This is light on plot, and set in my own little universe. Mac and Mic were not engaged, Harm didn't take a dip in the Atlantic, there is no Renee, Mattie or Paraguay.

"Harm, I mean it. Not now." She grumbled as they left the courtroom.

"Then when, Mac? Don't you think we should at least be on speaking terms before we leave?"

Mac stopped in her tracks. "Well I don't know, Harm, from what I gather, it's not all together unusual for married couples not to speak." She let out a sigh and headed determinedly to her office where she closed the door, thankful for the silence.

It was after dinner when he called. She knew that they would have to discuss the assignment, but it was going to be difficult. She and Mic didn't work out and while she wasn't sorry to see him go, she missed the company. It was nice to have someone to do things with. And then there was Harm. Clearly bothered by her involvement with Mic, he had gone beyond what was acceptable in the way of rude comments. At first they were under his breath, and then in her office, and then in the bullpen. And the most recent, the worst of all.

"Anyone that's ever been involved with Mac is either dead or feels like they are," she heard him say to Sturgis.

She had never been more hurt. It wounded her in ways she didn't think possible. She could see the remorse all over his face, but knowing Harm, it was more about getting caught than anything else. This man was a mystery, and she was beginning to get tired of playing his games. If he didn't want her with Mic or any other man, why couldn't he just admit it? In typical Rabb fashion, he expected her to read his mind, to make the first move. Well it wasn't going to happen. Not now. Not after the ways that he had hurt her.

After the fourth ring, she decided to pick up.

"Hello," she said without her usual friendly tone.

"Mac, I—listen, I'm in the area and wondered if I could come by."

"Why?" She was in no mood to accommodate him.


To apologize? To grovel? She thought to herself.

"I have the file that Webb left, for starters. Don't you think that we should look it over before our flight tomorrow?"

"Go ahead." Of course, now he's all about work, she thought. Mic is gone and now he's back to being big brother, friend, coworker. "You can leave it on my desk in the morning."

"Mac, listen, it's not just the file. I mean, don't you think that we should talk?"

"I don't know what there is to say, Harm. Frankly, you've done enough talking for the both of us lately."

He clenched the steering wheel and softly banged his head against the leather seat behind him. He had offended her before. But this was different. She was hurt, and all because of his big mouth. Getting back in her good graces would take more than pizza and a movie. In fact, he wasn't sure that this time, the damage could be repaired.

"Mac, I'm sorry. I didn't mean—"

"Harm, I'm not going there. We have an assignment to prepare for. I will be professional just as they expect. Beyond that, there's nothing else for us to discuss."

"But what about our cover, don't you think that we should—"

"Make any notes that you want to and leave them in the file. I'll see you at the airport tomorrow. Bye."

He stared at the now silent cell phone in his hand. "Damn." Driving away from Georgetown, a knot of worry formed in his stomach. He felt like he was losing her and the thought made him sick.

One silver lining remained, and that was the fact that for the next 10 days, Sarah Mackenzie would be by his side. Webb's mission didn't sound so asinine, now. He couldn't wait to get packed.