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Chapter 21

After biting Charlie, Carlisle moved him to the finished basement, partly in an effort to separate father and daughter while they changed. It would be difficult to deal with two newborns, but at least this way Bella would be kept away from Charlie before his change was finished.

"Go talk to the wolves, I'll stay with Charlie." Alice said after appearing at her father's side.

Sighing, Carlisle nodded. Once upstairs, he saw Esme waiting with Emmett and Rosalie. "There's nothing more we can do here for now. Esme, you and I need to go to La Push so we can start to take care of this. Emmett, Rosalie, since you were there when the treaty was first created you should be there as well. Just stay under control, the last thing we need right now is to upset any of them."

Leaving Bella, Jasper, Charlie, and Alice behind, the remaining Cullens ran to the border between the reservation and Forks. It didn't take long for the first wolf to appear, then everyone followed soon after.

Stepping out from behind a tree in his human form, Sam Uley approached Carlisle. "Dr. Cullen."

"Sam, we're here to discuss the terms of our treaty. I ask that you all wait to hear the full story before you react."

Amidst growling, particularly from Jacob, Sam quieted the pack and asked why it was necessary to discuss the treaty's terms.

"There have been unexpected events in the past few hours. Now please, I ask that you remain calm and listen to what I have to say first."

When there was no major protest, Carlisle launched into his story. "This afternoon, my son Jasper went to the Swan home to ask Charlie for permission to marry Bella. Charlie gave his blessing, but unfortunately they were not alone in the house at the time. As you all know things have been strained between the family and Edward and it turns out that he had followed Jasper and overheard the conversation. A fight broke out between my two sons and during her efforts to stop them, Bella was injured, severely. Had Jasper not been there to turn her, after obtaining permission from Charlie, she would have died, I'm sure of it."

Pausing, Carlisle assessed the wolves and while there were some that were clearly itching to attack, they were keeping to their promise and not reacting to the information.

"We brought Bella back to our house and Charlie accompanied us. After explaining everything, Charlie pleaded with me, all of us, to make him a part of the family as well. You know that we have grown close to him over the past few months. However, it was his appeal to me, father to father, that made my decision for me. The only way for Bella to continue to be a part of Charlie's life was to turn him, which I did."

"You turned a human who was not in danger?" Sam questioned.

"I did what I could to make sure that a father and daughter could continue to be together. Please, you all know Charlie and Bella, you know that he would do anything for his daughter. Take a moment and think, then you will hopefully realize just how in character it was for Charlie to ask for me to turn him."

"Give us a moment." Sam said before stepping behind a tree and transforming into his wolf form.

Communicating with one another, the members of the pack processed everything that Carlisle had just told them. Then, one by one they all turned into their human form. Getting dressed, they stepped in front of the Cullens, with Sam and Jacob leading the pack.

"While today's events do constitute a breach of the treaty, we must acknowledge that there was no ill-will in these actions. You saved Bella's life and honored Chief Swan's request to remain with his daughter." Sam said, as the fellow pack members stood nodding in agreement.

"We'll go to the house and check that your story is accurate. Take care of Charlie and Bella for us, okay?" Jacob added.

"We will, and I understand. There was no time to clean up the house before we left, so you should see the evidence of the struggle and Bella's injuries. Once it is safe I will have Bella and Charlie meet with you to hopefully tell their side of the story, at least what they remember."

"Thank you for meeting with us Dr. Cullen. Take care of the Swans." Sam said, stepping forward and extending his hand to Carlisle.

"I promise we will and thank you for being so understanding of this situation."

Once everything was settled, the Cullens returned to their home to hear the screaming of Charlie and Bella. In a lower tone they could also hear Alice and Jasper speaking to their respective companion, trying to offer a degree of comfort as they changed.

The hours slowly passed, but soon enough Bella's heart rate sped up then became erratic as her body tried to fight off the venom but failed.

"Bella, honey, open your eyes."

Recognizing the voice, Bella opened her eyes and was amazed by what she saw. Everything was in sharp detail and then, a handsome young man with curly blonde hair appeared in her field of vision.


Startled by the change in her voice, Bella quickly smiled when she saw her partner had done that.

"How do you feel? Are you hungry? Do you want to go hunt?"

"Different, yes, but only after you kiss me."

Grinning, Jasper leaned in and kissed Bella. While he kept the kiss simple at first, things changed when Jasper was hit by a wave of lust from Bella. Sliding his tongue into his mate's mouth, Jasper tasted her for the first time and moaned. When she was human Bella had had a unique taste, but now she was completely different. Now she tasted sweet, like a cinnamon and sugar cookie, Jasper's favorite from when he was child.

"Mmm, you taste like a cinnamon stick." Bella commented after pulling away from Jasper.

"And you taste like a cinnamon and sugar cookie."

At that Bella couldn't help but laugh. "Guess we were made for each other."


Then Bella suddenly turned her head. "What's that sound?"

Pausing for a moment, Jasper soon identified the sound. "That's Charlie."

"My dad? Why is he here?"

"How much do you remember about when you were changed?"

"You had come over to talk to my dad and when I went to join you two Edward showed up. After that it gets a bit hazy."

