Title: Save Me

Chapter Title: Epilogue

Author: Shelby

Summary: Blair disappeared one day. Chuck never stopped looking for her. A year later, a girl covered in bruises tells him what happened to Blair. He learns of her whereabouts, but she's in danger. And it's her marriage to a man he knows that's killing her. Can he save her?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Charlie was almost 2 where we left off. So when the baby is being born he is almost 3 years old.

Blair looks at her wedding dress in the full length mirror. It's an Eleanor Waldorf design of course. Neither her mother or her would ever have it any other way. Even though she's far from a virgin it's still one of the purest whites she's ever seen. It's strapless, tight around the body till about mid thigh, there it flows to the floor with a small train in back, and very classy. It's not crowding with jewels, but just a thin line of diamonds around the top and bottom of the dress. Then at the bottom there are two layers displaying themselves, the top a beautiful white pattern with cuts in it. She wears a string of pearls and diamonds around her neck and pearl earrings to match. Her hair is up to compliment the veil. It's also made by her mother and matches the dress perfectly. It's a long see through white material that falls down to her bottom and is held in place by a small crown. She looks like a princess and that's what everyone keeps telling her. They of course have no idea of the bruises and scars hidden beneath all the make-up, only Chuck knows about those. They were going to wait until they were better healed, but Blair is still barely showing and having a beach ball under her dress while she walks down the isle is one drama she can avoid.

"Oh my gosh B you look amazing," Serena exclaims as she enters the room. Blair knows it's getting close to show time, but no one is rushing her. Everything here is calm and serene. The surroundings are the Hampton beach and perfect for the feeling she wants. "I can't believe how gorgeous that dress looks on you," she compliments and walks towards Blair.

"Thanks S, but all this credit goes to my mom. Apparently even Eleanor Waldorf can work miracles," Blair laughs with a small smile. Serena rolls her eyes. There's now way it's all the dress, Blair has to know that. She parts her lips to say something, but then another voice comes before her.

"Well thank you very much Blair, but I did not play a miracle worker in this case. The dress is a mere object to display my beautiful daughter," Eleanor smiles and enters the room. Blair feels her heart flutter at the compliment. Her mother comes from behind and puts a hand on Blair's shoulder. "Well I suppose my granddaughter is wearing it as well, but not in one way does it show," she adds with slight laughter.

"Oh I can't believe there's going to be another baby. I'm so excited," Serena claps her hands together. She's been like this since they told her the news. Even made Charlie start to call her Auntie Serena so when the baby was born it would no other name for her. Blair laughs a bit and helps her mother fix the veil a bit.

"Speaking of babies where is Charlie? I thought I told everyone he will decide to play hide and seek if you let him out of your sight. The last thing we need is him missing for hours," Blair sighs. "Or a dirty tux for that matter," she gives a knowing look to Serena.

"Relax Blair he is with his father and your future husband. Chuck is trying to teach him how to make a bow tie despite his age. I tried to argue with him that Charlie is too young, but of course I lost. If you want I can go get him though. Perhaps Chuck has given up and just done it himself," Serena answers and rolls her eyes again. Blair only laughs more at the comment though and envisions the scene in her mind.

"Or perhaps he's here to ask for a moment alone with his future bride," Chuck smirks as he sticks his head in the door. All three women turn around to face him. He looks absolutely handsome and dashing. His tux jacket and pants are a solid black color, the dress shirt is white, and the outfit is complete with a tasteful gold colored bow-tie and vest. Blair's smile instantly brightens completely and she goes to move towards him.

"Chuck what are you doing here?!" Serena practically shouts and jumps in front of Blair. "You're not supposed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. It's bad luck everyone knows that! Eleanor tell him everyone knows that," Serena stresses and pulls Eleanor in front of Blair too. Both women are way taller than Blair and Chuck can no longer see her.

"I think I'll take my chances," he chuckles and tries to get past the tall blond and older brunette. Serena side steps him though and pushes a hand to his chest. "Serena I'm not kidding move. Blair tell her to move," he instructs as his laughter slows. Blair tries to jump and see over their heads, but fails.

"Blair Waldorf do not jump in your heals! They will break and I have no time to find you new ones. Even my number of favors could not save you," her mother scolds and turns around to press Blair back into the ground. She then spins around to face Chuck. "Now Charles, Serena is right and you are not supposed to see Blair before the wedding," her tone is strong and forceful. Chuck and Blair both part their lips to protest, but someone they hear someone shouting as they come down the hallway towards the room.

"Charlie! Charlie you have to put your pants back on! The wedding is starting soon! Wait where are you going? Don't go in there your mother will kill me!" Nate shouts in horror. Charlie soon runs in the room giggling and stumbling without pants on. He sees his mother and runs for her immediately.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!" he is giddy with excitement. Eleanor watches in horror as he latches onto Blair's dress and pulls. "Up mama! Up!" he demands. Blair laughs and bends down to pick him up. He immediately places sloppy kisses on her cheek, thank goodness for waterproof make-up.

"Charlie Bass what are you doing without pants?" she smiles with her question. Charlie giggles and buries his head into her chest. They all hear panting and then Nate practically falls into the room. He's desperately trying to catch his breath, Blair's guess is he hasn't played Lacrosse since high school.

"I... I... I have the pants," he tells them and holds them up. Serena and Blair both start to snicker. Charlie turn to flash the classic Bass smirk at him. Eleanor just watches it all, not sure what to think. And Chuck purses his lips and crosses his arms as he looks at Nate. "Oh Chuck..." he says slowly.

"I give you one simple task Nathaniel. Just to watch Charlie for a few minutes and within a short time he's already lacking pants and could have been lost?" Chuck questions with disbelief in his tone. "And if you tell me that you already gave him the rings then I will not only revoke your privilege as best man, but also your privilege of living," he threatens.

"Yeah," Charlie adds in a mocking tone. Everyone in the room turns to look at him with surprise. Blair giggles and hugs him tighter. He then flashes an innocent smile which turns to a pout. "Bad?" he asks with big eyes and points towards Nate. Everyone awe's at how cute he is, while minus Nate of course who is once against the victim to it all.

"No, I did not already give him the rings Chuck. What do you think I am stupid? Wait don't answer that," he points and slowly stands up a bit straighter. "Now Charlie it's time to put your pants back on. Come down to uncle Nate," he instructs.

"No!" Charlie retorts, using his favorite word. He then clings onto his mother a bit tighter and glares at Nate. Serena coes at how cute she thinks this is and Nate moves towards Charlie. "NO!" Charlie's scream can awaken the dead.

"Nate just give the pants to Chuck and wait for Charlie outside. Serena and mom thank you for helping. We'll take our chances with the bad luck," Blair takes control of the situation. Charlie smiles hearing all the names he likes to hear. Serena purses her lips, but finally Nate drags her from the room. Eleanor goes after, glaring at Chuck for breaking the rules, but goes. "Tell daddy we'll be ready for him soon," Blair adds. Eleanor nods and closes the door. Chuck doesn't waste any time and kisses Blair.

