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oo4: Decadence

Plodding slowly after his Finder, Lavi drummed his fingers on the handle of his hammer, which was enlarged to the size of a travelling pack, propped over his shoulder. Despite Gozu's incessant chatter, the Exorcist's thoughts were on anything but American football. As usual of late, the face of Tyki relentlessly haunted him, though today, he noticed, the expression he couldn't forget was not the murderous leer, but rather the comical pout he'd been shown the night previous.

Guiltily, the redhead wondered if he'd upset the Portuguese by denying him so violently. It was stupid, he realized, to worry about 'hurting feelings' of an enemy intent only on using him for pleasurable reasons, but his forbidden friendships in the Order had disconcertingly thawed out his abandoned emotions, and most unfortunately, Lavi discovered that his heart enjoyed reaching out to killers like Noah.

Tonight, he told himself bracingly, he would let Tyki in. He'd been convinced that the Pleasure's chance to kill had presented itself far too many times to be used in the near future, and that left his only fear to the safety of the Innocence fragment he was currently searching for.

"Sir Lavi," came his blond Finder's voice then, politely interjecting. "We're here. No Akuma are in sight, but I'll just wait out here for you."

The redhead blinked slowly, readjusting his focus. They had reached a massive hill, and just beyond it, a yellow castle, whose bricks were mournfully crumbling with erosion. The boy clearly recognized the building as the one specified in his mission documents, and instantly, an ill-sense of foreboding flooded him. "Alright. Thanks, Gozu." He gave the Finder a grateful smile, and stepped forward toward the castle.

Almost as if on cue, a shrill cackling filled the air, resonating from all angles of the affected area. "Walk no further, Exorcist," chimed the echoing voice of what could only be an Akuma. "You have no way of winning this battle—not against me, of course." With a series of cocky laughs, a Level Three presented itself before Lavi, purplish armour glinting maliciously in the morning rays as it drifted downward from the skies.

The red-haired boy paled at the Akuma's appearance, legs being drained of their strength. He'd only faced a few Level Threes before, and they'd all been defeated with teamwork. One-on-one, he had no idea how he could possibly fare.

"Oho—scared, are we, boy?" The Akuma taunted, a smirk filling his metal jaw.

Lavi exhaled deeply, shifting his feet to a fighting stance. "Not on your miserable existence. Gozu, get away from here," he instructed the blond man behind him.

"Of course. Good luck, Lavi." The Finder blew a quick raspberry at the Akuma, then dashed wildly back to the town, leaving the fight.

"Tch, insolent human—" the demon's qualms of rage were interjected by a shout of 'Grow!'

"I'm more danger to you than he is," the exorcist informed his opponent, swinging his enlarged hammer in a wide arc above his head. "Gouka Kaijin: Hiban!" The fire snake that erupted from the stamp reared into the sky, its blazing coils heating the air quickly. Once more, with another stamp, a second serpent sprung from Lavi's hammer, wrapping its orange figure around the first flame.

The conjoined snakes lunged at the Level Three, the roar of fire against air crackling loudly. However, the magenta Akuma evaded the onslaught all too easily, his sharp cackle accompanying the dying hiss of the fire snakes. "Don't underestimate me, boy!" the demon warned, his location unknown to Lavi, as a shrill whir filled the air.

"Shi—" the exorcist barely lifted Nyoibo in time to deflect a knife projectile that was aimed at his head. Instantly, he remembered the Level Threes he and his friends had encountered on their journey to Edo, and he let out a string of curses. If this Akuma was anything like the ones in Japan, it would be clever enough to have other hindrances ready for an exorcist.

Summoning the arc of seals again, the redhead swung his weapon at the sky stamp. "Raitei Kaiten: Tenban!" The heavens growled as they shifted to accommodate his fighting purposes, a swarm of thick, gray clouds congregating over the area. Following his shout, a sharp sear of electricity jumped from the stormy canvas above, and attracted by the metal body, latched onto the Level Three with a deafening slap of force.

Lavi's quick thinking was rewarded by an agonized death cry, and he watched, unfazed, as the Akuma began to fold in on itself, its screams dying down slowly. To his sudden horror though, the body started convulsing with building laughter now, and with a burst, the Akuma was back in one whole piece, looking as if it'd never been hit with the lightning. "I told you not to underestimate me, boy." Two daggers flicked out from the demon's wrists, and before Lavi could react, forcefully pinned his jacket sleeves to the tree that he had unwisely positioned himself in front of.

The exorcist let out a string of furious curses, and pulling at his caught arms, tried to hold Nyoibo in a position to fight. His efforts were of little benefit though, and he was still without progress as the Level Three triumphantly stalked toward him, a snide tone in his voice.

