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oo1: Carnival

Lavi rolled over in his bed, smothering his head under his pillow. "Ugh," he groaned, failing to block out the festive noises of the Mardi Gras parade commencing on outside. The French were insane, he concluded, for holding a ten-day carnival, with nonstop dancing. It was a miracle that no Akuma had obliterated the throngs of people yet.

His partner for this mission, Allen, was standing guard on the hotel balcony, Innocence deactivated but well on the lookout. Lavi didn't even understand why exorcists were sent to keep watch over large celebrations from Akuma—couldn't Komui just use his authority to shut the damn things down?

As an unknown object—probably an empty liquor bottle—was hurled at the window by a drunken celebrator, the redheaded exorcist could hear his British teammate yelp in shock. Lavi groaned, and struggled upright as a soft footstep entered the room. Staring blearily into the dimly illuminated room, he blinked. "Allen? I can take over if you want—"

Suddenly, two hands closed over his barely-awake eye and eyepatch from behind—(a rather stupid move, as he was three-fourths blind in this darkness, anyhow) carrying with them the strangely chilling scent of cigarettes.

"Boo," whispered a low, seductive voice close to Lavi's ear. The Bookman apprentice jumped in surprise, and leaned backward into a warm, firm chest.

"Who the hell—" but before he could finish the obvious question, his attacker murmured softly.

"Don't you remember me, Eyepatch Boy?"

Lavi froze at the voice, and felt his veins go into paralysis with cold blood, as he clearly recognized the person behind him. "Noah," he hissed, hand flying to the pants leg that he kept Nyoibo strapped to. With a bolt of terror though, he realized that his hammer was gone. As the hands slid off his face, he could make out the darkened features of none other than Tyki Mikk, now sitting coolly cross-legged on his bed before him.

Though the exorcist's green eye lingered momentarily in the golden ones, he quickly noticed his equip-type Innocence being mocking flipped in the Noah's palm. "Don't you dare," he rasped, genuine terror and pleading in his tone. Nyoibo was all he had left of his true self, and if it got destroyed…

"I'm not here to pick a fight," Tyki assured the teenager. "I'm here for the celebration."

As the redhead opened his mouth wide to shout for his teammate, his cry was cut short by the Pleasure lunging at him and smothering his words with a strong hand.

"An annoyed expression was fixated on the Portuguese man's face as he held Lavi in one hand and his hammer in the other. "Good gods, you really are a riotous one," he chided. "I told you, I'm here to celebrate, not fight. If that were my intention, trust me, your hammer would be long dissolved." A dark chuckle escaped his lips as he noted the emerald orb dilate at his words. "Now, would you please listen to me? I really don't feel like turning raw Innocence to powder right now."

Lavi knew it was no empty threat- it was common knowledge that the Noah Clan had the ability to simply crush Innocence with a charge of Dark Matter. "What do you want?" He hissed from behind his captor's hand, his gaze flickering worriedly in his friend's general direction outside.

Relief for his fellow exorcist came though, as a high-pitched scream floated its way through the town, and the loud hum of Innocence activating reverberated through the air. The British's warning cry of 'Level One— move!' could also be heard, and smug warmth spread inside Lavi as he watched the Noah wince, reacting to the sheer amount of Innocence Allen had gained since Edo.

The least he could take solace in, was that even if the white-haired boy couldn't help him against the enemy, he'd be much safer up against Level One Akuma or something.

Ignoring the temporary distraction provided by the Walker boy, Tyki answered question with question, and restarted conversationally. "Know the purpose of Mardi Gras?" The dominated Bookman could only glare back in response, so he continued without concern. "To let out all of one's pleasures right before Lent begins. I decided to tryout this piece of Christian culture for once, so it just happens that I chose you to join me in my experiment. Feel flattered, Eyepatch-kun. There are plenty of young women dying to be my partner instead."

"Then go get someone who's actually willing," Lavi spat, curling his knees to his chest defensively. He had no idea what the Noah's idea of pleasure was, but considering he'd killed six exorcists for the hell of it before, the suspicions chilled him ominously.

"Foolish exorcist," Tyki purred, his face looming disturbingly close to his victim's. "I can't believe you're still so naïve at the age of eighteen…" Without any fair warning, the man ducked his head to meet the Bookman's, and hungrily latched his mouth over the teen's, successfully muffling his protests.

