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Everything is canon up until the point where Sasuke passed out after the fight with Itachi (except that he also killed Kabuto because I don't feel like dealing with him in this story) but Madara did not take him. Instead, Sasuke was taken back to Konoha by Kakashi and Naruto (who were watching the fight). Sasuke, too fatigued to fight back, went along with them. So Sasuke never found out the real reason why Itachi murdered the Uchiha clan (to be honest, I'm just gonna make it so that Itachi killed the clan cause he's just that damn crazy). Team Hebi followed Sasuke to Konoha and stayed with them, and they are accept at Konoha as shinobi, but they are put on probation and watch for five years (besides Sasuke). Team 7 has reunited and are once again training together, though at times, Sakura and Naruto go to missions as Sasuke is not able to go to missions until a year has passed. Kakashi has also taught Sasuke how to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan (and, overuse of the sharingan will not blind them! Yayy).

Harry Potter:

Takes place in fifth year. The majority of this story will be in the Harry Potter world, so yeah.




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Sasuke's first day off probation could have gone in many different ways.

He could have just received a simple mission from the Hokage.

Or perhaps his odd, yet treasured, teammates could have thrown a little celebration party with all their friends.

Maybe Kakashi would have taken him and shown him some new, not forbidden jutsu.

What Sasuke didn't expect though, was being pulled around Konoha by his ear.

By Sakura of all people.

Where were his fangirls when you needed them?




Five minutes ago

The last Uchiha looked as if he hated his life – after all, what kid scowled like that and loved everything around him?

But of course, Sasuke didn't hate life.

That was just his "default" face as many in Konoha put it. To strangers, particularly male strangers, his expression would most likely scare them away. To female strangers however, Sasuke's face seemed to pull them in.

Much to his annoyance.

Aside from Sasuke's scowling countenance, he was actually jumping for joy on the inside. He was currently on his way to the Hokage tower to receive his first mission as a proud and non-traitorous shinobi of Konohagakure – with Sakura and Naruto of course.

Compared to Sasuke of course, his two teammates were practically beaming with happiness.

Sakura was practically skipping while Naruto's smile seemed to take up half his face. Their happiness seemed to be infectious as the passing civilians also smiled brightly.

"Come on Sasuke-kun! At least look happy! This will be our first mission with you in…um…over four years!" The pinkette exclaimed happily, spreading out her arms as the sun rays shone down on her face.

Sasuke couldn't help but crack a smile at the image Sakura had created. Maybe she was hanging around Lee for too long.

Onyx, black eyes narrowed. Now the thought of Sakura hanging out with Lee bothered him.

His other teammate, however, did not notice Sasuke's darker expression and promptly laughed.

"Yeah teme! Or should we just tell the old lady that you would rather stay here and walk dogs!" Naruto smirked at Sasuke, daring him to reply.

The last Uchiha did reply, but said three simple words that always riled up the Kyuubi container.

"Shut up, dobe."

Naruto growled and jumped in front of Sasuke, pointing at him in the face.

"That's it teme! You and me! Right here, right now!"

The Sharingan user smirked; his eyes flashed red before quickly turning black again.

"Gladly dobe."

Both shinobi got ready to attack before a tinier figure effectively stopped them from fighting.

Sakura stood between them; arms stretched out to stop both her teammates and jade eyes flashing angrily.

"No, no, NO!" The boys stopped, scowling at each other – Sakura just shot them her own dark glare.

"We are going to see Tsunade-shishou for a mission! We are not, and I repeat, not going to fight each other! Got it!"

It was times likes these when both boys wished that "inner-Sakura" never merged with her outer self. Nonetheless, Sasuke and Naruto reluctantly nodded though there glares were still in place. The pinkette shot them another look, a warning flashing in her jade eyes before turning towards the Hokage tower. The anger she held over her two teammates seemed to disappear quickly as a huge grin appeared on her face.

"Now come on guys! Tsunade-shishou will get mad if were late!" Sakura turned back around to face her two teammates, only to have her previous anger to come back ten-fold. Her two, supposedly grown teammates were wrestling on the ground.

Honestly, she expected this out of Naruto, but Sasuke? Really?