"You look gorgeous," he compliments. Charlie looks between both parents and giggles. He kicks at the pants in his father hand. They fall to the floor and he looks absolutely delighted. "Charlie..." he tries to sound stern, but one look in his son eyes and the task becomes very difficult.

"Mama pretty," Charlie flashes his mother a smile to match his fathers. He then smooths his hands over the white fabric of her dress and pats it in approval. "Mama pretty... Charlie no pants?" he proposes slowly. Blair and Chuck both let out a laugh. Their sons bribe is both completely adorable and rather amusing.

"Awe are you trying to bribe mommy so she won't make you wear pants?" Blair giggles. Charlie just smirks in response and strokes her dress some more. "Well," she sighs, "I'm very sorry Charlie, but you have to wear pants for the wedding and.... well how about most of the reception. At least until Grandma Eleanor goes home, alright?" her hand reaches up and strokes some of his hair out of his face. Charlie lets out a large sigh and purses his lips.

"Oh... okay mama," he responds. His face shows how unhappy he is about it though. Blair kisses his forehead and his mood lightens again. Then she puts him onto a chair and has Chuck hold out the pants. They both work together until he is finally in them and looking like a little prince again. "All better!" Charlie throws his hands up in the air at his parents accomplishment.

"Now just keep them on, that's the real challenge," Chuck lets out a low laugh and picks Charlie back up. "So when uncle Nate gives you the rings what are you going to do Charlie?" his tone is serious, but in no way harsh. It never sounds cold like Bart's. Charlie looks between his two parents and his mouth forms an 'O'.

"Um I... I... I carry... I carry the rings on a.... on... on.... on a pillow," he stutters, talking too fast. His mind moves way faster than his mouth and he hasn't been able to slow either down just yet. Blair smiles at him and kisses his cheek. Chuck nods in approval.

"Very good Charlie, but if you drop them it's okay. Just carefully pick them up and bring them to mommy and daddy okay?" Blair soothes. She wants to make sure that even if he does mess up he won't turn red and run away. He's been practicing very hard, but when he gets excited he tends to bounce up and down.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay mommy. I, I, I, I'm gonna, gonna do a very good job," he promises and hugs onto her. Blair smiles and pecks his lips. She then stands him up on the chair and straightens out his jacket and other things. Charlie remains still and when he does wobble grabs onto Chuck's hand.

"I know you will baby," Blair nods, finishing her primping. "Now mommy and daddy love you very much, but we need you to go find uncle Nate and listen to him. I promise it's only temporary," she laughs. Charlie nods and then holds onto Chuck's hand so he can jump from the chair. Chuck has to basically lift him, but doesn't let his son know that.

"There you go," Chuck sighs and sets him down. Charlie smiles, waves at both of them, and then runs from the room. Blair lets out a laugh and Chuck shakes his head with a smile. "My guess those pants are going to have to be put back on again before the ceremony," he jokes and turns to look at Blair.

"Well you would know. He gets it from you most likely," she rolls her eyes. When she sees the way he looks at her though she stops. His hand reaches up and strokes her cheek. Slowly he comes in for a soft kiss. "You're messing up my lipstick," she murmurs when he leans back a bit.

"Your veil will be down, no one's even going to be able to see it," he responds, smirk present on his lips.

"Chuck you lift the veil at the end," she reminds him with a knowing look.

"You don't need a perfect lip stick job for me to kiss you Blair. Especially when I know I'm the only one who messes it up," he counters. Her lips twist into a smile because he sounds so normal. Well normal as in normal Chuck. It's hard to believe with what they've been through. Even with all the intense therapy sessions. "Don't think about it today. We can't let him ruin today," Chuck says, knowing instantly what she's thinking. Her eyes flicker back up to his and she nods.

"So we're really going to do this?" she sighs with a smile.

"Well I figured we have a kid, another one the way, and we're completely in love with each other so yeah... I'd say it's about time for us to get married Waldorf," he chuckles. It's weird to hear her name again, but in a good way. Of course she won't get too comfortable though because... well it will be gone as soon as she walks down that aisle. They stare at each other for a long time until it is interrupted.

"Blair Bear, Chuck it's time," Harold pokes his head in and smiles the couple. Chuck and Blair break their gaze to look at him. "I wouldn't worry about the bad luck thing either. There's no room for silly wise tales in a relationship like yours," he assures them with a chuckle. Chuck leans in and kisses Blair quickly.

"Well I'll see you soon. Promise not to run out last minute?" he asks. Blair laughs and rolls her eyes.

"I promise now go," she urges and gives him a small push. He nods and walks towards the door while Blair turns around to check and see if everything is still in order. Harold stops Chuck in the doorway and holds out his hand. Chuck smiles and shakes it. Their lips say nothing, but his eyes do all the talking. He then nods and leaves. Blair slowly turns back around and walks to her dad. "Time to get married," she smiles as they walk out the doorway.

"You ready man?" Nate asks as him and Chuck stand at the alter. The church is full and the ceremony will start any minute now. Chuck slowly turns to look at his friend and smiles. What a silly question to ask. Of course he's more than ready to marry Blair. He thinks he's always been ready. That he told himself back in high school if he ever was to marry anyone it would be her and her only. Now he doesn't see how he could go on without marrying her. So he nods slowly.

"Of course I'm ready. I would have married her when you were still going out with her if she asked me to," he jokes with a slight chuckle. Nate rolls his eyes, but his grin grows. "I trust you left Charlie in good hands," Chuck adds and sideways glances at Nate.

"Serena is taking care of him before he's ready to go. She promises to make him keep his pants on," it's Nate's turn to chuckle. The minister hears this and turns towards them with a small frown. As soon as he turns away both Chuck and Nate snicker.

"You guys their about to start. Blair is going to kill you both if your laughing during the ceremony," Eric interjects in a whisper. He of course was right next to Nate. In fact ever since Eric learned of the details he came over a lot. Him and Charlie were becoming friends fast. Chuck and Nate both stop their laughter and straighten out their posture. Chuck puts his eyes on the door and waits. When he hears the music, his heart clenches, but in a good way. First the brides maids come in. There's Jenny Humphrey, Penelope, Iz, Hazel, and Aaron's girlfriend Trish or something.

"Awe he's so cute," Jenny whispers to Chuck with a smile. He smile's back, having no grudge against that Humphrey. He then turns to look to see Charlie enter the room with the pillow and rings. He's walking very slowly, with wide eyes, as he looks around at all the people. He looks so cute in his tux and Chuck wishes Blair could see him right now. Charlie tries to smile at people, but then stumbles a bit. Chuck sighs in relief when he doesn't fall down.

"Sorry," Charlie tells everyone and blushes bright red. Chuck lets out a small laugh along with everyone else in the church and smiles brightly at him. He then looks to his father for what to do. "Daddy do, do I keep come, coming?" he asks, not moving from his spot.