Lavi choked in horror as the Portuguese advanced the brutal liplock, and his jaw was effortlessly pried open. Instantaneously, the taste of cigarettes flooded his senses, and the smell somewhat numbed his mind, until he felt his attacker's tongue flick out and start roaming around the inside of his mouth. Unfolding his legs, he kicked out at the offender's chest with a strangled gasp of denial. To his dismay, his legs shot uselessly through Tyki's body, and he was reminded of the man's ability to choose what he touched.

"Hold still," the dark-haired Noah commanded, pulling away from the younger male's mouth. As he smirked in triumph, he brushed a thumb over his prey's slowly swelling lips, halting in his sick game momentarily to observe the flushed and obviously terrified Bookman. "Lavi, was it?" When he received no reply, the Noah speculatively licked his upper jaw, cocking his head dangerously. "That was a question, boy."

"It's Bookman," the redhead finally snarled, leaving off the 'Junior' out of respect for his own pride in the moment.

"So sure in your title?" The Pleasure asked amusedly, leaning his head close to the other's.

As Lavi instinctively pressed himself back into the headboard of the bed, he clenched his fingers tightly, unsure what to say next to preserve his life longer. With the trapped look of a caged animal, the emerald orb slit in a vie for intimidation, but his fierce exterior only caused the older man to snort in dark mirth.

"Would you prefer me make you beg?" Tyki reached a long finger out to touch his prey's shuddering neck, and his laughs simply increased as the boys visible eye blanched shut, and he shrank away.

"I will never beg you," the redhead promised in a quivering tone. "I know what you did to Suman, and--" his voice wavered at the remembrance of what had happened to the deceased exorcist, "I would rather you break my Innocence than beg you for it!" With a cry of uprise, Lavi sprung forward, and to his amazement, actually managed to grab Nyoibo as he passed through the Noah. Rolling onto the floor, he activated his Innocence and wielded his growing hammer with desperate determination.

"Well, little Bookman," Tyki smirked in surprise, brushing his hair back in readiness, "that was a clever move, I'll admit, using my powers against me. But if you'll recall, I said I was only here to relieve my pleasures in honour of your Christian holidays."

"Shut up, bastard!" Lavi hissed, his weapon glowing with the raw strength of his Innocence. Stepping back, he shot the head of the hammer straight at his enemy, hoping that the head-on attack would throw the man off his strategic battle tactics.

However, the Noah had other intentions. A low growl emitted from his throat as he easily sidestepped the useless assault. "You're starting to irk me," he warned, golden eyes flickering outside as well, to check if the British exorcist had taken notice of the considerably more perilous struggle going on in the hotel room.

"Your fight is mine," Lavi snapped, annoyed that Tyki would find Allen a bigger threat than himself.

The Portuguese man's brow lifted in a mocking smile, and stepped toward the redhead, a hand lifted in front of him. "I really don't want to fight you while people are celebrating just outside… And I wasn't hoping to have to resort to this, either." As the thin fingers flexed sharply, a distortion appeared on Tyki's lips, and he leered at the exorcist expectantly.

The growing sense of foreboding roared suddenly in Lavi, and he staggered forward, hands trembling in overwhelming paranoia. Then, his fears were fully confirmed, when the air around him grew thin, and he was left in a slowly expanding world of black. He recognized this as Tyki's space vacuum, and knowing the results of this power, greedily inhaled as much air as he could, before even that was sucked from around him. Staring hopelessly out at the smirking Noah, he grasped Nyoibo, trying to wield it. To his alarm, the Innocence was gone, lapped from his willpower and weakness. He looked down at his hammer, and indeed, the green glow was faded from the head. Lavi's breath fell out in a shocked realization, and then he was left defenseless and without air. He was completely at the man's mercy—for Tyki, it was a simple game of waiting out the mortal lungs. With the ability to reject air, his miniature vacuum held the redhead captive.

The Bookman apprentice lost his remaining breath then, and by instinct, he struggled to inhale, but there was nothing but blackness to suck up. Panic set in, and he collapsed to his knees, wanting nothing more than out of this hellspace. Nyoibo fell limply out of his hands, and he reluctantly succumbed to the calmer state of sleep that was tugging him into an unconscious suffocation. His body keeled forward in slow motion, but just before he would've given in and fainted, he could make out a gentleman's shoe, stepping toward him in eager anticipation.