"Just what are you two doing!" Sakura marched angrily to her two teammates who stopped their wrestling to look up at the iryou-nin. Azure eyes looked up frightened, while onyx orbs looked up annoyed; jade eyes turned a shade darker in anger. The pinkette has had enough! Sakura bent down, grabbed both boys by the ear, and brought them to their feet, tugging quite hard. However, since the iryou-nin was noticeably shorter than both of them (who were nearly equal heights), they were both bent down in very uncomfortable positions.

"Ow, ow, ow! Sakuraaaa-channn!" Naruto whined, but said kunoichi would not loosen her grip. Sasuke simply grunted in pain as his bigger hand wrapped around Sakura's dainty wrist. But smart, tiny Sakura thought ahead and had focused chakra towards her wrist, effectively preventing Sasuke from tearing her hand away from his ear. The Sharingan user grunted once more when Sakura refused to budge.

Sakura had then decided that words would not help; action more than words got through her two teammates better. So she did the first thing that came to mind. She dragged both boys by the ear towards Hokage Tower – which, to both boys embarrassment, was all the way on the other side of Konoha.




To put it simply, Sasuke was humiliated. And Uchiha were never humiliated. The silent teen plotted his revenge on Sakura and decided to enact it later – maybe Naruto would help him.

His thoughts on a prank – ahem, revenge, were cut short though, when a loud voice filled Team 7's ears.


Kami, it was Lee.

It was obvious that Sasuke and Naruto wanted to quickly get out of the area and dash towards the Hokage tower. Unfortunately for them, Sakura stopped to greet the Taijutsu specialist.

"Good morning Lee-kun!" Her two teammates groaned.


Team 7 sweat-dropped anime style, but Sakura stayed still, her mind set on finishing the conversation with Lee. After all, it was rude to leave in the middle of a conversation.

"I think it's because they want to go on their mission now Lee-kun!" Sakura chirped, tugging harder on her teammate's ears, warning them to behave. The explanation seemed to energize the other shinobi as he jumped up and did a flip.


Before Sakura could even reply, another voice filled everyone's ears.


It just got worse, Gai has arrived.


A horrified and dramatic gasp came out of the Jounin, and a smack was heard as Lee landed hard on the ground.


Lee quickly stood up and sobbed.



Lee looked to be ecstatic.






"…and were gone." Sakura muttered before quickly pulling Sasuke and Naruto away from the scene and once more towards Hokage tower.




Once Team 7 passed through the entrance of Hokage Tower, Sakura immediately let go of her teammate's ears.

Naruto cried out in happiness.

"YESS! FREEEDOM!" The hyperactive blond was promptly smacked by the pinkette.

Sasuke had to hold back a tiny smile as he remembered on just how much he missed them. Despite eccentricities (Kakashi), temper problems (Sakura), and a short-attention span (Naruto), Sasuke couldn't help but miss this.

"Yo teme! Stop being emo and let's go!" Sasuke scowled at the new nickname while Naruto just snickered at the glare sent his way.

Emo? Damn the tabloids Naruto read. Not to be taken down verbally by Naruto of all people, Sasuke coolly walked pass a triumphant looking blond before he retorted to the Kyuubi container's insult.

"Shut up dobe. Don't confuse me with yourself. You'll make yourself look even more stupid."

Naruto turned red before attempting to punch the Sharingan user.

Too bad he missed.

Sasuke just sent a smirk to Naruto's sprawled form on the ground before following a skipping Sakura.

The pinkette was just too happy. So what if it was their first mission together in years?

"Why is she so happy?" Naruto exclaimed as he caught up with the dark shinobi, obviously recovered from the fall to the floor.

"So what if it's our first mission together in years?" Naruto said again before walking ahead to the Hokage's office while Sasuke seemed frozen mid-step.

He was thinking the same thing as Naruto.

Kami, maybe he should have left the village first chance he had.




"It's about damn time!" Tsunade slammed her fist on to her desk, the items resting on it jumped up from the impact and made a cluttered mess that made a particular iryou-nin apprentice quite nervous. Of course, Sakura wasn't nervous because her mentor was angry. No, Sakura was a neat freak. She had this weird obsessive compulsive disorder to stay neat – from her appearance to the environment around her, it needed to be neat.