"Yes Charlie it's okay. Come on up here," Chuck responds, none of this phasing him. Charlie nods and then moves rather quickly down the aisle until he reaches his father. Instead of standing to the side he goes right in front of Chuck. "Good job," Chuck winks at him. Charlie beams at his father and then looks to the door. Serena comes in as the maid of honor and takes her place to where Blair will stand. Charlie waves at her and she sends a small one back. Chuck feels the excitement rise in his chest as a white dress starts to come in view.

Harold comes first and then leads her to the doorway. She looks absolutely breathtaking and Chuck is pretty sure his heart stops at the sight of her. He's never seen anyone so beautiful, graceful, and so many other words that can not begin to describe her beauty. Even through her veil he's able to meet her eyes. Those soft, gorgeous, doe brown eyes. She smiles at him, her eyes not leaving his at all. Time seems to stop in this moment and it takes everything he has not to run and kiss her. Of course knowing what will happen soon keeps him where he is. There's a tug on his heart that someone will come and snatch her, but he does his best to ignore her. Nothing can happen, they're too close, it just can't. Finally she is in front of him though. She's already turning towards him, not bother to get instruction from the minister.

"Hi," he whispers with a smile.

"Hi," she breathes back to him.

"Hi," Charlie's voice is heard. They both look down and smile at them. Blair reaches down, brushes back some of his hair, and then looks back to Chuck. The minister seeing it is over clears his throat and opens up his bible to start the vows.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the sign of God – and in the face of this company – to join this man," he motions towards Chuck, "and this woman," towards Blair, "in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, and solemnly. Into this holy state these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now or forever hold their peace." The minister looks out into the audience for any objectors. Chuck feels his breath go short and just wants him to skip over this part. He knows the biggest objector is gone now, but there has to be more out there. Deep down he knows it's just one of his side effects from the trauma with Jack, but it doesn't make him feel any better. There is silence throughout the church and the minister looks back to Chuck and Blair. The breath in Chuck's throat is released.

"Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body, and mind. It is intended for their mutual joy – and for the help and comfort given on another in prosperity and adversity. But more importantly – it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained," the minister takes a pause for a breath. Chuck feels himself get more anxious by the minute. His eyes go to Blair's and he knows she's thinking the exact same thing. At least Charlie seems to be able to sit still. The minister parts his lips to continue.

"Through marriage, Chuck and Blair, make a commitment together to face their disappointments – embrace their dreams – realize their hopes – and accept each other's failures. Chuck and Blair will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together – through mutual understanding – openness – and sensitivity to each other," he announces. Chuck thinks to himself that they have already done all of this. They've done more than this together. These vows are nothing compared to what they've done together.

"We are here today – before God – because marriage is one of His most sacred wishes – to witness the joining in marriage of Chuck and Blair. This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin their life together. And now – through me – he joins you together in one of the holiest bonds," he looks up from his bible, "Who gives this woman in marriage to this man?"

"I do," Harold smiles at Blair. She takes her hands in his for a moment and kisses his cheek. Then Harold releases her and she steps closer to Chuck again. Chuck glances out to see Eleanor with tears in her eyes as she stares up at Blair in amazement. He wishes Blair could see it too, but she's too transfixed on Chuck. The minister nods and continues.

"This is a beginning and a continuation of their growth as individuals. With mutual care, respect, responsibility and knowledge comes the affirmation of each one's own life happiness, growth and freedom. With respect for individual boundaries comes the freedom to love unconditionally. Within the emotional safety of a loving relationship – the knowledge self-offered one another becomes the fertile soil for continued growth. With care and responsibility towards self and one another comes the potential for full and happy lives," the minister takes another breath. Chuck feels Charlie start to shuffle a bit at his feet. Blair sends him a small smile and he goes still again. Personally Chuck is with Charlie on wanting it to be final by now. Not that he wants to rush the ceremony, but just have Blair be Mrs. Bass because of him.

"By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for Chuck and Blair from all present here, we assure them that our hearts are in tune with theirs. These moments are so meaningful to all of us, for "what greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together – to strengthen each other in all labor – to minister each other in all sorrow – to share with each other in all gladness. This relationship stands for love, loyalty, honesty and trust, but most of all for friendship. Before they knew love, they were friends, and it was from this seed of friendship that is their destiny. Do not think that you can direct the course of love – for love, if it finds you worthy, shall direct you. Marriage is an act of faith and a personal commitment as well as a moral and physical union between two people. Marriage has been described as the best and most important relationship that can exist between them. It is the construction of their love and trust into a single growing energy of spiritual life. It is amoral commitment that requires and deserves daily attention. Marriage should be a life long consecration of the ideal of loving kindness – backed with the will to make it last," the minister slowly turns to Chuck. His heart starts to beat rapidly and he hopes he won't have a heart attack before it's all over.

"Do you Chuck take Blair to be your wife – to live together after God's ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart's deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself unto her as you both shall live?" he asks. Chuck feels Blair's eyes on him. He smiles and nods.

"I will" he answers with complete ease. How could he ever say anything else? Of course he wants all of that with Blair and more. The minister gives a nod and then looks to Blair. This is the part that will make Chuck nervous until it's over.

"Do you Blair take Chuck to be your husband – to live together after God's ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon him your heart's deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him as long as you both shall live?" he asks Blair. Chuck gulps when there is silence.

"I will," she smiles. He feels all worries release and tightens his hold on her hands. All he wants is to kiss her, but knows he must wait until the minister is finished. So he strains himself to stay where his is and not attack his almost gorgeous wife.

"What token of love do you offer? Would you place the rings in my hand?" the minister asks and looks to Charlie. He was too busy playing with Blair's dress and looks up with confused eyes. The minister smiles at him gently and leans down a bit. "The rings," he whispers. A wave of small laughter is heard throughout the church. Charlie instantly holds up the pillow for him. "Thanks," he winks at Charlie and takes them.

"May these rings be blessed as the symbol of this affectionate unity. These two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever they go – may they always return to one another. May these two find in each other the love for which all men and women year. May they grow in understanding and in compassion. May the home which they establish together be such a place that many will find there a friend. May these rings on their fingers symbolize the touch of the spirit of love in their hearts," he hands Blair's wedding ring to Chuck. Chuck takes it, his hand almost shaking. All he wants is to slip it on her finger.

"Chuck, in placing this ring on Blair's finger, repeat after me: Blair, you are now consecrated to me as my wife from this day forward and I give you this ring as the pledge of my love and as the symbol of our unity and with this ring, I thee wed," he nods for Chuck to repeat what he has says. Chuck gently lifts Blair's hand and prepares to put on the ring as he speaks.

"Blair, you are now consecrated to me as my wife from this day forward and I give you this ring as the pledge of my love and as the symbol of our unity and with this ring, I thee wed," he sounds. Okay so secretly he's been practicing for a while now, not wanting to mess it up. Blair's smile brightens as the ring is put on her finger. Her eyes then raise to his and he knows she almost leans in to kiss him. The minister clears his throat to stop it and she leans back, blushing a bit.

"Blair, in placing this ring on Chuck's finger, repeat after me: Chuck, you are now consecrate to me as my husband from this day forward and I give you this ring as the pledge of my love and as the symbol of our unity and with this ring, I thee wed," he repeats, but addresses it to Blair. Chuck watches in awe as she raises his own hand and prepares to give him the ring. She takes a deep breath and parts her lips.