Then, as if by a miracle, the vacuum was gone. Still drowsy with oxygen deprivation, Lavi was dead to the world as his shirtfront was suddenly seized by a dark hand, and he was slammed against a wall, well subdued and tamed. Awakened by this impact, his jade eye snapped open, and he desperately gulped down air, his entire body quivering.

A set of soft lips placed themselves on his pulsating throat, and the redhead groaned in displeasure, feeling teeth graze lightly against his pulse line.

"Now, Lavi, there are two ways we can do this," the older man purred, speaking into his victim's exposed neck.

"It's Bookman," the boy protested weakly.

"Right, right," Tyki smiled tauntingly. "Anyways, you can either succumb now to feel your pleasure in its full extent, or I can force you, and bring pain with pleasure."

The exorcist coughed in disbelief. "What the hell are you—"

"Don't pretend like you don't know," the Portuguese snapped irritably. "I hate it when people condone the full power of what a little pleasure can do to a person. You're a beautiful eighteen-year old with no promises tying you to 'abstinence' as a Bookman. Are you honestly still a virgin?"

"Well, generally, I'm out destroying the shit-for-brains Akuma you set on us, so no, I don't usually have time to fuck," the teenager retorted back as sarcastically as he could, equally annoyed by his enemy.

Slowly, the leer returned to Tyki's ominous expression. "Then I'll have the pleasure of being the first to take you." Going directly to matters, he flipped up the bottom hem of Lavi's undershirt and spread his cool hand over the pale, shivering chest, savouring the teen's struggling shouts. "Come now, Lavi, I can tell you're secretly curious about all this."

"But—no—why?" The redhead gasped and shifted violently, laboring to throw off the hazy stupor that had been cast on by asphyxiation. In a speech utterly stripped of his snarky attitude, he queried, "Why an exorcist?"

Tyki barked in laughter as he forced the long shirt off of a protesting Lavi, ducking his head swiftly to ravish the boy's exposed body. "It's adorable that you're so ticklish," he growled with a feral edge, lapping at the creamy torso with a sick hunger.

The exorcist's hands flew to his offender's head, aching to push him off. However, his arms were suddenly flimsy and limp—the strength pulled out of him by the nauseous dread welling up inside. "Get off," he implored in panic.

Choosing to ignore the request, Tyki looked up at him instead, a dangerous glow to his irises. "I picked you because it's obvious you have had no pleasure in the life you lead."

Lavi froze, leaning heavily against the wall he'd been pushed onto. "What do you mean?" He demanded warily. "I'm fine, my life is fine."

"Heh… no need to get so defensive, Lavi," he whispered, gripping the boy's hips. "But it's clear you're torn between your duties and your friends. Take a break, shounen. I'm more than willing to help you to a bit of pleasure, myself…"

The redhead shook his head back and forth quickly, wanting nothing more than to reject what Tyki was saying. "I don't… I don't…" The words that the man was saying were contradicting everything that Lavi had lived with and for, his entire life. He didn't want to understand it, but he still did.

"Don't what?" The Portuguese's voice was laced with a wry tone of sadism, and it was plain that he was enjoying this. "I can feel you. You want this. You're curious, Lavi. The least I can do is show you the briefest glimpse of Pleasure, so you truly know what your life is missing." Confident that he'd fully covered all his prey's arguments, the Noah set himself to his task at hand.

Deaf to the Bookman's choked pleadings, he swiftly reached a hand glowing with Dark Matter to the boy's belt and slashed the leather apart. The loosely outfitted pants fell easily enough after that, and Lavi's shaking thighs were bared to his predator.

The Noah glanced up at the exorcist, searching the wide-open green eye. He could almost see the internal battle through the crystalline iris, and a knowing leer pulled at the corners of his mouth, knowing which side of the boy was winning between the arguments presented. Whenever curiousity fought morals, it was always the former that won. Humans were so innocently predictable…

Feeling that his redhead had reached a hesitant conclusion at least, Tyki commenced with his pleasure business, and stood up to loop his arms behind Lavi's naked body embracingly.

He patiently dipped his head to touch his lips against the other male's with caution, but didn't have to wait long. The teenager's response was extremely reluctant at first, but as he only pushed lightly back against the kiss, Tyki's smirk seeped contagiously into the gesture. The Noah pressed back toward the Bookman, their lips engaged in a suddenly wonderful clash.