"It's been a while since I've dined on human flesh," the monster mused, his steps quickly decreasing the distance between them. "I've never had the opportunity to eat a fresh exorcist, though… Now tell me—do you think the Innocence's footprint will make you taste better or worse?"

"Stick it up your ass," the redhead growled, finally able to properly wield his hammer in his restrictions. "Gouka Kaijin: Hiban!"

The fire snake erupted from the seal in a violent hiss, lunging at the Akuma with unmatched ferocity. While the demon was busied dispelling the serpent, Lavi strained at his leather fabric, ripping through the tough material after several tries.

Once he was able to redirect his full attention to the seething Level Three, the exorcist glared at his opponent, more on his guard than ever.

The Akuma, finishing evaporating the fire snake, turned to Lavi with his palms clasped in what seemed to be a hand seal. "Very good, as far as novice exorcists go. But can you withstand my—" the Level Three froze in shock, voice cut off.

The Bookman apprentice narrowed his emerald eye, staring at his fixated enemy. Slowly, a pentacle formed on the metal forehead, and then, nothing else. "What..?" Unnerved by this sudden advantage, the redhead summoned a few tentative Hiban to try and prod the Akuma into motion, but there was still no effect. Not about to give up his opportunity, the exorcist called out a final seal, and engulfed the demon in a swarm of flame, the unmistakable popping of destroyed metal ensuring the machine's downfall. But then, the answer hit him, the brunt of the impact actually making him growl in rage.


Seething, the exorcist stepped over the smouldering remains of the Level Three, bracing his hammer threateningly in his hands. It had to be Tyki who was responsible for paralyzing the Akuma… With almost irritated indifference, Lavi regarded the meager Level Ones, who showed themselves slowly, and in an unusually brutal flare of annoyance, held up his weapon. "Gouka Kaijin: Hiban."

The snake that screamed from the seal was larger than most of his attacks, as it practically expressed his barely-restrained incense. It flew about the castle walls, quickly executing the few demons before dissipating in a sigh of smoke, and a narrowed, emerald orb followed the serpent broodingly as it scattered into the atmosphere. Seeing no further threats arising, he reduced his hammer, hitching it over his shoulder before proceeding to stride toward the home of the Innocence.

The shard was easy enough to locate and take— as soon as he'd entered the abandoned structure, he had felt the unmistakable warmth that signaled the matter's presence, and followed it into a small prayer room in the west wing of the castle. It lay obviously enough inside of a glowing Bible, which Lavi silently pocketed for Komui's investigation.

His actions were still thoughtless when he made his way back out of the castle, though he had to quickly compose himself, seeing his Finder eagerly waiting for him just on the slope of the hill. "Sir Lavi! I was just about to call Headquarters and tell them to dispatch other exorcists in the field to come help you. However did you manage to kill the Akuma?"

The redhead cocked his head naturally, smiling lopsidedly. "I'm not that pathetic of an exorcist, am I?" He asked pleasantly, letting implication lie for him.

The Finder flushed, shaking his head quickly. "Sorry, Sir, you know what I meant." He continued on with talking as the two began to pace back toward the town. "Anyhow, General Klaud's squad is passing by this afternoon, so I was wondering if you'd like to return to the Order with them and cancel the hotel reservations for tonight?"

Lavi faltered in his step, green eye widening at this. He almost agreed with the blond, but closed his mouth slowly, remembering his own guilty want to feel pleasure. Fixing a false grin on his lips, he responded, "Sorry, I have some special Bookman stuff to attend to. It'd just be easier if I stayed here and finished it up."

Gozu nodded understandingly, and without further words, accepted the lie.

He and Klaud's squad left that evening with the Innocence Lavi had retrieved, and unsuspectingly departed without any suspicious thoughts.

After eating a small meal in the lower floor of the hotel, the redhead retreated to his room just as dusk began to fall. He rather nervously whiled away the remaining time with copying logs for Bookman.

At last, the sun gave way to the moon, and along with it, the silhouette of Tyki, framing his slight build in the window. Lavi slowly set aside his quill and looked at the man, containing his anger until he was sure that the Noah had not changed his mind to spare him, offering a trusting smile and only a discreet hand on Nyoibo.

The Portuguese man cast an approving look at the hammer which was still tucked away, then returned the boy's smile in full sincerity. "Good evening, Lavi. I trust you returned in good health?"

"Yes, thanks to you," the exorcist replied, his voice tensing as he tried to keep his lips from pulling back in a snarl of discontent.

The Noah narrowed a golden eye in confusion. "Thanks to me? I didn't do anything to help you, boy. The only reason I didn't interfere with your mission is because I'm confident the Earl will—"

"Shut up," the redhead scoffed, cutting the man off abruptly. "Don't take me for small fry, Tyki! How dare you assume I need your help? I'm not fucking weak!"

