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Part 14:

Outside of the Third Music Room

Hikaru and Kaoru trudged through the hallway to their homeroom amidst the rest of the freshman class, keeping Haruhi close by their side. Both brothers sighed extremely weary of the current happenings; they just wanted to go home.

Once inside the classroom Hikaru dropped his behind on his chair and cradled his head in his arms on his desk as if he'd been longing to take a nap. Haruhi took a seat in her assigned desk next to Hikaru, and Kaoru brought the chair from his desk over to Hikaru's and sat close to his sibling.

"This must be a long day for you", the lighter haired twin commented, speaking to the honor student across from him.

She gave a fairly weak smile, "It has, but I'm alright now", she tried to sound assuring but Hikaru didn't buy it.

He peeked through his bangs and shifted, bringing his head up and supporting it with his hand.

"You wish Milord was here..."

Haruhi looked away, her face turning a faint baby pink as she denied Hikaru's statement.

", no it's not like that."

"You're too obvious."

Just then Kaoru's cellphone vibrated in his pants pocket. He reached for the device, flipped it open and viewed the caller ID.

"It's Mom."

Hikaru leaned himself over the desk and Kaoru held the phone between both their ears so they could hear. Haruhi observed her two friends for no particular reason other than she had nothing better to do.

"....Okay, love you too.", the brothers spoke through the phone and ended the call.

"Hey Haruhi. Who's going to bring you home? Does your Dad even own a car?", Kaoru asked.

", but I'll find a way home though."

"You could ride home with us, we can have a lot of fun....", the symmetrical individuals smirked.

Haruhi couldn't help but sweatdrop, in all cases she'd rather not have 'fun', all she wanted was to sleep.

"....If it's not too much trouble, then sure."

"Yay! We get a limo ride with Haruhi!"


Ten minutes passed and nearly a fourth of their class was now empty. Haruhi was asleep, head on desk and all while Hikaru and Kaoru played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on their DS.

With every name that was called through the intercom time seemed to lose it's speed. The whole process of calling students to the attendance office made the moment go by even slower.

"Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka, please report to the attendance office..."

"Haruhi?", Hikaru and Kaoru immediately dropped their game when they heard the announcement, a little surprised but mostly dissappointed that they wouldn't get to ride home with her.

They saw that she was asleep and gently shook her. "Hey wake up"

Haruhi moaned and rubbed her eyes as she was awakened from her short slumber.

"You've been called to the attendance office.", Kaoru informed.

"My Dad made it here?"

Hikaru started, "Maybe, or maybe not...."

"...It feels like someone is behind this", Kaoru crossed his arms in speculation.

Haruhi yawned as she grabbed her book bag and stood. "Well, I'll see you guys later"

"Nonsense! We're gonna tag along too", Hikaru insisted and gave Haruhi a nudge with his left elbow, his book bag underneath his right arm.

"Besides, we want to say 'Hello' to your Dad", Kaoru said getting ready to leave.

"Um....okay", Haruhi replied listlessly as they approached the exit.

"Excuse me, I'm afraid only Haruhi can leave, we've been given specific orders to stay inside class unless called," Kazukiyo stated, speaking for their homeroom teacher who was snoring at his workplace.

"We're with Haruhi!"

The trio left the room; as soon as they were out a familiar voice cut in. They turned and spotted Kyoya standing against the wall. He pushed the bridge of his glasses.

"Haruhi, You'll be riding home with Tamaki and staying at the 2nd Suoh manion tonight. Your father is stuck at work, I've already contacted him about the situtation"

"..alright..", she blinked and rubbed her eyes a bit, still weary from her nap.

"What? Kyoya! Haruhi was supposed to ride home with us!"

"calm down", Kaoru whispered to his loud brother.

It took Haruhi a while to fully take in the information. She would be riding home with Tamaki and staying at his place! While she liked the idea she also wasn't sure if it would be comfortable. Tamaki was acting a little strange and she got the feeling that something was going to change between them very soon; for better or worse.


