Growing Up


A/N: I know I said I wasn't going to write this. I don't know how many times I insisted it would be overkill. But, alas, here it is. A semi-full-length story about the lovable May and Stu. ^-^

For those of you who haven't read my previous stories on these two, I strongly suggest you go and read Sweet Sixteen and Mistletoe, in that order. Some of this may not make sense to you if you haven't.

So, go read those if you haven't already ...everyone else – Onwards!

Sometimes, I just hate my life.

Okay, so that's a lie. I know, I know – I express hate for my life all the time. Daily, even. But I don't, you know, hate it entirely. It's not like I'm suicidal, or anything. But there are aspects of my life that basically just, well, suck. And I'd give just about anything to change them.

My appearance, for example. Now, I'm not hideous, but I don't exactly fall under the beauty category. I have to be the most boring looking person on the planet. Seriously. I have black hair and brown eyes – how exciting! – with no unique features what so ever. You know, like a beauty mark or really bright eyes or something. I'm kinda tall, resulting in long legs, but that's about it. I'm not saying I wish I looked like a supermodel or anything. But something interesting would be nice.

And then there's family. You don't even know the half of how screwed up we are. First off, I don't even know who my dad is, let alone met him. And my oh-so-kind mother left me at her dad's house when I was eight to go deal drugs in the city. (Okay, so I don't know for sure whether she is actually a dealer, but that's my theory) Now, my grandpa, he's alright. Even though he's completely ancient, he still takes care of me and all that. Just a typical grandfather – but he's one of the two things that keep me from going completely insane.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I live on a practically deserted island with a population of about thirty? Yeah. Well, that's kind of important. Because it's basically what tops off the barrel of lame-ness that is my life.

But the other thing that keeps me from insanity is Stu. As you might have figured out, he's a guy – but it's actually kinda difficult for me to find words to describe him. I'll give it my best shot. Well, first off – he's totally gorgeous. Unfortunately, but also fortunately, it's in that total pretty-boy way too. Tall, built, dark hair and amazing gray eyes...makes for that conventional, boy-next-door look.

Not that I'm complaining.

Personality wise, he's pretty sweet. He attempts to be funny – and I stress on the word attempts – sometimes, though rarely succeeding. He's definitely kind though, and pretty patient considering he's got someone who can be as bitchy as me for a girlfriend.

Hey, I'm not saying Stu's perfect; he's not. There are times when I absolutely want to strangle him, he's so annoying... plus, he hates confrontation. So whenever he and I have a little spat, he runs and hides like the little eight year old inside he really is.

Though I can't blame him sometimes, I guess. I tend to get...loud during arguments. And occasionally violent. But he's still a wimp at heart,

Yeah. So now that you know my life situation, you can probably understand why it sucks so much. Or maybe not, I guess – some of you might be thinking, "Why is she so emo when she's got a totally hot boyfriend?" But you know what? The two who keep me sane can also drive me completely mental.

Story of my life.



It all started on a completely normal day.

Alright, so normal for me is probably different from your normal. As I mentioned before, the island I live on is pretty much dead, making entertainment options very limited. I mean, there is basically NOTHING to do here; so my day usually consists of this: Get up, get dressed, feed the cows, sit on my ass for five hours in front of the T.V., then maybe go hang out with Stu. We do, thankfully, have cable television here. That stupid digital box is basically my life source.

Anyways. It was during my couch potato part of the day when the horrors began. Was half way through an old Friends rerun when Grandpa started a completely random conversation. Sounds normal, right? Wrong.

"May, sweetie, can you come here for a second?"

I refused at first – this was one of my favourite episodes, the one with all the thanksgiving flashbacks – but he just did was he always does when I'm glued to my life source. He turned it off.

I got up, unwillingly, of course, to go and see what was so important. Grandpa was at the kitchen table, flipping through a catalogue. Here in Mineral Town, we basically survive off of catalogues. They are how I got my beloved cable box, most of my clothes, and anything else not available here. Which is pretty much everything.

Anyways, at first the page was turned to a selection of women's blue jeans. And I thought, yeah, I need a new pair of jeans. But that didn't justify him turning off the T.V. on me. I was about to point to a pair I liked when Grandpa suddenly turned the page to display of wedding dresses.

I kid you not. Wedding dresses.

I just stared at the page blankly, more confused than anything. Why exactly was he showing me this? I barely noticed that he has started talking. "Now, I know that Ellen and Lillia usually make the dresses for the ladies here, but I thought that you might like something more contemporary for your wedding. I like this one, it would flatter your tall frame...what do you say, sweetie?"

I swear, I nearly had a heart attack right then and there. "My WHAT?!"

"Your wedding, of course."

I seriously could not believe what I was hearing. And you'd think Grandpa would try more to explain this to me, considering I was reacting as if he told me the house was about to explode. But nooo, he just kept on smiling at me like it was completely normal to be talking about wedding plans. "But...when...I...who?" I was having trouble forming a coherent sentence; mostly just choking out a few words and curses that make Grandpa scowl.

You know when someone's trying to tell you something that you don't want to believe, and you understand but you don't really understand? Actually, scratch that. It makes no sense. Let me try again; it's as if your brain is trying to reject the information. That is how I felt right then. When I finally managed to get out another phrase that actually made sense, it ended up being, "But WHEN? And WHO?"

Grandpa gave me a look that was almost pitying. "Why, Stu of course. Who else would marry you?" Ouch. "And you must have been planning on getting married soon, even if he hasn't proposed yet."

The word 'proposed' sent me into another mini-fit. I know it sounds like I was over reacting. But what would you do if you were a teenager and your family started talking about marriage out of nowhere? Okay, maybe you wouldn't freak out as badly as me, but still. This conversation was scaring the crap out of me. The next thing I yelled was, "I'm seventeen!"

And, I might add, barely seventeen. There must be some kind of law against this.

"I was eighteen when I married your Grandmother." said Grandpa, still in that maddeningly casual way. Yeah, Grandpa, but that was ten million years ago. It's the twenty first century, come on! "And I hadn't even known her nearly as long as you've known Stu. Surely, May, this can't be that much of a shock to you."

I gaped at him, most definitely showing that this statement was far from true. Okay, I'll admit; I have thought about marriage before. But that's completely normal, isn't it?! Every girl dreams about her future husband, having kids and all that shit. But all of this was set years in the future, like when I'm twenty five or something. NOT now.

Again, I was barely listening as he went on about how all women in Mineral Town married young. See, this is another crappy thing about living in this town; it's like everyone is stuck in the pioneer days. "And Elli and the Doctor got married, you know, when Elli was only twenty. Yes, I know May, you are seventeen. Don't give me that look. All I'm saying is that it's best to start planning early. I suspect your wedding will be sometime next year, maybe in Autumn... Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have it when all the leaves are pretty colours? Yes, that would be lovely..."

I repeat; Sometimes, I just hate my life.

But it gets worse.

A/N: So there you have it. Sorry if it was a little short, and when I was checking it over it kinda felt like it was dragging on, so sorry for that... but this is just the intro. I will hopefully add some drama and eventually fluff in the future. Just a forewarning, this is not gonna be that long of a story. So far, the plan is only seven chapters long. But I hope to make the length satisfactory. ^-^

Oh yes, and a special thanks to HmGirly, aka Hannah, for sending me a random PM that motivated me to finish this chap. Thanks daaahling!

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