"Chuck, you are now consecrate to me as my husband from this day forward and I give you this ring as the pledge of my love and as the symbol of our unity and with this ring, I thee wed," she recites perfectly. Perhaps it's what she says, but Chuck thinks it's how she says it. Her eyes lock with him the whole time and her mouth holds nothing, but a soft smile. In her eyes he can see that she is ready for him, ready for them. Both of them now wear rings for their eternal bond.

"May you always share with each other the gifts of love – be on in heart and in mind – may you always create a home together that puts in your hearts – love – generosity and kindness. In as much as Chuck and Blair have consented together in marriage before this company of friends and family and have pledged their faith – and declared their unity by giving and receiving a ring – are now joined. You have pronounced yourselves husband and wife, but remember to always be each other's best friend. What – therefore – God has joined together – let no man put asunder," he takes a deep breath, "And so, by the power vested in me by the state of New York and almighty God, I now pronounce you man and wife – and may your days be good and long upon the earth."

"You may now kiss your bride," he finishes. Chuck breathes a sigh of relief and moves towards Blair.

"Finally," he smirks before kissing her strongly. Blair kisses right back, not missing a beat of passion. There is applause in the church, but they just keep kissing. No doubt the minister is raising his eyebrows either, but the kiss does not stop.

"Chuck," Nate nudges at him. The kiss continues.

"Blair," Serena tries. Neither pull apart.

"Mommy? Daddy? What, what, what about, what about me?" Charlie stutters, staring at them with wide eyes. Both laugh and pull apart. Chuck bends down and picks him up. Both lean in and kiss his cheeks.

Chuck walks into the bedroom to see Blair with her back to him. She's standing in front of the mirror and arching her back a bit. He smiles and leans against the door, arms crossed. His eyes make contact with her through the mirror. Her smile brightens instantly and she turns around. Her shirt is pulled up over her stomach and now shows a noticeable bump.

"Look I'm really showing with clothes on too," she tells him with excitement and pulls down her shirt. "See," she motions towards it. Chuck smiles and walks over to her. His hands go on her baby bump and then his lips on her own. "We can tell Charlie now," she's practically bouncing up and down.

"We could have told him long ago. I'm sure he's going to be thrilled when we explain it. You look absolutely gorgeous and I love that a part of me is in you," he breathes. His voice is so sweet and smooth. Blair lets him kiss her neck and her smile grows.

"Well this isn't the fist time and if I recall a part of you is in me almost every night," she teases, having her own Chuck Bass moment. He pulls back and meets her eyes, stunned at her words. Usually if he was to say something like this she would scold him.

"Well Mrs. Bass I am certainly rubbing off on you. I think I like this very much," he smirks and tucks a curl behind her ear. She smiles at the compliment, but then takes his hand in hers. "Well the moment was nice while it lasted I suppose," he sighs. Really though he's very excited to tell Charlie too. His vocabulary is getting a bit better each day. Slowly they come to his nursery and see him on the ground playing with some blocks. He stacks them like large buildings and then destroys them. "Just like his father," Chuck beams. Blair opens her mouth to say something, but Charlie looks up, now aware of his parents presence.

"Mommy? Daddy?" he questions. Not if it's them or not, but his shortened way of asking them why they're here. Both parents smile and get down on their knees. Chuck moves the blocks out of the way and Blair brings Charlie to her lap. He goes to snuggle against her chest and notices the difference. His little hands pull up her shirt and he places them on her swollen stomach. "What... what this?" he stutters.

"Well he's already figuring stuff out himself. Give it a few minutes and we may not even have to tell him," Chuck jokes and exchanges a look with Blair. She then looks back to Charlie and places her own hands on top of his. Chuck speaks first, "Charlie mommy's tummy is growing because there is something inside of it."

"What?" Charlie's mouth forms an 'O' and he looks at Chuck. Chuck looks to Blair to see if she wants to take it from here. By her expression he knows she does so he silences. Blair turns Charlie's cheek so he's facing her and puts on a calm expression.

"Well Charlie my tummy is growing because it has a baby inside of it. Me and daddy are going to give you a little sister soon," she answers. Charlie's eyes widen and then he looks between his parents. Blair lets out a small giggle at his expression. Then he suddenly turns to Blair with a alert expression.

"But mama how... how is... how is she going to breath?" he tells them what is troubling him. Chuck immediately starts to laugh and picks up his son. He snuggles him against him and makes direct eye contact.

"Charlie she breathes through your mommy until she's ready to come out," he explains, hoping Charlie will understand the gist of it. "You don't have to worry about Bliss. We are all going to do our part to keep her very safe," he adds.

"Bliss?" Charlie questions, not hearing the name before.

"Bliss is your sisters name sweetie," Blair tells him. He looks at her, then at Chuck, and finally at her tummy. Suddenly he starts to bounce up and down in Chuck's lap and claps his hands.

"Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!" he chants and moves to Blair's lap. He hugs her tummy and places a kiss on it. "I... I love you Bliss," he tells it. Blair's eyes meet Chuck's and they both share the same look of absolute bliss.

Blair moans and her eyes flutter open. It's around three in the morning and she doesn't dare move from the bed. Her due date was four days ago and everyone has already tried to get her to induce labor. To everyone's dislike she's refused, assuring them that Bliss will come when she's ready. Chuck is always listening to the doctor about what they should do and hardly leaves her side. In the end though he's always sticking up for her and what she wants to do and feels the most safe with. That is part of the reason why she is four days over due.

"Oh," she murmurs and feels her enlarged stomach with her hands. It's hardened greatly all over and has a great cramp feeling going up her stomach. "Owe," her voice raises a bit when the pain moves to the back of her uterus and her back.

"Blair?" Chuck asks, waking instantly. Blair looks to him and bites her bottom lip at another cramp feeling. He sits up and strokes her cheek. "Baby what's wrong?" he asks, much concern and nervousness in his voice. Blair squeezes her eyes shut for a moment and then parts her lips.

"Chuck my stomach doesn't feel that well. I want to take a bath, okay?" she asks, eyebrows raising in question. It sounds like more of a demand than a question, but that's just because she's hurting. When Chuck looks hesitant it doesn't make her feel any better and another cramping feeling comes. "Please," she begs, voice going up in desperation.

"Alright Blair it's okay. Just let me help you," he responds and gets from the bed immediately. Blair smiles at him a bit and doesn't even protest to him helping her like she usually does. "You don't think somethings wrong with the baby do you?" he poses a theory neither wants to think about. To his relief Blair shakes her head and does her best to help him help her sit up and stand.

"I'm huge, this can't be good for your back," she tries to joke and lighten the mood. Chuck shakes his head instantly as they walk towards the bathroom. Since everything that happened Chuck seems to be on pins and needles when it comes to this subject of her weight. She knows it's because he's afraid she'll relapse again after everything that's happened.