With the addition of Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi the entire Host Club was in the the attendance office with no particular explanation as to why. Things were unexpectedly loud, Hunny was sitting down in a chair next to Mori eating a piece of cake that he'd gotten from the cafeteria.

Haruhi quickly glanced at Tamaki who was standing next to Kyoya and brought her eyes to the floor once he returned her glance. She wanted to slap herself for acting so shy but she felt that she had no control over her emotions at the moment.

Her mind was distracted from that thought when a group of men kicked down the entrance door.

"YOUNG LORD!", yelled an effeminate male with his long hair pulled back into a ponytail.

The men behind him appeared worried and anxious to see their red-headed friend again. The leader looked around the room until he spotted the very person he was searching for.

"Young Lor-", the young man started only to be stepped on by his buddies as they ran across the room to greet Kasanoda.

"Young Lord! Are you doing alright?"

"Young Lord! We were worried about you"

"Young Lord! We wanted to call your cell but we couldn't get a signal"

Kasanoda smiled and thanked his fellas for worrying. The ponytail-haired man walked over to the group after reedeming himself from his uncomfortable spot on the floor and beamed at his friend.

"I'm happy to see you"

Kyoya adjusted his glasses again, "Well, that's one happy ending accounted for"

He noticed the awkward yet amusing tension between Haruhi and Tamaki.

Hunny, Mori, Hikaru and Kaoru brought their attention to the pair who were intentionally avoiding eye contact with each other.

"Young Master", a man wearing a dark colored tux stepped through the entrance and approached Tamaki and bowed, "I'm here to pick up you and Ms. Fujioka."

The mischievous brother smirked, Hikaru grabbed Tamaki's arm and pulled him left while Kaoru put a hand on Haruhi's shoulder and pushed her to the right, making them come in contact.

"You two have fun together!", the twins teased and started playfully urging Tamaki and Haruhi towards the exit. The rest of the Host Club followed them out the door.

"Tama-chan, Haru-chan! See you later", Hunny waved good-bye to his underclassmen.

"W-wait", Tamaki turned around, "It doesn't feel right leaving you guys here. Maybe I could-"

"Stop worrying you idiot", Kyoya interrupted. "We'll contact you on your cellphone when we get home."

"Alright, be safe everyone"

Kyoya smirked and pushed Tamaki forward, "Get out of here"


The limo ride home was silent, Haruhi's eyes felt heavy but she tried to stay awake. Tamaki noticed her tired state and brought an arm around her shoulder and tilted her slightly so that she could rest her head on his chest.

The brunette's eyelids opened widely at his actions. She could feel and hear Tamaki's heart pounding and it was pounding just as fast as hers. Haruhi took a deep breath and let the sound of his heartbeat calm her down.

Tamaki remained, gazing down at the girl resting against him. He began to worry at her lack of response, afraid that his gesture might have been to hasty, but then again it wasn't like this was the first time he'd done something like this.

He felt her head turn against his chest and with a few spoken words his worries were gone.

"...Thank you Tamaki..", Haruhi said softly as she clutched onto the white blouse that he wore underneath his unbuttoned Ouran jacket.

Tamaki brought his hand from her shoulder and placed it atop her head, smiling as he lightly brushed her bangs and kissed her on the forehead once again. For the rest of the ride his time was spent viewing her delicate facial features as she slept in his arms.


Once the limo pulled up to the 2nd Suoh mansion Tamaki was instantly welcomed by a few of his maids and he accepted their greetings with a smile. They were all surprised to see their young master carrying a sleeping young lady in his arms. The women couldn't help but noticed the way he looked at her so admiringly, this was definitely a change and they were proud of it to say the least.

Tamaki entered the building and ascended the spacious carpeted stairs to the vacant guest room just across from his own. To his advantage he found that the door to the room was cracked open which made entering more convenient with Haruhi in his arms. He pushed open the door with his foot and went into the room. He walked over to the queen sized mattress near the curtained windows to the right side of the room and placed Haruhi on the bed, removing her shoes and uniform jacket so that she would be comfortable.

