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*****P.s. This fic's setting is way back when Tommy's dad and Lou were living together at Tommy house.******Also, I can't find the name of Tommy's dad anywhere, and I can't remember if they mentioned it in the series. If anyone knows I will put it in! For now his name shall be Liam***

Tommy arrived at the apartment 30 minutes after seeing Doctor McKee. With Janet and the kids gone it felt so empty. Of course, what with Lou and his dad living with him now, he knew it was just his imagination.

"Hey, Tommy! Where ya been?" Lou asked coming out of the bathroom.

"Out." Tommy said.

Lou rolled his eyes and looked at Tommy out of the corner of his eye. He knew something was wrong with his best friend, he just wish Tommy would tell him what was wrong. Of course, Lou knew that would be a cold day in hell when that happened.

Lou sighed and said, "I picked up some Chinese food for lunch."

When Tommy looked over at the table where the bag was, then looked back at Lou and raised his left eyebrow and said, "You had Chinese food two days ago, why did you want it again?" Lou shrugged his shoulders and said "Your dad said he wanted chicken and broccoli from the place on the corner and I didn't feel like going somewhere else to get me something different. I got you Hunan Chicken with shrimp fried rice though."

Tommy had to swallow down bile as Lou described what he had brought at the Chinese place. The wave of nausea was unexpected, usually Tommy looked forward to his Chinese food. But at that moment the thought of eating anything was nauseating.

"Look, thanks for the food, but I'm not really all that hungry. Put my dish in the fridge, okay?" Tommy said after clearing his throat.

Lou looked at him with concern and said "Ok Tom, don't forget we have to leave for the firehouse in two hours because Jerry wants to go over stuff with the team."

Tommy rubbed his sore eyes and closed them for a moment in exhaustion. He let his shoulders slump and started walking to his room. He said over his shoulder, "Yeah, yeah I know. I am going to see if I can't get a nap in before we leave. Try to keep my dad quiet would you?"

Lou watched Tommy slowly walk to his room, he said "I'll try too. I'll wake you when it's time to go, ok Tom?"

"Yeah, sure whatever," Tommy mumbled, already half asleep.

Tommy stumbled into his room and shut the door. He kicked his shoes off and ripped his coat off and flung it across the room onto the floor. He stopped and stared at it wondering if he should pick it up or leave there. Deciding that he didn't care that much he left it where it was.

He lowered himself gently onto the bed and sat slump-shouldered and just stared into space. He was thinking about what that damn doctor had told him. 'Cancer? What the fuck am I gonna do', he thought.

He laid down onto his right side and curled his arms around his chest protectively and closed his eyes.

Not even twenty seconds later he was asleep.


As Tommy walked out of the room, Lou looked to Tommy's dad, Liam, that was coming back from the bathroom. Liam glanced a Lou, "What are you lookin' at boy?"

"Something's wrong with Tom."

Liam sat down at the kitchen table and started piling his plate up with food. "What are you talking about?"

"What? Seriously? You haven't noticed?" Lou asked him, staring at him unbelievingly.

"He's no different then usual" Liam said with his mouthful.

"When we come back from work, actually look at your son, man." Lou said sitting down at the table as well.

Liam looked at him saying, "So what's he acting like then?"

Lou said, "It's not just the way Toms been acting, he looks like hell. Has been for the last few weeks."

"Just shut up and let me eat. I'll look at him later." Liam grumbled.