"Bella, when Edward heard me ask for Charlie's permission to marry you," which prompted Bella to look at her left hand and smile from ear to ear, "he lost control. He went after me but you tried to stop us. In the midst of everything Edward threw you across the room and you collided with the glass cabinet. I had to change you or else I would have lost you."

"Did my dad see all of that?"

"Unfortunately he did. He agreed to let me change you and once we were all here he insisted that Carlisle change him as well. Charlie couldn't stand to lose you so in a little while he is going to be a part of the family officially."


"Alice has been with him the whole time and from what I can tell nothing has been out of the ordinary for him. You know this is far from a pleasant experience, but at least it will be worth it all in a little while."

"Should we hunt or wait for my dad? They might need you once he wakes up…"

"How are you not hungry?"

"I am, but I care more about you and my dad at the moment."

Laughing to himself, Jasper shook his head in disbelief. "Bella, darling, you never cease to amaze me. Maybe it's because you knew what you were getting into, but your control is incredible."

"Well someone has to counter your crazy antics."

"Crazy antics? You mean like this?" Jasper asked as he scooped Bella up into his arms. The next moment he was jumping through the window and took off running into the woods so his mate could hunt for the first time.

Stopping once he did not detect any humans, Jasper set Bella on her feet. "Just let your senses take over now. Listen for heartbeats, try and smell the animals, and just follow your instincts."

Nodding, Bella cleared her mind and a few moments later she heard the distinct beating of various animals' hearts. Smiling, she took off running and in a few seconds she was feeding from her first deer. Standing back, Jasper looked on in admiration as Bella moved from one animal to the other, acting like hunting was something that she had done a hundred times before.

"I feel like my insides are just floating around." Bella remarked after a few minutes.

"Then you're good for now. You were great out there. When we get back we can tell everyone not to worry about having to deal with two newborns since you're already acting like you've been a vampire for decades."


"Really. Bella, you should be going crazy looking for blood right now, but here you are acting perfectly normal. It's amazing."

"Well, I knew what I was getting into. Maybe that helped?"

"Or you're just being your extraordinary self." Jasper countered as he wrapped his arms around Bella's waist. Pulling her against him, Jasper leaned down and pressed his lips against Bella's, missing the feel of her warm lips against his, but enjoying one of the millions of kisses they were going to share.

All of a sudden Bella pulled away from Jasper and started to run back to the house. Due to her newborn speed, there was no way that Jasper could catch his mate. Rushing into the house and down to the basement, Bella went to stand next to her father, whose heart had just ceased beating.

"Dad, it's me, it's Bella. Open your eyes."

With the family looking on, ready for Charlie to wake, the man in question opened his eyes, blinked a few times, then focused his gaze on his daughter.


"Yeah, it's me, dad."

At his puzzled expression, looking around the room, Bella spoke once again. "Dad, three days ago Jasper asked you for permission to marry me and then Jasper and Edward got in a fight. I got caught in the middle and would have died if Jasper had not turned me into a vampire. Then you insisted that Carlisle had to turn you as well."

Charlie merely nodded as he focused on his daughter's words and remembered the moments that she was talking about.

Before another word could be said between the father and daughter Alice stepped forward and took one of Charlie's hands.

"I think it's time for your first hunting trip as a vampire."

In a flash the two were gone, leaving everyone else standing in the basement. Jasper had moved to Bella's side and before the silence could become awkward Emmett spoke up.

"Are Alice and Charlie really…"

Before Emmett could finish his question he was slapped by Rosalie and glared at by Esme. Bella, meanwhile, was left puzzled. Picking up on the sentiment, Jasper sighed.

"Bella, being a newborn is tough, but it will also be awkward for you. Alice and Charlie, well, it seems Alice and I have both found our mates in members of the Swan family."

"I can actually see that working." Bella replied after thinking for a moment about what Jasper had just told her.

"You're not freaked out by that?" Emmett blurted out, once again earning himself a slap from Rosalie and glare from Esme.

"I like Alice, I always have. She was like the big sister I never had, no offense Rose but Alice and I were friends right away."

"None taken." Rosalie quickly replied before letting Bella continue with her explanation.

"She was the intermediary between my two worlds before, my dad couldn't say no to her. They've both been there for me in their own way and as different as they are it just makes sense."

"God, we're a fucked up family."

"Emmett!" Esme quickly scolded.

"Sorry mom."

"Em, I get it, but I love them so much that if what it takes for them to be happy is to be together then I can't stand in the way or even complain. Plus it's nice to know that I won't have to worry about my dad leaving when he finds his mate."

"You're amazing." Jasper murmured, wrapping his arms around Bella's waist before he leaned down and kissed her neck, then her cheek, and finally her lips.

"I may have heard that before." Bella joked once the two broke apart.

"Well get used to hearing that. I have forever to keep reminding you of how much I love you."

"And I have forever to thank you for finding me that day. As much pain as I went through, I know it would have been so much worse if I had not had you by my side. I would go through it all again if that's what I had to do to be with you."

"Well you don't have to worry about that. You're stuck with me for eternity."