He proceeded to tuck her in when he felt a tug at the front of his blouse. He reached to his left to switch on the lamp that sat on the nightstand and looked towards his chest to discovered Haruhi's hands clutched tightly to his clothing. Tamaki placed his hands over hers and attempted to loosen her grip when she whispered his name under her breath. He flushed and gazed at the girl he was now hovered over. Tamaki felt his chest beating as he pondered on what to do.

'...I can't stay with her here, that would be most improper. A lady shouldn't sleep in the same bed with a man until she's properly married.'

Tamaki tried again to release Haruhi's subconscious grip but to no avail. He sighed and after much thought decided on what to do. He kicked off his shoes and made himself comfortable on the mattress, bringing Haruhi into his arms as he placed a pillow vertically on the backboard of the bed and rested against it.

Tamaki undid the knot in his tie and unbuttoned the collar of his blouse. He then removed his blazer and placed it over Haruhi like a blanket. Tamaki spent the passing moments fixated on Haruhi, not matter how long he looked at her features he never got bored of it, she looked so soft, cute and innocent.


Haruhi's eyes opended as she left her slumber and was greeted with a warmness on her cheek. She yawned silently and lifted her head, unaware of her surroundings.

Haruhi pulled herself closer to the blanket that she was wrapped in and rested her head back to where it was before only to realize that something was off when her resting place made subtle up and down motions, almost like someone was breathing.


She sat up when she heard a soft voice and found her one and only white knight, Tamaki, watching over her with a smile on his face. Haruhi smiled and rested her head against his warm chest once again and closed her eyes. Tamaki ran his fingers through Haruhi's brown hair causing her to sigh in bliss as she revealed in his touch and his warmth. Somehow things were different, now that they were alone it seemed that their feelings were more expressive.

The feeling was unusual to her, but that's not to say that she didn't like it. Things just weren't the same anymore between them and she was starting to think that maybe it was a good thing. Haruhi wanted to say something but she didn't know what, for some reason she felt obliged to say something now that they were alone.

"Tamaki..", she said softly with her head still buried in his chest.

"Is something a matter?", he interrupted.

"No!..I..", she sat up and looked at the bedsheets, avoiding eye contact with him again.

Tamaki cupped her cheeks in the palm of his hands and gave her a look of concern.

"I'm happy that you're here....", Haruhi said shyly averting her eyes as she felt the heat on her cheeks rise. She wanted to say more but didn't know how she should go about it. Seeing Tamaki's flushed face only made her anxious.

Tamaki saw her expressions and noticed how they coincided with his own; he understood what she was trying to say and decided to do it for her, more or less. He pulled the girl into an embrace and spoke softly.

"Haruhi, remember that night when I found out you were afraid of thunder?"

The brunette nodded and smiled at the memory, "I was so frightened that I hid in a wardrobe."

Tamaki continued, "....and when you flew into my arms I told you that you'd never have to be alone. I promised that I would always be there for you, and a gentlemen never breaks his promise."

Tamaki lessened the embrace so he could see Haruhi's face and was delighted when he saw she was smiling. He brought his right hand to her cheek and brushed the backs of his fingers against her warm skin.

"Haruhi, I want to kiss you, but not without your permission first."

Her eyes widened at his unexpected question, she felt herself grow even more nervous and looked away again and shyly answered.

"You don't have to can kiss me whenever you want. You've done it before", even though she knew very well what Tamaki actually meant she didn't want to be too straight forward, she didn't know how to be straight forward when dealing with love. It was new to her as it was to him.

Tamaki brought his other hand to cup Haruhi's face, "I meant a real kiss...". He paused and tilted his head slightly forward, making sure his bangs obscured his expressions.

"I'm so nervous, I'm not even sure if I know how to kiss properly...", the blond chuckled at an attempt to futilely mask his nervousness even though he'd just finished admitting it.

A memory came to Tamaki's mind that gave him the giggles, he covered his mouth trying to suppress it, "Now that I think about it you have more experience when it comes to kissing girls than I do."

Haruhi's expression immediately turned cold, "Don't ever remind me of that again, besides it was your fault."

"I'm sorry, I won't mention it anymore", much to Haruhi's surprise Tamaki apologized with a calm demeanor. She was expecting him to act like a kid and run to his special isolated corner, just like every other time when she or anyone else did or said something that contradicted his actions.