Sasuke noticed Sakura's slight twitch at the miscellaneous items on the Hokage's desk and office floor. He smirked as some things never did change. The Uchiha remembered when he and Sakura went to drag Naruto away from his apartment back in their genin days. Needless to say, Sakura went crazy and Naruto never allowed her back in his apartment again.

Tsunade however, was oblivious to the frantic looks her apprentice was shooting at scattered items and promptly picked up a folder lying peacefully on top of her desk (which was miraculously spared from Tsunade's fist rampage).

"Do you three know how long I've been waiting! Honestly, only sixteen and you three are already like Kakashi!" The three simultaneously twitched from the insult, Naruto the most obvious and Sasuke the most subtle. Being compared to their laid-back, always late, and sometimes perverted team leader was a low blow. Luckily, Kakashi was already out in a different mission.

The Hokage mentally calmed herself before laying the folder back on to her desk. She glared at the three teenagers before opening up the folder and seemingly reading the contents. A few minutes passed before she looked up at the best team Konoha could offer. Frantic green orbs and excited sky eyes immediately turned serious while cool, onyx orbs stilled into an expression of nonchalance

Tsunade let her own golden brown eyes to sweep over the three of them before speaking in a tone that radiated authority.

"Your mission is to find and capture the nukenin from Iwagakure, Uchu Ryojin. He is suspected of creating new jutsu and testing it on civilians. All the civilians tested are either missing or dead. He has last been spotted near Nami no Kuni and is believed to have taken a few civilians there recently." Tsunade tore her eyes away from the folder and stared at the three once more.

"You will find and capture him. If he attacks, defend yourself. Do not kill him. But, if it comes down to it, you may."

The Sannin stood up abruptly, her chair screeching in protest against the floor.

"This nukenin is dangerous, remember that! Though he may not be on the same level as you three, be careful. You do not know what his jutsu will do so be on guard." Team 7 nodded and stayed rooted in their spot, waiting for Tsunade to assign a team leader. Usually, it was Kakashi who was the team leader, but as he was not here at the moment…

"The team leader will be…"

All three tensed, each wanting to be the leader.

"…Sakura." Naruto immediately broke out of his serious countenance and his whining voice rang around the room.

"Ne! Tsunade-baa-chan! Why Sakura-chan! Why not me! I'm the one that's going to be Hokage!" The Kyuubi container ran up to Tsunade's desk and put his hands on the wooden product. Sasuke wisely stayed silent as he brooded about Sakura being chosen over him.

The Hokage glared at the teen she has come to know as a brother.

"Because brat, out of all three of you, Sakura has the best qualities of a leader!" Naruto turned red and huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Meanwhile, Sakura was overjoyed.

"Thank you Tsunade-shishou! Thank you!"

Without warning, Sakura hugged the Hokage but logic overcame her and she wisely let go of the blonde.

Sasuke, however, was thinking darkly in his mind about how Tsunade seemed to forget about his leading Team Hebi. Sakura beamed proudly at her two brooding teammates, far too happy to even care about how they were feeling.

"They'd get over it once they're in action" Sakura thought. While being leader meant that you had the skills and responsibility to, well, lead, Sasuke and Naruto hardly cared about status once a fight was taking place.

Besides, fighting-wise, her two teammates beat her hands down.

"Come on you two! It's early in the morning, were rested, and its Sasuke-kun's first day off probation! Let's leave now!" Sakura was definitely pumped up as her hands were balled into fists and a new fire was in her eyes.

Tsunade sighed and sat back down, waving all three out of her office.

"Oh, go ahead now."




It has been exactly one day since Team 7 obtained the mission from Tsunade. Needless to say, all three of them were bored.

At least, right now they were.

Their one day journey has been interesting. It was very similar to their missions back in their genin days, but perhaps more violent.

Must be because Kakashi-sensei wasn't there.

Naruto and Sasuke though, couldn't keep their fists off of each other.

Both insisted it was training.

Still though, it all ended up in a tie between both teenage boys as they were practically equal in strength. Sakura was pretty annoyed at the fact that she had to heal them practically after every hour.

It was not until they saw the "Naruto Ōhashi" that the boredom left.