Without further ado, the man ran his eager tongue over Lavi's closed mouth, a soft chuckle escaping his throat as the boy moved backward at first in bewilderment. He understood the nonverbal request quickly though, and with the shy acceptance of an utter virgin, opened his jaw for Tyki to enter. With a small amount of fair coaxing, the redhead's tongue was convinced into a gentle dance with the other, and Tyki could feel Lavi weakening to the pressure already, buckling knees falling against his own.

"Mmf…" the redhead pulled gracelessly out of the kiss then, his breathing even more labored than before. "You taste like cigarettes," he complained faintly, eyelid fluttering beautifully.

"I'm sorry," the Portuguese apologized, gripping the boy's back tighter. It was already taking him enough self-restraint to keep the pace slow enough for the teen to adjust to. "Amazing what it can do to you, mm?"

Knowing that the man was speaking of the intensely building pleasure, Lavi bit his lower lip in reluctant pondering about how to respond, but was rudely jerked from his thought as another pair of teeth helped to bite his lip. He yelped in surprise, moving his head back and bringing Tyki's with him.

"Heh, you're so cute," the Pleasure whispered, now travelling to nip at the boy's earlobe.

"Can you please stop biting me?" Lavi implored distractedly. "It feels strange…"

"Would you rather we simply cut to the good part, then?" The man asked in mild surprise.

The exorcist shook his head frantically, now pushing the elder male away in denial. "No…" he argued firmly. "I already let a Noah show me what pleasure was, and that's more than enough."

Tyki snorted, pressing back against the smaller body. "That was hardly any form of pleasure—"

"No!" Lavi ducked his head in mortification, breath hitching as the Noah forced his way to lick at his collarbone persistently. "Look—I'm curious, God yes, I am—" his voice broke as he confessed to the shame, "but I can't do this."

"I'd hate to force you," Tyki commented dryly, lifting his head up to stare levelly into a lowered emerald orb.


"You want this, Lavi. Don't deny yourself of a simple pleasure. Can you even do that for yourself?"

"Shit, you don't get it! Allen's right outside!"

Golden irises dilated slightly as the Noah leaned backward to take in the exorcist's full expression. "You're actually worried about your friend finding out."

"Yes, I actually worry about what the people closest to me think, because I care about them."

Underlying the voice was something that caught the Pleasure off guard—a sort of passion, curled dormant under the words. Immediately, Tyki knew he despised that sleeping passion, and with an inexplicable surge of jealousy, vowed to himself to demolish it quickly. "Unfortunately, I came here with one intention, and I don't plan on letting the Cheating Boy's presence stop me."

"Tyki—" suddenly, Lavi wrapped his arms around the Portuguese's neck tightly, and crushed his lips against the older man's desperately, shocking himself more than he did the other male. "I do want to feel Pleasure," he admitted darkly, "but not now. I consent, but not at this time, this place." When no argument came from the surprised Noah, he continued in the same, low tone. "Do you know what it's like—to travel your whole life and not be allowed to do what you want? I want to know something—anything, that I've been missing."

The boy's lips trembled as he struggled to find a way to say the rest, hands absently lacing themselves through the silken, ebony locks. But the Noah needed no more, and he placed an understanding finger to the swollen lips, his breath mixing with Lavi's in the small space between them. "You're guaranteeing me a night alone with you?"

Blushed with shame and self-hatred, the Bookman apprentice nodded, fingers tightening in the other's dark mane.

"Nothing to be so morose over, boy," Tyki chuckled smugly, possessively holding the teenager close with the demeanor of someone who had just won something and had no intention of giving it back. "This is… far more than I'd expected from an exorcist like you. We all have our dark sides, don't we?"

"Don't push it, Noah," Lavi demanded tersely, though he didn't move away from the man's domineering grip.

"Of course not, sweet," the seductive Pleasure whispered smoothly, unexpectedly grinding his hips up against the redhead's, earning a sharp inhale of pleased shock from his abused lips. "I'll see you in a week's time, and no allowances then. I'll take you by force if I must—but I am having you."

And with a lasting kiss that was meant to bruise the boy's entire being, Tyki took his departure quickly, leaving nothing but the lingering scent of cigarettes and Lavi's panting body, still propped dazedly against the wall.