Hi guys!

I am so sorry about not updating any sooner, but I really have no excuse. Really. I'm just incredibly lazy when it comes to writing. But I'm so happy that you guys love this story! (OMFGIREACHED100REVIEWS!) I love you guys, seriously. You're all so sweet and amazing, and just plain awesome! So, because of that, there comes another reason why I did not update any sooner.

There is a conflict going on in my head.

I do not know if I should change chapter 6 (with the sorting and what not) or not. If I do replace the chapter then there's going to be a whole 'nother little side story drama of house rivalries and stuff. But if I don't replace the chapter, then there will be no little side story. I have the original chapter in my computer and I also have the rewrite (yeah, I already rewrote chapter 6; there's not that many changes, just the fact that the sorting is different), but I just really don't know if I should replace chapter 6 or not.

So when I said that I did not have an excuse? Well, that's kind of a lie, 'cause my excuse is that since I have two versions of chapter 6, I'm now conflicted on chapter 7. Yeah, I'm just blah blah blah right now.

SO, in conclusion, what do you guys, my lovely reviewers think? Tell me what you guys think, should I replace my chapter 6 with the alternate version, or should I just keep the original and have no little side story added?

I love you guys once again, and please tell me what you think!

P.S. This little authors note will be replaced by the actual chapter 7 when all this confusion is settled :)