"No you're perfect," he assures her. Blair stops for a moment at another pain. She looks to the clock and sees that they've been ten minutes apart. Chuck looks to her with caution and worry on his face. "Do you need to go to the hospital Blair?" his tone is both stern and sweet at the same time.

"Not yet," she answers and shakes her head, "Right now their ten minutes apart and hard, but their slowing already. She's just getting ready, but not yet. I just want to get in the bath." Her feet start to move again before Chuck's do, but he's right there with her. When they enter the bathroom he helps her sit on the edge of the tub and reaches down to do the drain. "I can do this myself Chuck," she protests, but he shakes his head again and turns on the water.

"The doctor says you're not supposed to get in and out of the tub without a little help. If you fall it could hurt Bliss and we both don't want that," he explains a fact she already knows. It makes her smile softly and he bends down help her take off her night gown. "Lift your arms," he instructs. It's in the sweetest way, but she still feels like a child. When the night gown is off she gets another pain and both look to the clock. "That one was fifteen. Shouldn't they be getting closer together and not farther apart?" he frowns and looks back at her.

"No. It will only do that when the labor gets going. Don't call the doctor either because he's just going to tell us to induce labor. I'm not making her come until she's ready or unless it's an emergency," she informs him. It's what she's been saying the whole time though so he's not very surprised. Instead he helps her into the bathtub when it is full. She sighs with relief at the warm water on her back.

"She sure isn't rushing out is she?" Chuck chuckles a bit. He wants to lift her spirits. Blair nods with a smile and puts her hand in his. "Charlie's getting excited," he adds. It was true that little Charlie was very much excited for his sisters arrival. He was almost three now and advancing in everything very quickly.

"Chuck I think you should take Charlie over to Serena and Nate's in the morning. I have a feeling about today," she tells him. Chuck shakes his head though and tightens his grip around her hand. "Chuck at the rate this birth is going it's going to be a while. It will be too hard to have Charlie there just waiting while we're in the delivery room," her eyes meet his.

"Fine, but I'll have Dorota take him. If you think she's coming today then I'm not going to leave even for just a few minutes. I'm not missing this one Blair, not one second of it," he says with a very stern tone. She knows how true to his word he is because he's barely missed a minute of the pregnancy either. Always trying to work from home and losing a lot of sleep. She tries her best to protest about somethings, but he'll hear none of it.

"Alright... just one more thing," she sighs. Chuck frowns, always thinking the worst or that something is wrong. He bends over and tucks a curl behind her ear. When he gets closer she can see the scar under his eye. He won't talk about when he got it so she hardly asks, not wanting to upset him. Both of them have scars, more emotional than physical.

"What is it?" he questions. Blair calms his nerves by smiling softly at him. She reaches under her leg and undoes the drain. Chuck sits up a bit getting ready to help her out, but still awaits her response.

"Can I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's now? My contractions are going to be constant until they get close together and we have to go. I don't think I'll be able to sleep though," she admits. Chuck smiles and nods as he reaches for a towel. "If you want I can go downstairs so you can sleep," the offer is given to him, but he shakes his head in response.

"If I need sleep that bad then I'll fall asleep during the movie. I'm not letting you out of my sight Mrs. Bass," he helps her out of the tub. She thinks about how with Jack she hated being called that name, but now that she has it because of him she thrives on it.

For most of the day her contractions kept slowing from fifteen to forty-five minutes. When morning came Charlie kissed her and her tummy goodbye, but was excited to go spend time with his Auntie Serena. He of course had no idea what was going on just yet, but thought it was another normal day. Blair got Chuck to let her walk around the house a bit doing things like reading, watching television, talking to him and Dorota, and alternately napping. When evening came her contractions were picking-up in frequency and she calls Serena to tell her and see how Charlie was. Then her and Chuck just both lie down so she can rest for a few hours between the contractions. They grew more and more intense and into the night. Finally around one in the morning she gets Chuck to call the limo around and they go to the hospital. He's a nervous mess, but tries to stay calm for her. The nurse comes into the room to ask them a few questions.

"Hello Mrs. Bass how are you doing today?" she asks with a smile. Blair doesn't appreciate it that much with the amount of pain she feels, but isn't ready to attack just yet. So instead she waits for a contraction to pass before answering the woman.

"Um... I've been contracting hard for about twenty hours. I just want to know how dilated I am," Blair tells her, skipping all the pleasantries. Chuck watches the exchange carefully. A while ago Blair found it humorous how much he studied some of the terms he assumed would be used. Now she's thankful though because explaining labor while in labor is not something she wishes to do.

"Well I will just go ahead and check that for you. Your doctor is here, but currently with another patient. As for the mid-wife she has been called and is on her way," the nurse nods and pulls a chair to the end of the bed. Chuck helps Blair sit up a bit so she can spread her legs. The nurse examines her, but Blair keeps her eyes with Chuck. She wont' say it out loud yet, but if Bliss would go ahead and come she'd be very grateful. "Well Mrs. Bass you're only two centimeters dilated so you're technically not officially in labor yet. I'm required to give you the option to go back home, but it all depends on what you're comfortable with," the nurse tells her as she stands.

"What do you want to do babe?" Chuck asks and squeezes her hand. Blair bites her bottom lip for a moment and thinks about it. She feels exhausted and has also been throwing up and shivering. Chuck even had to have the limo pulled over on the way. So she shakes her head in response. "I think we're going to stay here," he tells the nurse.

"Alright then well what I would like to do is if after a few more hours your contractions are still slowing down and speeding up then so you can get some rest we have a sleeping pill you should take. Will you be okay with that?" she spoke very clearly and made direct eye contact with Blair.

"Um... Can I just think about that until the time comes for it?" Blair asks. However her voice doesn't go up at the end and Chuck senses it wasn't really a question. You could never make Blair do anything she didn't want to do. The nurse nods with a smile.

"That will be fine. Now I'll just dim the lights and I want you to try your best get some rest. Mr. Bass that goes for you too. When mommy goes into labor she'll need a lot of support," she gives Chuck a stern, but pleasant look. He nods, but Blair doubts he'll listen to her. She knows he's running on caffeine as it is because he's too worried about missing anything. As time went on Blair did agree to take the pill after convincing from Chuck, the nurse, the doctor, and the mid-wife. Everything the nurse predicted happened, but then her contractions became very intense. Somehow through all the rocking and moaning to get the contractions to pass Blair found a bit of rest.

"Blair? Mrs. Bass you're waking up so we're going to check you again. Let's see if you've made some progress in the dilation," her mid-wife was here now and she spoke sweetly to her. Blair nods and blinks her eyes a few times. The room is still dim, but has brightened a bit. After what seems like and eternity to Blair her mid-wife stands. "Alright Blair you're now four to five centimeters dilated. Now I know that we talked about you possibly having a water birth. If so then it's about six thirty am and you've been here about five hours. So we can go ahead and get you in the birth tub to get through more contractions or go ahead and get you completely comfortable in the bed. What would you like to do?" she asks slowly and clearly. Chuck makes eye contact with her immediately. He doesn't speak, but his eyes ask the same question her mid-wife has asked her. Blair contemplates a few things in her mind and realizes, in her opinion, she's been in labor for twenty-six hours. The contraction pain is bad and she knows it will get worse. Water soothes her so that's how she makes her decision.