Haruhi gazed into Tamaki's violet eyes and noticed the seriousness and maturity he held. He was focused on only her, nothing else mattered.

Their eyes lids closed as the space between them lessened. Tamaki tilted his head slightly to the left as their lips came in contact.

An indescribable sensation washed over Haruhi the moment their lips touched. Her heart was beating so hard, it was overwhelming. She clutched the front of Tamaki's blouse as she experienced her first real kiss. The tenderness and innocence of it all made the moment feel surreal.

Tamaki had a hand on the back of Haruhi's waist and positioned her closer to him while leaning in tenuously to deepen the kiss. Everything he could have wanted was there, right in front of him. This was better than anything his Inner Mind Theater could conjure, because it was a reality.

A distinct sound resonated from Haruhi's book bag. Tamaki halted their activity, leaving their kiss short lived, and gestured for Haruhi to answer her cell phone. She sighed in disappointment, things would have been too perfect if there wasn't an interruption.

Haruhi reached inside her bag for the cell phone and saw that it was her father calling and immediately answered it.


"HARUHI!!!!", the girl instantly moved the small phone away from her ear as his voice pierced loudly through the receiver. "I'VE TRIED CALLING YOU SEVERAL TIMES BUT YOU NEVER PICKED UP! ARE YOU DOING OKAY? I'M SORRY I COULDN'T BE THERE! PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE NOT HURT."

She smiled at her father's typical behavior, "I'm doing fine you don't have to worry about me. I'm with Tamaki so, everything will be alright.." Haruhi's cheeks returned back into a pink shade as she finished her statement.


Haruhi handed the phone to Tamaki who hesitantly took the device from her hands and gulped as he put it to his ear and stuttered a "Hello".

He heard an eerie pant on the other side of the line which caused his hand to tremble. Seconds later Ranka started to speak in a menacing persona.

"..listen boy. If you take my daughter's virginity I'll murder you cold blooded. do you understand?"

Tamaki tried to respond but couldn't stop shaking. He thanked the Lord that Ranka wasn't there to see them sitting on a bed together, even if they weren't really doing anything.


"I'm sorry!", Tamaki reverted to his chibi form and weakly tossed the cell phone into Haruhi's lap. She picked it up with a slight irritation.

"Dad, what did you say to him?"

"Oh, nothing dear. Get a good night's sleep, I love you"

"I love you too Dad."

Ranka ended the call and sipped his glass of water at the counter, "It looks like Haruhi has finally decided.....I knew this day would come, it can't be helped. But if that rich boy deflowers my little girl before she finishes school I will kill him".

Haruhi turned off her cell phone and set it on the night stand. Tamaki scooted warily towards the edge of the bed. He suddenly felt like a pervert for being with Haruhi on a bed. Despite his good intentions he couldn't stop thinking about how disapproving the situation would be in the eyes of another.

"Tamaki what are you doing?"

He peaked at her over his shoulder and looked away, "I'm sorry Haruhi but, this isn't proper."

Tamaki stood from his spot and smiled back at her, "It's late, Sleep Well---", he was interrupted when he felt a tug at his arm. His turned to see Haruhi clinging to him.

"Stay with me"

Tamaki turned to her and placed his hands on her shoulders, "But you're pure Haruhi, I don't want to ruin that--".

"Idiot! You're being stupid again."

"Huh?", he blinked with a confused expression.

"I want you here, I trust you and that's all that matters."

Tamaki smiled at what he just heard and hugged the girl in front of him, he couldn't resist those beautifully honest eyes of hers.

"I'll stay, but we can't sleep in the same bed together."

"Who says we can't? I don't see anything wrong with it", Haruhi took note of how Tamaki's face reddened at her comment and immediately understood what was going through his mind.

"Oh, that's what you're thinking about...", she shot him a disapproving look despite the fact that she knew her father was most likely at fault for putting the idea into Tamaki's head.

"N-n-No Haruhi! I wasn't...I just--"

"Shut up and get in bed!", Haruhi demanded.

