck turned towards her sharply, not expecting that to be said, "What?" he questioned.

The girl looked away from him quickly, "I'm sorry it's just she used to talk about you, Chuck Bass all the time, when she could, when she was away from him."

Chuck's defense went up and he turned towards her, fire in his eyes, "Him? Who's him?" The girl shut her eyes for a moment and Chuck saw her face twist with a mixture of fear and pain. He sighed, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you."

The girl opened her eyes, "No it wasn't that it's just I don't like to think about him, but I need to help her and I can't see another way of doing it."

Chuck looked into the girls eyes, "Help? Blair needs help? Is she in trouble? Please just tell me everything you know, I can help her." He soudned pathetic he knew, but he didn't care. If his Blair was in trouble than he would save her.

The girl stood up and walked across the room keeping her back to him. She then crossed her arms turning to face him and nodded, "Okay I'll tell you everything." Chuck nodded, his attention focused on her. She then raised her eyebrows, "But you have to promise me you won't tell anyone what I tell you, and when you leave here do not come looking for me again."

Chuck nodded slowly, "Of course, I understand." Truthfully he was far from understanding, he was confused, but he would say whatever she needed to hear to hear about Blair.

The girl sighed sitting down in a chair and looking down at her hands. She then spoke in hushed tones, "About a year ago I was living in Australia on my own since my parents died. I had a small little house they left to me and was trying to hold down many jobs. One of them was working at an airport in one of the shops. I worked late at night hours and didn't see many people, but it changed one night when a girl came in, Blair." Chuck's heart stiffened at her name from anothers lips as the girl took a deep breath before continuing.

"She looked lost and asked me if I knew where she could find a place to stay that she could pay for cash with. I'll admit I thought it was strange, but she sort of reminded me of myself, lost. So I told her she wouldn't be able to find a place so sudden like that, especially at night. We ended up talking and she told me that she ran away right before graduation and she didn't tell anyone. After this I offered her to stay at my home, she excepted saying she would help pay as soon as she got a job. About a week later when she was living with me we both found one. I worked as a hostess and she took a job as a waitress. It was a very night restraunt and we made excellent pay and tips."

Chuck frowned, he couldn't imagine Blair working like a regular person. He had always wanted to give her the world, but even when he screwed it up he thought she'd still go get it on her own. The girl continued, "Well we worked there for about a month and then one night when we were working the late shift for coming in buisness men, this man saw her and told me he knew her. I didn't think anything of it, until she saw the man and I, it was like her whole expression changed. After that he walked towards her and I saw them talking. We cared for him and his party for the rest of the night and then he left, but he told her he'd see her again. After that we went home and when I asked her about it, she said it was a long story that she didn't want to tell."

Chuck's voice rose with jealousy, "Who was the man? Did you get his name?"

The girl looked up, "Wait I have to tell you the rest first." Chuck sighed in aggrivation, but kept listening as she continued, "Well the man was true to his word he showed up a lot, always leaving her big tips. I could tell though she didn't like him around. Then one day he showed up at our house and she left with him. When she came back she was even more distant for a while. And then she started seeing him all the time, he would come and pick her up. He brought her gifts too, and then one night she came home and said he had proposed to her and she said yes."

Chuck's heart clenched and broke. The girl noticed, "But the weird thing was after she told me that she started talking about you."

Chuck rubbed his face, "So did she marry him? Who is him?"

The girl sat down next to Chuck and he noticed she started crying. She then nodded, "Yes and she moved in with him and she even got me a job to work at their house, but it didn't take me long to see what happened to her while she was there." She wiped a few tears, "He... He would come home so angry and I heard them upstairs, the yelling and banging, the next day she would always have a bruise somewhere."

She shook her head, "I couldn't take it anymore I told her that she had to leave him and that we could run away together, but she was so scared of him. I got her to agree, but then... when we were leaving he... he... he..."

"HE WHAT!?" Chuck screamed, not being able to take it anymore.

The girl looked up at him, "He came home and he saw me and her packing and he went for her, but I blocked him and told her to run, but she didn't. So he did this to me and I thought he would kill me, but then he stopped and I saw it was her. He attacked her until she couldn't move, and I didn't want to leave her, but..."

She let out another sob, "She told me he said if she didn't get rid of me he would kill us both and him..."

Chuck interupted her looking up, "Wait him, as in himself?" the Bastard better kill himself if he ever killed Blair, if Chuck got to him before it he would wish he was dead. He was going to wish he was dead.

The girl's face froze and she looked away, "I wasn't supposed to say that."

Now Chuck was confused, "What? Say what?"

The girl looked down and then back up at him, "When I said him I didn't mean her husbaund I meant... her... her son."

Chuck's entire face fell, his heart dropped. He turned away his voice cracking, "She... she... she had a son with him?"

The girl was suddenly at his side touching his arm. He flinched at the touch as she spoke, "No Charlie isn't his son."

Chuck jerked his head upward, "Charlie?"

The girl stood up, "I can't tell you anymore about him, just that she had him shortly after I met her and her husbaund agreed to treat him like a son, but he hates him. Anyways I have to finish about what happened he told her to get rid of me. You see she sent me on my way, she told me to disapear. I wanted to help her I really did, but I'm so scared to talk to anyone about it because what if I did and he killed her, but then when I heard that you were you, well, I know I can trust you from what she said."

Chuck rubbed his temples, "What did she say?"

The girl looked up, "That she loved you."

Chuck stared at the girl and then took a deep breath standing up, "I need to know where she is, exactly and I want the man's name now," his voice dripped with threat. The girl knew it wasn't at her, but the man, but it still scared her. His fists were clenched at each side and his brown eyes were black.

The girl stood up, coming closer to him. She then leaned in and handed him a card with an adress. Chuck looked up, "And his name?"

The girl wrapped her arms around herself and then looked away, shame on her face before back at him. "He's your uncle... Jack Bass."

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