"I want to get in the tub," Blair decides, nodding her head eagerly. All she wants is to feel some relief in her back and prays the water will bring it. The mid-wife nods and the birthing tub is brought in. Blair gets into it with help from Chuck. She keeps her bra on, it being elastic and not bothering her that much. They brought water in and soon the tub is full, Blair being very thankful for it. She alternates between sitting upright, leaning sideways on all fours. The contractions start to get worse and Chuck tries to keep her mind on something else by whispering sweetly to her and massaging her shoulders a bit. Around eight o'clock her mid-wife leaves and the other one comes to take her place.

"Hey Blair," she smiles and gives a small wave. Blair only nods in response and shifts a bit, currently going through a contraction. She greets Chuck also, but then is at Blair's side. "Well I'm glad to hear you're doing well, but I have something to speak with you two about," she informs them. Chuck sits up a bit, nerves and defense rising very quickly.

"What is it?" he asks for Blair since she is too busy pursing her lips together to get through the contraction. She realizes humming helps a bit, but wants to hear what her mid-wife has to say. Chuck rubs her back a bit when she sits up more for comfort.

"Well I was just talking with the other mid-wife, the nurses, and your doctor who knows what's been going and we all think that since you are past due that we should break your water." Blair immediately shakes her head. Despite the pain she wanted to stand by her decision and let Bliss come when she wanted. After Charlie came early and there was a lot of risk she wants to allow the baby to decide when she's ready.

"No," Blair argues, still shaking her head. Chuck bites his bottom lip because it's clear how much pain she's already in. The mid-wife meets his eyes for a moment, but then back at Blair again. "Just... I'll get out and you tell me how dilated I am," Blair takes charge. After a hard look from Chuck she sighs, "Then I'll think about it." Her mid-wife nods and they help Blair out. They find she's eight centimeters and Blair feels much relief just knowing the progress that has been made.

"Okay Blair now I really, really think you should let us break your water. Think of it as not making her come, but letting her know that it's okay to come whenever she wants," the mid-wife stresses. Blair looks to Chuck as if he'll have the answer written all over his face. He takes her hands and kisses the knuckles.

"Blair I think you should let them break it. Maybe Bliss is just waiting for the okay like she said," he motions towards her mid-wife. Blair stares at him for a few moments. And then finally after what seems like forever she slowly nods. When they're done with the procedure she is back in the tub. "Good job baby," Chuck kisses her forehead and rubs her back.

"Yes Blair, I promise this will help things along, but not force anything," her mid-wife assures her. Blair just nods and looks to Chuck. He smiles at her and raises his eyebrows.

"Can you call Charlie? I want to talk to him before I go into transition," she tells him, not bothering to even ask her mid-wife if it's okay. A contraction just ended and she wants to talk to Charlie before another starts or before it's too late. Chuck nods and takes out his phone. She closes her eyes for a moment and just listens to his voice. He talks to Nate and then she hears him go into daddy mode.

"Hey Charlie, are you having fun at Auntie Serena and Uncle Nate's house?" he asks sweetly. Blair smiles at him approvingly. "Oh you miss us and baby Bliss huh?" he chuckles. "Well your baby sister will be coming very soon so mommy wants to talk to you okay?" there is mumbling on the other end, knowing Charlie tends to ramble a lot, some of it often too fast to understand. Finally the phone is given to her and she instantly smiles.

"Hey baby," her voice breaks a little. She knows she's very over emotional and just may cry. Charlie giggles on the other end of the phone, delighted to hear her voice. She knows how much he hates being away from them even if he's with Serena and Nate.

"Mommy... Daddy, daddy told me that... that sissy is come coming soon," he stutters a bit. It always happens when he gets too excited. "Am... Am, am I going to see my my sissy soon?" She can hear Serena and Nate saying something in cheerful voices in the background.

"Yes you are sweetheart. When it's time uncle Nate and Auntie Serena are going to bring you up and you're going to get to meet your sister. So I want you to go ahead and comb that hair and brush your teeth so you look all nice and clean for pictures okay," she tells him. Chuck smiles at how motherly she sounds. He even lets out a small chuckle.

"Oh.. oh okay. I brush my my... I brush my teeth and my hair nice and, and nice and cleans," he promises. She can hear his little feet start to jump up and down. "When... when do I get to come to the to the to see sissy mama?" he speaks faster as the conversation goes on. Blair is a master at understanding him though and smiles at how cute he sounds.

"Very soon baby. Now you be good and mommy loves you very much and she sends you a big kiss," Blair makes a kissing noise into the phone after she is done speaking. Charlie giggles and she hears him clap his hands.

"I... I love you too mama," he says and she hears him kiss the phone. "Bye bye," he finishes. Then she hears someone take the phone, obviously Nate or Serena, and the line goes dead. She slowly hands it back to Chuck. The conversation was short, but just in time because she feels another contraction coming on.

Blair went into transition and her contractions were unbearable. They were right on top of each other and she already felt exhausted. Chuck was right there with her, but she knew she probably had broken his hand. The only slight relief she could find was by pushing her feet against the side of the tub and bearing down just a little.

"Come on Blair breathe for me. Nice and slow deep breaths," her mid-wife encourages her. Her voice was soft and soothing, Blair was thankful for this. Blair tries her best to cooperate, but ends up slipping up and held her breath a bit.

"Blair baby you need to breathe. Come on it's okay," Chuck soothes her. His hand then gently brushes some of her hair out of her face. She looks at him with a pained expression, breath still held. "Come on just breathe," he tries again. Finally she lets out the breath and starts to concentrate on the breathing again. Chuck and her mid-wife encouraging her the whole time. Finally she was told to get up on all fours and lean over the side.

"Oh," Blair gasps from the feeling she gets. It's a huge clunking feeling as if Bliss just fell out through the cervix and halfway down the birth canal. Suddenly she feels panic rise in her and wants out of the tub. "I want out of the tub! I want out now! I don't want to deliver this baby in the water. Chuck I want out of the tub," she pulls on him. Chuck looks to the mid-wife who touches Blair to soothe her.

"Are you sure Blair? It's about nine thirty and it's perfectly safe to deliver the baby in here like you planned," she tells her. Blair shakes her head though and holds onto Chuck a bit tighter.

"No, no I want out of the tub now. Get me out of here!" she raises her voice. Her mid-wife quickly nods and gets straight to work. Finally she is back on the bed and feels relief for it. Once dry she is in her comfort zone again. Chuck strokes back some of her hair and makes sure she's all situated. After that her mid-wife and Chuck help her try several different positions. The pain and pressure of the contractions rises to a level where Blair feels terrified. The progress is going so slow and her breathing is hard because of the panic that builds within her.

"Blair," her mid-wife struggles to make eye contact with her, "Blair you need to calm down. Everything is okay and just take deep, nice breaths. Come on breathe with me. In," she breathes in, "and out," she breathes out. Her mid-wife does this with her until Blair can carry on with it on her own again. Chuck is right there, but Blair knows how helpless he feels.