The prince complied, quickly crawling under the covers. He noticed that there was only one pillow and offered it to her.

"Here you can use this pillow, I'll go get another one..", Tamaki was about to move when Haruhi tugged on his blouse.

"No! Use this one.", she insisted with a blush. She was acting weird again and she couldn't control it. All Haruhi knew was that she wanted Tamaki by her side and she wasn't going to let him leave for anything.

"I have a better idea", Tamaki beamed as he viewed her rosy complexion and brought her into his arms once again, making them plop onto the soft comfortable mattress.

His actions caught her unexpectedly, she closed her eyes and the next thing she saw was Tamaki's violet orbs gazing back at her. Both their heads rested on the pillow with their faces in close proximity.

Tamaki propped himself up with one arm and pulled the bed sheet up to Haruhi's shoulders with another.

"You need a good night's sleep after todays events", he said lovingly and pressed his lips against the one spot on Haruhi's face they always seemed to land.

Haruhi smiled at his affections as she felt his warms lips against her forehead and took full pleasure in knowing that this was something he would be doing a lot in the future.

Tamaki claimed his spot on the bed, lying down he welcomed Haruhi back into his arms. She snuggled her head in between his shoulder and neck and grasped the front of his blouse. There was a silence as the couple relaxed in each others embrace. Tamaki began gently running his fingers through Haruhi's short brown hair and cradled her.

"Tamaki...I don't think I'll be afraid of thunder and lightening anymore...", Haruhi said quietly so that only he could hear.

Tamaki stopped playing with her hair as soon as she spoke and cupped her cheek gesturing her to look at him. He smiled and replied, "I'm glad".

Haruhi smiled back and continued with what she was saying.

"I have some painful memories from my childhood, and up until now thunderstorms always reminded me of the night when my mother died; but you've given me new memories that I can hold on to...", Haruhi paused as she felt her eyes water, a tear streamed cross her check, she was about to wipe it off when Tamaki caught it instead.

Haruhi proceeded and put a hand where Tamaki held her cheek.

"..I'll never be able to forget that night, but you've shown me that I don't have to be alone. I can rely and my friends and I can rely on you. That's what you were trying to tell me back at Kyoya's vacation home. I'm sorry that I didn't realize it before."

More tears escaped her eyes, for the second time that day she found herself crying tears of happiness rather than those of sorrow and it was all thanks to him.


He continued to wipe the tears from her face as they occurred. She couldn't help but grin at all of the attention and comfort Tamaki was providing her with.

"..Thank you...for everything."

Tamaki marveled at her beauty; that smile, never had he seen Haruhi smile with such vibrancy, and the passionate look in her brown eyes only heightened her adorable features. From there he was caught in a trance. Tamaki brushed his finger tips past Haruhi's earlobes and into her soft brown hair. Their faces eased until their lips were both captured, their second light kiss.

Tamaki's cellphone beeped, interrupting their kiss for a second time. Their lips parted and Tamaki reached in his pocket for his phone. He flipped it open and found 3 unread messages in his indox. He clicked on the folder and smiled as he read the short messages.

From: Hunny & Mori

Hello~! Takashi and I made it home. I hope you and Haru-chan are doing well. We're going to go eat cake now.

Bye Bye~!

From: The Little Devils

Tell Haruhi we said 'Hi'.

...and as for you, well we're too tired to give you a proper message. Good Night!

From: Kyoya Otori

Everyone's made it home safely. There, I contacted you as I said I would. I'm going to sleep now, and don't even bother replying to this message in the middle of the night! If you so much as wake me I'll make sure you pay, tenfold!

Tamaki chuckled, "Right...don't worry Kyoya I won't"

Haruhi scooted closer to read the messages on the small screen.

"Everyone made it home", she yawned.

"I'm glad", Tamaki shut off his phone and brought his attention back to Haruhi, running his fingers through her hair again.

"Sweet Dreams, Haruhi", he extended the covers up to their shoulders and kissed her goodnight.

"Good Night, Tamaki", she said softly, drifting off to sleep along with him.

~The End~

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