"What are you talking about?" The man inquired, still unsure what had gotten the younger so upset.

"The Akuma," Lavi spluttered. "A pentacle appeared on its forehead, and then it stopped moving…" At the growing look of revolt on the Pleasure's face, he slowly trailed off, wondering if he'd gone too far.

"Road and Cyril, those psychopaths…" the other muttered in a barely audible volume.
"…Road and who?"

Tyki shook his head exhaustedly, taking his top hat and overcoat off, draping them on a wooden chair, which Lavi took to mean no ill will was directed toward him. "My brother," the brunet explained drily. "Road must've told him about my plans to take you. I knew I couldn't trust that bratty princess."

"What?!" The redhead straightened up immediately, pulling his hammer out of its strap. "Are you serious?"

"Don't worry, boy, they know mindless sex has nothing to do with my duties. You'd be surprised at how much we do behind the Earl's back. Point being—you were spared from the Akuma by my brother and niece, because they enjoy it when I mess with you exorcists."

Lavi's peridot eye narrowed in distrust. "Just how many exorcists came before me?"

A playful smirk polluted the Pleasure's dark lips. "That's disclosed information, I'm afraid. And I also think that your predecessors would like their names kept anonymous out of their own shame, hm?"

The unease wouldn't leave the boy's features, but he slowly shifted his hand to replace Nyoibo in its holster on his thigh, forgiving the older. "I'm honestly getting doubts about this again…"

Tyki frowned in disappointment, walking a number of careful steps toward the Bookman apprentice. "I'm sorry—I shouldn't have said things that way. It's not that I'm always out bedding people—you I picked for your individual qualities."

"And that should make me feel flattered…?" the boy mumbled sarcastically, falling under the Noah's seduction as a few more steps eventually brought the taller male a mere touch apart from him.

"Of course. What else, Lavi?" Placing a kindly hand on the small of the exorcist's back, Tyki dipped his head to deliver an apologetic kiss onto softly trembling lips.

A bright-green orb widened in surprise at this innocent display of humanity, and the Bookman apprentice voiced his thoughts. "You're acting like you did with your friends, again," he noted, watching the Portuguese's expression carefully.

A genuine—human—smile possessed Tyki's mouth at this observation, but he gave no response.

Lavi blinked at the man before him, and hesitatingly, pulled his head back a little as to take in all of the dark face. As if the Noah knew what the other was doing, he kept still, not questioning the other's actions. The boy was contemplating everything, mildly shocked by his haphazard urge to return the kiss. To do so would be to betray the Bookmen, the Order, everything: He acknowledged this. But what hadn't he done yet? He'd already promised the Pleasure his body, and it wasn't like they'd never kissed before, even if it'd been mostly one-sided.

With a 'what-the-hell' attitude, the redhead moved forward, pushing his lips against Tyki's, inhaling sharply as the hand on his back tightened. Drawing his head back quickly, Lavi studied the Noah's expression again to see his reaction.

The golden eyes turned to a warm hazel, and an amused smile crossed his lips. Taking the exorcist's head in his other hand, the Pleasure brought their mouths together again, though this time, less tentative and much rougher. His tongue darted out, catching the gap between the boy's jaws and quickly claiming the hot space inside.

Trapped by unbelievable seduction, Lavi crumpled against his captor, willingly allowing himself to be guided toward the mattress. This time, he didn't protest as his body was flattened over the foot of the bed, Tyki covering his smaller frame with dizzying heat. The older man's dark hands roamed gently over his figure, though not in a way that made him feel unclean or disgusted.

First, the Noah made to fold off the redhead's bandanna, setting the fiery strands free. His eyes lingered on the stunning contrast of his hair against the bleached, white sheets, but he tore his gaze away to his dexterous hands, already moving to the boy's orange scarf next, carefully unwinding the strip of fabric from around the shallowly breathing throat. The Noah smirked in delight at the newly exposed flesh, and wasted no time in ducking down to catch the pulsating skin between his teeth, hoping to coax a cry from the exorcist.

Thrown off guard by this sensation, Lavi threw his head back, gritting his teeth in determination to not let any noise part his lips.

The Pleasure didn't miss this, and between attentions to the bared neck, chuckled at the redhead's reaction. "This isn't a torture session, Lavi. You're allowed to scream if you want. In fact," the dark-haired man sat back up, fingers now deftly disposing of the leather Black Order jacket, "I would prefer that you use your voice to express your feelings."

"You're treating this like a game!" the boy gasped breathlessly in complaint, watching as the Portuguese slowly removed both his jacket and shirt with his Noah's prowess, in an effort to not waste the night away. Folding the clothes neatly, he leaned over the exorcist, depositing them on the chair where his own overcoat and top hat already hung.