"Blair it's okay. You're doing great okay baby and you look so beautiful right now. I love you so much, alright?" Chuck soothes and strokes her cheek. Blair nods and her face softens a bit before another contraction hits and the peace is gone. She tightens her hold on Chuck's hand. "Shit," he winces in pain. Blair looks to him and he quickly shakes his head, "No it's okay Blair. I'm okay you just concentrate on breathing." Finally after many excruciating painful contractions Blair blinks and sees her doctor enter the room.

"Hello Mrs. Bass I hear you're doing great," he smiles. Blair feels the urge to lunge at him, but knows in her current condition this is a pipe dream. "Now it's really time to push like you've never pushed before," he informs her positioning himself at the end of the bed. Blair squeezes Chuck's hand to refrain from kicking him in the face. "Alright give me on long push," he instructs. Blair takes a deep breath and then purses her lips together. She grunts and lets out a small scream. Finally she has to give up and stops the push, deep breaths coming in and out.

"Very good Blair," her mid-wife encourages. Blair cannot believe the pain she's feeling right now. All she wants is for Bliss to be born and for everything, pain included, to go away. The doctor makes her do another, another, and too many more to count. Finally Blair lets go of a push and falls back on the bed. She shakes her head and starts to cry. "Blair it's okay. It's almost over," her mid-wife tries.

"No, no I can't... I can't push anymore," Blair cries, constantly shaking her head. She hears the doctors and mid-wife keep telling her it's okay and to keep going, but she refuses. It's not until she hears him that she even opens her eyes. Brown meet brown and he kisses her forehead.

"Blair," his voice is so sweet, "Baby you have to keep pushing. Bliss is ready to come out and I know you want to see her just as much as I do. I promise all this is going to be over soon. You just have to keep pushing and rest afterwards okay?" his hand strokes her cheek. Finally after a few more tears, that he wipes away gently, she nods her head slowly. He smiles and looks back to the doctor who is waiting to start again. Blair pushes again hard and long. Finally after many pushes the doctor announces some good news.

"She's crowning. Okay this is crucial Blair I need you to push harder and longer than you've ever pushed," he tells her. Blair looks to Chuck and he sends her a smile, but it's very nervous. Blair then takes a deep breath and pushes as hard as she can. Her scream is ear shattering and louder than she's ever screamed in her life. When it's over there's silence and then she hears it, her baby girl is crying. Blair looks to Chuck to see his eyes widen at his focus at the end of the bed. Blair looks to see the doctor stand as he holds up her baby girl. She's one of the most beautiful babies Blair has ever seen. The most beautiful baby girl for sure. She's very small, with porcelain skin, a head of dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She's screaming, but she's still gorgeous. The doctor wraps her in a blanket and allows Chuck to cut the cord. Blair reaches for her anxiously. " Mrs. And Mr. Bass I present you with your daughter," he smiles at them. Blair takes the baby in her arms and the cries slowly silence.

"Oh my baby. My beautiful baby girl is finally here," Blair starts to cry as she holds Bliss tightly against her. "Chuck look how pretty our daughter is," she turns to see him. He leans towards her and reaches out to touch Bliss. "This is your daddy baby girl," Blair tells her.

"Hey there," Chuck breaths as a huge smile comes to his lips. Bliss looks up at him with large, dark, brown, doe eyes. A happy laugh escapes his lips. "You're so little," he says, "You're so perfect and little Bliss." Blair smiles at him and he slowly looks to her. "She's perfect," he sighs happily, "You're perfect." He leans in and kisses her lips, "I love you so much Blair."

"I love you too," she smiles. She then looks down to Bliss. "Oh and mama loves her Bliss too. Mommy and daddy and your big brother, you'll meet later, are going to love and spoil you as much as we can," Blair kisses her forehead.

After all her testing Bliss is finally returned to her parents. Blair instantly takes her in her arms and snuggles the small baby girl against her. Chuck is in the bed with Blair, arms around her, and gazes at them both lovingly. Bliss isn't sleeping, but doesn't cry either. Instead she just stares up at them with large brown eyes. She looks a lot like Chuck, but also a lot like Blair. Her hair is their dark brown and already curls a bit like Blair's. The eyes are Chuck's almost black color, but big like Blair's. She has Chuck's smile, well his smirk. And finally her nose belongs to her mother.

"She's so perfect Chuck. How is she so perfect?" Blair asks, but her eyes remain on her daughter. Chuck turns to Blair and smiles softly. His hand rests atop her shoulder and he kisses her cheek gently.

"Because she's ours. Bliss Blair Bass comes from a gorgeous family and a perfect mother," he responds. Blair turns to him and her smile practically glows. They both just stare into each others eyes, a silent understanding. After everything they've been through, happiness and joy can still be found.

"Mr. And Mrs. Bass I have someone who would like to see you," a nurse smiles and pokes her head inside the door. Chuck and Blair both look up to greet her. It's then she comes in, hand and hand with a little visitor. Blair feels her heart do a jump as Charlie beams up at them. "He was brought here by his aunt and uncle, but they wanted to give him some alone time with his mommy, daddy, and new little sister," her tone is sweet. Charlie starts to bounce up and down, but is still too excited to talk.

"Hey baby," Blair greets with a smile. Charlie starts pulling at his hand the nurse still holds. "It's alright you can come get in the bed Charlie," she nods at the nurse. The nurse releases him and closes the door behind her. Charlie sprints towards the bed, on Chuck's side and his little arms shoot up.

"Up! Up daddy! Up!" he commands. Chuck lets out a laugh and then reaches down to pick him up. As soon as Charlie's in his lap he attacks Chuck with kisses. Then his mother gets a kiss on the cheek, but soon his eyes widen at his sister in mommy's arms. "Mommy's Bliss?" he questions, as if it might not be her.

"Yes Charlie this is your little sister Bliss. She's been waiting a long time to meet you. Would you like to say hello to her?" Chuck asks sweetly. Him and Blair exchange a smile before looking back to Charlie. Bliss has now noticed him and with help from her mother turns her head a bit to look at him. Charlie starts to bounce up and down in his fathers lap. "Alright Charlie calm down. She's not going anywhere," Chuck laughs.

"Hi, hi, hi... Hi Bliss," he waves eagerly and smiles down at her. Bliss blinks her eyes a few times and then opens her mouth. It stays like an 'O' for a while. "Mama Ma... Ma... mommy can, can, can... mommy can I give Bliss a, a, a kiss?" Charlie asks politely and tries to sit still.

"Sure Charlie you can even help daddy hold her if you want," Blair responds sweetly. Charlie giggles and claps his hands. Chuck then moves him to his lap and helps him hold out his hands. "Now you have to be very gentle. Do you remember the glass dolls at Grandma Eleanor's house? Well she's very breakable like them okay," she nods and slowly picks Bliss up off her chest. Charlie nods and watches with wide eyes as his sister is brought to him. Blair puts him in Charlie's, well technically Chuck's hands, but Charlie's hands are on top of Chuck's so he thinks he is basically doing it all on his own.

