Chapter one; some tickets

That was all two years ago. But it felt like two centuries to me……

"Hey Edward? Are you okay?" My other friend Winry, a blond tomboy, asked as she sat next to me on one of the park's bench. She was also friends with Sakura and is the only one that knows that I had a crush on Sakura. And only one who saw me cry after she left. In fact she always try to cheer me up when I thought of Sakura.

"Um……….yeah……" I lied. I continue to stare at the park that was in front of us. A cherry blossom tree was in bloom. 'A cherry blossom. It's also call a Sakura…' I look down at the ground.

"Tell the truth." She stare at the same Sakura tree. "I know you were thinking about her."


Winry sighed loudly. "You better thank me."

I turn to her. "What?"

She whip out two small rectangle shape paper with some ink on them. "Tickets."

"Tickets for what?"

She rolled her dark midnight blue eyes. A mischievous smile was on her face. "To Konoha."

I felt my eyes widen and my mouth drop open. "KONOHA!?!"

She nodded. "To see a certain cherry blossom…."

"SAKURA!!!" I shouted as I stood up. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT!?!"

She stood up, grinning. "NO!!! WE'RE GOING TO SEE SAKURA!!!"


She check the tickets and her peace shape watch. "IN HALF A HOUR!" Our eyes lock in shock.

"IN HALF A HOUR!?!" We shouted at the same time. We both turn and ran home.

The good news, is that we made it time, although our clothes were all in a mess since we just grab them and threw them in our suitcases.

"Well, we're be back in about a month or so." Winry told her grandma.

"How, come Nii-san gets to go!?!" My little four year old brother, Al, complained.

"Cuz, you never knew Sakura and she was my friend." I answered.

"But, we'll bring you something." Winry promised. He smiled.

"ALL ABOARD!!" The conductor call out.

"Well, we have to go. BYE!" Winry said to her grandma as she hug her.

"Be careful Edward." My mother told me and I hug her and playfully mess Al's hair.

"Yeah mom. See ya!" Me and Winry step in and sat together all the way at the end.


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