Or at least the boredom left Naruto.

The Kyuubi container smiled and pointed triumphantly at the large bridge.

"HAH! Take that teme! They named this bridge after ME!" He boasted the fact to Sasuke, grinning in his face before his best friend-rival pushed him aside.

"Dobe, were still a mile or two away from Nami no Kuni. That means were close to the town." Naruto looked on confused, the grin leaving his face as he thought about what Sasuke said.

"Ne? What do you mean by that teme? Don't try to confuse me because you're a sore loser!" The blond's insults made no sense as Sakura smacked him upside the head.

"Idiot! Sasuke-kun is trying to say be quiet! Since were near the town that means our target is near us since he's not exactly in the town!" Sakura hissed out, while Naruto let out a tiny "o…" Sakura felt like slapping her face at Naruto's slow thinking.

Sometimes, she was amazed she even came to think of him as a brother.

Sasuke made a tiny "hn" noise at both his teammates before stiffening up. He crouched into a fighting position as he activated his sharingan. Fortunately, Sakura and Naruto noticed his change in posture and widened their senses. They too soon stiffened and went to a fighting position as they felt someone else's chakra nearing them…and fast.

They all braced themselves as they soon felt someone looking all around them. It was an eerie feeling and very hard to explain but soon, a black blur landed in front of them.

"N-Naruto-kun! It's just me!"

Team 7 paused at the familiar, timid voice of Naruto's fiancée. Sakura was the first to loosen from her form as she looked on shock at the Hyuuga heiress.

"Hinata-chan!" At first, the pink-haired teen did not believe that Hinata was here until she peered closer to the heiress's pearl orbs. Although it was quite easy to use jutsu to change eye color, the Hyuuga's had a specific color that was impossible to imitate due to the amount of chakra in their eyes. Similar to the Uchiha as the color and pattern of a sharingan cannot be mimicked as well.

Sakura let out a sigh of relief as Naruto hugged Hinata tightly while Sasuke grunted in response as a greeting.

"Ne, ne, Hinata-chan why are you here?" Naruto asked worry laced each and every word as he looked at her with slight distress in his bright blue eyes.

Hinata smiled at her love hoping that it would calm him down.

"Tsunade-sama sent me. She said that Uchu Ryojin may be a bit hard to track as what he lacks in strength, he makes up in intelligence. Similar to Shikamaru-san. She said that you may need help." Hinata finished, brushing a stray strand of black-purple tinted hair behind her ear. Sakura smiled and pumped her fist in the air, another fire in her eyes. Obviously, she was determined to make her first mission as a team leader to be a good and successful one.

Sasuke cooly observed Hinata Hyuuga. Yes she was powerful, pretty powerful. She had definitely grown since he left and came back, but was she good enough?

"What about Hyuuga Neji?" Sasuke asked simply. There was no hidden meaning behind it, just a question. Hinata looked up at Sasuke's towering form with wide eyes before looking away.

"Neji-nii-san left on another mission with Tenten-san and Lee-san shortly after you left. A-and Hanabi is still a new chuunin in which Tsunade-sama thought it was too early for her to take a mission at this level." Sasuke nodded at her answer while Hinata cowered behind Naruto subtly.

Naruto glared at his best friend.

"Hey teme! Don't scare Hinata like that!"

"Dobe, I was just asking a question."

"Yeah! Well, your face is still scary!"

Sakura rubbed her temples and sent an apologetic smile to Hinata.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan. You'll do great!"

A flock of birds suddenly flew up into the air, making a thunderous noise and loud chirping as it did so. Everyone tensed when they felt another chakra signature coming towards them. All four crouched into fighting positions, cautiously looking at their surroundings.

"What's this, what's this, what's this! Little shinobi from Konohagakure! Oh, how delightful!" An elderly looking man stopped in front of them, his features crazed.

This was Uchu Ryojin? This old man?

All four looked at each other before tensing their stances. They all knew full well that looks could be deceiving.

"Ohohohoho! And they're all so young! Perfect for experiments!" Uchu's eyes flashed light blue and soon the four shinobi were bathed in a glowing white light.

