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Within The Third Music Room

Part 1:

Apprehension, Brotherly Love and Something Annoying

Rain poured rapidly from the ominous gray sky. It was late afternoon, schools and workplaces all over Japan were on lockdown for safety cautions due to the gradual flood and strong gale that caused a great distraught throughout the outside atmosphere.

The entire staff and student body of Ouran Private Academy were trapped inside. It was decided that everyone be kept within the main school building. Water from the rain was approximately two feet deep. It was nothing too devastating, but the addition of ferocious winds made it extremely unsafe for anyone to consider stepping foot outdoors. Parents and Guardians of students were contacted and informed of this current situation.

Despite the melancholic weather all classes and activities (in which the storm didn't interfere with) had proceed just as any other school day, and as a result so did the Host Club. The doors of the Third Music Room were open for business.

The president and most adored Host of the Club, Tamaki Suoh, charmed the ladies with his royal princely persona. Kyoya used his wits to manipulate his customers into spending more money on the clubs merchandise. Hikaru & Kaoru displayed yet another rendition of their brotherly-love act. Hunny ate cake and looked adorably cute while doing so, captivating his customers with his ever so young and childish ways. Mori did his part as the strong-silent type, and Haruhi was her usual self for the most part.

Haruhi had been troubled by the weather all day. The sun was obscured by dismal clouds when she left for school in morning. She expected rainfall but not a storm. Haruhi just hoped that there wouldn't be any thunder. While thunder frightened her to no end that wasn't what she was concerned about. No, if there was a thunder strike while she was in the comfort of her own home or anywhere but in public things wouldn't be so bad.

If thunder did hit (and there was a strong likelihood of it happening) Haruhi knew that she'd loose all rational thought at the sound of it and curl into a little ball like a lost child. In truth Haruhi didn't want to look like a coward in front of everybody and she couldn't understand why.

'Why should I be afraid of looking weak in front of my peers? I could care less of what others think about me. So this shouldn't matter….right?'

Haruhi pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. She wasn't about to let this fear damper her relatively good mood and she definitely wasn't going to tell anyone in the club of her problem. Tamaki was the first of the members to discover Haruhi's fear and after what happened in Kuruizawa with Hikaru everyone in the club knew. It wasn't that she didn't trust the guys, she was good friends with all of them but in the slight change that nothing would happen she didn't want to cause any unnecessary worries. But then again they probably already knew she was nervous and afraid without her even needing to tell them.

Haruhi put on a good front and wore a smile in an attempt to suppress her unwanted anxiety. She went on with her duty as a host and conversed with her customers as usual. Things went smoothly for a while, Haruhi had already gone through a couple sets of customers. It seemed like a normal day.

She was serving tea to her customers when one of them made a comment.

"Everyone has to stay inside the school until the storm abates." softly said the girl with short dark hair. The long-haired brunette sitting in the chair next to her added.

"I'm actually afraid, there's no doubt…", she peered out the nearest window and continued, "there's going to be thunder".

Haruhi nearly winced. She didn't dare look out the window, doing so would only worsen her apprehension.

Both girls looked at Haruhi with concern as if they waiting for her to offer them a few words of comfort. Haruhi quickly picked up on this and tried to continued with her façade.

"Ladies, you shouldn't worry about it. I'm sure even if there is a thunder everything will be alright."

Haruhi failed. Her words were not at all convincing and even less comforting by her shaky deliverance. It was obvious that her words lacked sincerity . This only served as strong evidence that Haruhi was properly cast for her role as The Natural Type. Acting was definitely a talent she didn't, and probably would never have.

Tamaki peeked over his shoulder, keeping an eye on Haruhi to see if she was doing alright. He couldn't imagined how difficult it must have for Haruhi to keep up her mask. Although she wasn't doing a very good job in hiding her emotions Tamaki could see that Haruhi wasn't okay,.

Tamaki's mind drifted off, almost as if he was trying to read Haruhi's thoughts and it was because of this that his performance as the number one host was severely halved. All of his romantic lines and flirtatious gestures felt forced and meaningless.

His customers noticed this but didn't seem to mind in the least. The weather outside had brought down everyone's mood and Tamaki was no exception but even so he felt bad for not giving his customers the utmost he could offer. However, Haruhi was more important.

Tamaki wasn't the only one worrying over Haruhi, the other club members were as well, specifically the twins. Especially the dark haired Hikaru. He'd been watching Haruhi as well, glancing her way every now and then when he thought their customers wouldn't notice.

Kaoru worried as well but not so much for Haruhi. He knew she'd be okay, after all Tamaki was here and so was everyone else. Kaoru was more worried about how his brothers would handle Haruhi's reaction. It was obvious that she would cling to Tamaki once the thunder hit.

Hikaru still wasn't completely over Haruhi yet, Kaoru knew this for a fact, but he also knew that his brother had long ago accepted that Haruhi's heart belong to Tamaki. Kaoru gazed at Hikaru who was focused on Haruhi. What Kaoru saw in his brothers eyes wasn't hurt but rather an expression that said, 'Everything will be fine. Tamaki will take care of her. I need to quit worrying so much'.

The dark-haired twin took his eyes away from Haruhi and skimmed across the room only to find Tamaki fixated on the very subject his eyes had just left. Hikaru gave a sigh and turned to his brother. Kaoru nodded and offered him a reassuring smile. Hikaru reciprocated that smile and rested his head against Kaoru's shoulder, briefly closed his eyes.

This marked the first time that any of their regular customers got a chance to witness the true side of the Hitachiin Love Style. The fan girls sitting on the other side of the table watched the pair intensively, anxious to see what would happen next.

Hikaru's eyes flickered open as he grabbed Kaoru's hand, slowly bringing it up to his face. He then caressingly stroked his cheek against Kaoru's back hand and moaned under his breath, but loud enough for their audience to hear.

"Kaoru, you're so warm." Hikaru snuggled his head against Kaoru's neck , appearing as if he were about to kiss it. He then wrapped a hand around Kaoru's waist and viewed his partners flushed expression. He continued as he unbuttoned Kaoru's light-blue blazer and pressed a hand against his now exposed stomach; save for the neatly pressed white blouse. Sliding his hand upwards toward his brother's chest, Hikaru wrapped his hand around the central knot in Kaoru's tie and gently tugged it somewhat loose.

"Will you still be warm once I take your uniform off? Hmmm…I wonder…"

"Hi…Hikaru…" Kaoru responded before their customers and just about every other girl in the room went into a massive squealing fit.

All of a sudden a giant rumble could be heard and felt from beneath the floor. Along with it came an annoyingly high-pitched laugh. Ascending from below on a huge rotating platform was none other than the self-proclaimed Manager of the Host Club herself, Renge Houshakuji. She stood there starry-eyed with a microphone in hand...

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