"Oh look Charlie she's smiling at you. Why don't you give her a gentle kiss," Chuck whispers. Blair leans on Chuck's shoulder, her cheek against his for a moment. Charlie looks to both of them and then back a Bliss. He lets out another excited giggle before bending his head down. The kiss, he places on her nose. Bliss smiles up at him before forming the usual 'O' again.

"I love you sissy," Charlie says, not stuttering for once. It's so soft and sweet both Chuck and Blair think they may die from happiness. Then he looks to his parents and smirks, "Mine." Chuck and Blair both break out into laughter, so much for the mine phase being over.

"No, no, no daddy you, you, you have to use the, the pink," Charlie informs his father and hands him the pink crayon. They've been at the hospital for a while now so Charlie is coloring, well scribbling, and Chuck is helping him. They're both on the bed next to Blair and Bliss, but neither girl seems to mind.

"Gosh Chuck, how could you ever make such a mistake?" Blair teases with a smirk. Chuck playfully glares at her, but then takes the pink crayon. "Oh daddy's so silly isn't he?" her voice goes into baby talk mode as she cuddles Bliss against her. Charlie giggles and points at Chuck.

"Silly daddy," he joins in. Chuck finally lets out a laugh of his own and pulls Charlie into his lap. They both keep coloring on the paper. Blair watches with a smile. Years ago Chuck Bass would never color, now he seems a little too into it.

"Miss Blair? Is it okay if Miss Eleanor and I come in to see baby now?" Dorota asks, peaking her head in for the first time. Blair nods and Dorota looks to the baby. Her eyes immediately widen and she rushes in. "Oh," she puts her hand over her mouth and gazes down at Bliss. Eleanor is right behind her and looking over Dorota's shoulders.

"Blair how do you and Charles keep making such gorgeous babies?" Eleanor smiles proudly as she and Dorota hover over Bliss. Chuck lets out a chuckle and Charlie waves at both of them. He then goes back to his coloring though, sticking his tongue out as he concentrates.

"Gee thanks mom," Blair sighs.

"Oh you know that's not what I meant," Eleanor responds. She then holds out her hand. "Is her grandmother aloud to hold her?" her eyebrows raise. Blair rolls her eyes and nods.

"Of course mom and Dorota you can too after her," she tells them. Eleanor brightens and softens completely when Bliss is in her arms. She starts to rock her gently and whisper sweet nothings to her. Blair leans against Chuck's shoulder and watches. Dorota and Chuck both know she's wondering if this was how her mother was with her before the not so great relationship that took place in the teen years.

"She favors you Blair," Eleanor comments. Blair sends Chuck a sympathetic look. He only shakes his head and shows her it doesn't bother him. Eleanor will be Eleanor and no one will ever be able to change that. Charlie looks up though and decides different.

"She, she, she, she looks, she looks like, like me," he tells his grandmother and puts his hands to his chest. Eleanor raises her eyebrows, but lets out a small chuckle. Both Chuck and Blair snicker with each other. Eleanor glares at them, but Bliss soon captures her attention and she is gone into baby mode again.

"Mister Charlie are you happy to have your new sister?" Dorota decides to give him a little attention and walks to the other side of the bed. He looks up with a great smile and nods eagerly. She then fingers the picture, "Are you drawing this for her?"

"Mhmm," he replies, still hard at work. After a stroke with his crayon he holds it up. There are some circles, but mainly lines. He has another idea what is is though and shows it to her. "This, this, this is, this is me and, and, and my Bliss," he emphasizes the word my.

"Oh... very nice," Dorota compliments with a wink. Charlie blushes and then turns into his father. Every once in a while even a child of Chuck and Blair can have a shy moment.

"Here you go Dorota, Cyrus is calling I'm going to step out. Congratulations," Eleanor hands Dorota Bliss, kisses Blair's forehead, and then is out the door. Everyone knows she'll be back soon though. Dorota takes Bliss carefully, but definitely knows what she's doing. This time when Blair looks she knows this was how Dorota was with her for sure.

"Taka piękna dziecka. Najlepsze części obu rodziców," Dorota tells Bliss. Blair smiles, knowing enough Polish from Dorota's teachings over the years. Chuck on the other hand frowns in confusion. He nudges at Blair a bit since she seems to understand.

"What did she say?" Chuck whispers as Dorota walks around the room a bit. She's still whispering sweet things, Polish and English combined.

"She said, Such a beautiful baby. Best parts of both her parents," Blair translates. Chuck smiles softly at this and pulls Blair into him for a kiss. Charlie giggles at the sight and they pull apart. He pretends not to have seen anything and starts to add more colors to his picture.

So many people came to visit that Blair was starting to get a head ache. She of course loved all of them being there, but also was still tired, only resting briefly after the exhausting birth. Serena and Nate came after her mother and Eleanor. Then Lily came in during the visit. Finally when they all left it was her father and Roman's turn. They stayed the longest and Chuck noticed how Blair beamed at all the attention her father gave her. Visiting hours came to a close though and a nurse came in. Bliss was just waking-up.

"Hey guys, I was just coming in to tell you goodnight and that before Bliss goes to bed that you are allowed to breast feed her Mrs. Bass. Would you like us to send a lactose specialist or are you ready to get started?" the nurse asks with eyebrows raised. Blair feels her heart lift in supreme happiness. Chuck of course knows how much this means to her and looks to her immediately. He can see how her whole expression has lightened up, despite how tired she was before.

"I want to get started. I can do it," she nods eagerly. The nurse assumes she breast fed Charlie and leaves with those words. Chuck takes Bliss while Blair pulls down her gown. She is very fast with this though and soon Bliss is taken right back.

"You excited?" Chuck smirks as she positions Bliss. The small baby girl looks with wide eyes at Blair and then back at the nipple presented in front of her. Blair helps her put her mouth on it. It takes a moment, but then she latches onto it and sucks.

"She's hungry," Blair giggles and looks to Chuck. Charlie frowns not understanding the situation at all. He arches his head a bit trying to see what his sister is getting from this. "Your sister is eating Charlie," Blair explains. Even if she had breast fed Charlie he most likely would not remember. He slowly raises his hand and points towards the display.

"From that?" he questions, mouth forming an 'O'. Chuck can't help, but smile at the look on his face. He seems horrified at what is going on. "I... I don't think, think she, she supposed to do that," he decides and alerts his parents of his own opinion.

"Yes it's okay Charlie. That's how mommy feeds her the milk," Chuck assures him. Charlie looks from his father, to the baby, and back. He shakes his head again and lies down.

"No," he refuses to budge. Blair lets out a small laugh. Chuck just shrugs, knowing once he decides something he usually won't go along with anything else. Bliss on the other hand seems to be enjoying herself a lot and starts to suck a bit harder, wanting more.

"I love you," Blair says suddenly, looking to Chuck. He knows what she's thinking when she says it, but it doesn't change the meaning.

"I love you too," he responds before leaning in for a kiss.

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