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"Oh Eddie its been to to long" the srawbarry blond cooed. I felt Edwards hand tighten around mine and I wondered what in the hell was going on.

"Tanya" he said curtly. "I would like you to meet my wife Bella".

"I smiled at the girl I wanted to try and be friendly until I got a reading of what her mind was thinking I growled the slut thought she could try and get Edward to sleep with her.

I let go of Edward's hand and stepped in front of him Dream on Honey"I good feel the floor rumbling under me oh crap my temper I had to get my self under control

She looked shocked until she realized that I could read her mind.

"Yeah and who is going to stop me"

"Me" I said simply.

She laughed "You and what army I could take you."

Edward vollied between the two of us I knew had read Tanya's mind but he was trying to keep up with our back and forth conversation.

She walked up to Edward and grabbed him forcing her lips on to his I knew he didn't move becuse he was still in shock from when he read her mind. Oh that was it the bitch was going down. I grabbed her by the hair and tossed her against the wall. "Keep your fucking hands off of my husband you horey slut." I spat out.

"Maybe you should leave Tanya" I wipped my head around and found Carlisle standing there in the door way. She looked feriously at me and then stormed out of the door.

I looked at the wall Were I had left a dent "Sorry Carlisle tell Esme I'll pay to have the wall fixed."

"Oh don't worry Bella there is no need we can fix it up quick I'm just sorry about Tanya I'm so disapointed in."

I looked over at Edward. "I'm sorry Bella I was in shock I should have tried and stop her."

"Oh Edward don't worry." I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him I know you love me and you will forever."

"He sweep me into his arms and carried me up the stairs.

Edward POV

I couldn't bealive Tanya she was such a slut. I carried Bella upstairs to our room and layed her down on the bed climbing over top of her and trailing kisses down her neck. I worshiped her body that night the way I had never before for she was my Bella my sweet Precious Bella she was worth more then one thousond Tanya's there were many tanyas in the world but only one Bella.

Tanya POV

I can't believe that Edward is married its so not fair I will get him I will kill the bitch God I can't believe I started hunting animals for him well if he can choose some one Else I can choose human blood. I quickly hunted a lone man in the forest hunting and sucked him clean. I felt full for the first tim in years. I felt my eyes turn red and I started to plot the Down fall of Bella Cullen becuse nothing got in the way of somthing that I wanted and I wanted Edward.

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