Sasuke immediately activated the sharingan then looked down at the green grass. Only, it wasn't green grass anymore. There was a glowing light emitting from the ground which looked like patterned in lines; straight and curved.

"Hinata! Use the byakugan!" Sakura shouted out the order as she too noticed the pattern on the ground.

"Byakugan!" Visible veins appeared, originating from Hinata's pearly eyes. An audible gasp came from her pouty lips. The Kyuubi container tried to get closer to her side, but found he was unable to move.

"H-hey! What is this you old bastard!" The old man just giggled insanely, completely ignoring Naruto's question.

"Hinata, what is it!" Sakura asked, frantic when she noticed the light crawling up her legs in an amazingly fast pace.

"I-I don't know!" Hinata replied, her byakugan still activated.

"T-the light is patterned in some way I can't describe!"

Sasuke glared at this revelation and turned his sharingan to the insane Uchu Ryojin.

"Hehehehe! Little shinobi! I hope you survive because even I don't know what will happen on the other side! Hell, I don't even know what the other side is!" Sasuke's sharingan swirled angrily as he attempted to jump from the glowing light. But like Naruto, he found he could not move.

The four shinobi were then locked trying to break free from the ground.

"Aww! I thought you all were smart -- well maybe not the blond one, but the rest of you! You can't escape until the jutsu is finished!" Naruto struggled even more for the old man, but couldn't and the light soon reached his neck.

"Bastard! Tell us what this is!" was Naruto's last words as the light quickly covered his entire body.

The only thing that reached Uchu Ryojin's ears was the screams of Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto while Sasuke grunted quite loudly.




Albus Dumbledore did not know what to expect when he performed a spell that simply transported a bowl of lemon drops from his shelf to his desk.

Well, he did know that he expected his lemon drops to magically appear at his desk.

However, he did not expect four teenagers who seemed to be yelling in a language that Dumbledore knew all too well: Japanese.

"W-where the hell are we! Hinata-chan? Are you alright!" A blond boy spoke, quite loudly to a girl whose eye color gave off the impression that she was blind. Dumbledore did not know what to make of the current situation, but he did know that he was not the only one who was very confused.

"Yeah, yeah, just worry about Hinata-chan. Ya know, your teammates don't mind at all. Cause, were not hurt at all…" A pink-haired teen spoke very sarcastically as she picked herself up. The blond boy stuck his tongue out at her

"Hey, Hinata-chan is my fiancée! You're just my sister!" Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. Fiancée? Why, they didn't even look like they were out of school yet

"Hn, dobe…" A rather dark looking young man also stood up, brushing himself off as the pink-haired girl beamed at him.

"Thank you Sasuke-kun!"

Dumbledore was known to read things beyond its actual meaning, but for the life of him, he just didn't get why the pinkette thanked the dark one.

"Ne! Why are you thanking that teme! He just insulted me!" The pink-haired woman glared while the dark one smirked.

"Sasuke-kun insulted you after you insulted me! That's his way of being nice!" She responded, obviously, she read the dark one quite well.

Dumbledore was beginning to wonder when they would notice his presence.

"U-um…guys. Were not alone…" The blind one said as she seemed to look straight at the headmaster of Hogwarts. Well, it appeared that she was not so blind after all. The others immediately stiffened, taking out weapons from hidden places that Dumbledore did not even suspect. Of course, they brought out the weapons so fast that his eyes just didn't catch where they stashed it in the first place.

It was then that he decided that he should intervene.

"Do not worry. I am no harm to any of you." He spoke calmly, hoping that it would help and cause the four to put their weapons away.

Apparently it didn't work as the most talkative ones, the pink and blond one immediately glared at him.

"Prove it!" The pinkette cried out, her eyes narrowing. Surprisingly, the dark one hovered protectively behind her.

Dumbledore smiled a sincere smile

"I have not harmed any of you yet…"

He then lifted his chin up, tapping it lightly

"…well, I find no other reason to trust me!" He said cheerfully, blue eyes twinkling.

"May I ask now, just who you four are?"

The four shinobi looked at each other before staring at the odd man.




Iryou-nin: Medic nin

Nukenin: Missing nin

Nami no Kuni: Land of Waves

Naruto Ōhashi: Great Naruto Bridge

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