I can hear my heartbeat, while I was running though the crowded subway. It kept repeating itself thought-out my mind. In my right hand, the auto-mail one, was your gift. The stairs came in view. It was leading down.

'YES! Gravity will help me!!' I took 2 steps ,then 3 and then, stupidly, fell. My body ached and I thought I broke every bone in my short body. Almost everyone was looking and I knew what they were thinking. Poor kid. He's going to miss his train. What a idiot. Well, I don't give a shit.

As I got up a loud "OWW!" came from my lips. 'Please, no broken bones. Not in this time.' Only my back hurt and I thought of giving up when your sweet laughter came into my head. You would have been laughing if you saw me. A smile was on my face. Your gift slip out of my hand when I fell.

As I grabbed it a thought was came to me. 'Please, may I make it…' was not only running through my head but also in my heart.

"Train 47 is about to departing in 3 minutes." SHIT!!! I run full speed and trip over someone's luggage.

"Are you ok!?!" They asked. I didn't look at them and run off again. And trip over my own feet. About everyone was watching. I ignored all of them and ran off again, this time keeping my balance.

When I reached the platforms, your train came to view. YES!

"Train 47 is now departing." NO! I ran to it and stop on the edge. Right in front of you. You were in already in the train, standing in front of the door, looking thought the small, rectangle-shape windows. Your suitcase was in your right hand. A sad look as on your face but to me it was a angel's face. Your bright green eyes look like they're about to cry and your light rose-color pink hair covered the top of your eyes. People were shouting to me but I didn't care. All I care about now was you.

Suddenly you look at me, eyes widen and mouth opened into a surprise 'o'. I can tell you were shock to see me. After everything. I couldn't hold it anymore. My love burst out of me. "I LOVE YOU!!!"

You look at me, a confuse look on your face. I gave you my confuse look back. 'I just told you how I feel about you.' Then I remembered you couldn't hear me since you were in the train and I was outside. You smiled and put your hand on the window. I put my also. A smile creep up my face. The only problem was that a glass window separated us. Then the stupid engine started and the train started to move slowly. Your eyes widened and your smile went down. So did my face. The train moved forward. My hand was more separated from yours and you look back at me. Tears came running down. Then you were gone form my sight. From me. Forever.

*Thump* *Thump* *Clash* I felt your gift fall from my hand, to the floor. And my heart fell and shattered into a million pieces.

I know. This was short but I think it's good. This fic is mostly going to be in Ed's pov. some of it will be Sakura's, Winry's, and Naruto's. they're the main characters. 'thoughts' flashbacks someone talking on the phone or announcers inner Sakura.