Lavi's attention to minute detail was shortly diverted by a pair of chestnut irises, moving appreciatively over his uncovered torso. Flushing with mortification, the redhead instinctively brought his arms up to shield his thin chest. "Stop staring like that."

A wicked grin radiated playful sadism from Tyki's face, and he stroked a teasing finger over the uncovered ribcage's lines, touching each, one by one. "Can I help that you look so tempting? It's not quite my fault, is it?"

"I already consented," Lavi spluttered, wrapping his arms tighter around himself. His shield was removed though, when a pair of strong hands kindly replaced them at his sides.

"I just want to see everything," the Pleasure purred, his point proven as his eyes flitted down to the exorcist's pants. Almost immediately, a snort of laughter exploded from his lips. "I'd forgotten how funny it was," he explained to the redhead, "that you should place your hammer strap here."

The boy's face heated up in full flames as long fingers tapered over the leather holster while brushing far more of his inner thigh than had been absolutely necessary. "You could just take it off," he mumbled, slightly disgruntled.

"Right, right, of course. I'm sorry, Lavi," he scoffed rather sarcastically. When the holster was carefully rolled up and placed alongside the shirt, the Noah seemed to have run out of patience to tease, as the pants were pulled away rather unceremoniously.

Stripped down to only his underclothes, it was with great interest that the exorcist was finally allowed to see the Noah's body. Surprisingly, the Pleasure removed his own attire rather modestly, though that didn't limit his physical attractiveness, and it was with firm, self-restraint that a peridot eye kept from staring too long. Now with only two pairs of underclothes separating them, Lavi's heart threatened to carve a tattoo into his chest as Tyki laid his toned, ashen frame onto his own.

Still unable to shake off the paranoia, the red-haired boy squirmed lightly under the Portuguese, though he froze, once he saw the elder's face tense with desire at the friction. Even when everything felt so wonderful—the exorcist couldn't help but to remember the consequences of what would happen next.

His pessimistic thoughts must've shown themselves in his features, because he was rudely distracted by an undeniable pleasure of their hips being pressed roughly together, and a triumphant grin on the Noah's lips. "Think in the moment, boy," Tyki advised his redhead, halting his taunting movements to swiftly remove both their underclothes in one, sharp sweep of Dark Matter.

Lavi gasped in shock as his new arousal was so suddenly uncovered, the heat coming from their entangled bodies encouraging the fire of the situation. To his dismay though, the Pleasure found the will to tease him a bit further, as was evident by the smug expression on his dark features.

The Portuguese lifted himself onto his elbows, crouched possessively over the boy, and tantalizingly kissed his path from the younger's red-marked neck down to his abdomen. Lavi breathed shallowly now, pushing his own frame up with his arms as well, in hopes of meeting the other male's pelvis with his.

However, Tyki had anticipated this, for as soon as the boy arched up, he neatly avoided the contact by sitting up, smiling almost apologetically as a scoff of frustration came from the other's lips.

"Fu… Fuck," the redhead gasped in want, not knowing what to do other than find the Noah's touch on his quickly heating skin again. Tyki watched the boy with deep satisfaction, deciding that in this situation, it would be better for both of them to just hurry and get on with what they'd put aside their hatreds for. As a tempting knee made its way between Lavi's sensitive thighs, his eye widened, and moving desperately, hooked his calves around the Pleasure's leg, pulling the pressure tightly into his aching arousal.

The man, hearing the other hiss in delight at the sensation, easily pried his leg out of the redhead's lock, and chuckled lightly, leaning down to kiss the smaller bruisingly. Wouldn't you rather I actually help you with that, Lavi?" he suggested, biting the inside of his cheek at the lusted glaze in his partner's eye.

"Just—do what you said you would, Tyki," the exorcist huffed, fists clenching needily at his sides, "and stop messing with me, would you?"

Consentingly, the Portuguese pressed his weight flush over Lavi's for a quick, obliging kiss, their budded erections brushing wonderfully. "God," Tyki hissed, unable to keep from grinding his pelvis violently into the redhead's their bodies arched for each other. In surprise, he noticed a puce swell in the boy's lips, and saw that as before, the younger was holding back all of his cries. Exhaling, the Noah lurched back up, determined to make Lavi emit some vocal noise by the end of this night—but not with just surface friction.

He reluctantly stood up from the bed, smirking at the younger's growl of complaint. Striding to the chair with his coat on it, he rummaged through one of the pockets, finding what he needed—a thin container of his domestic lubrication. Looking back to the exorcist waiting on the sheets, he noted the hint of relief veiling the redhead's face. "Did you really expect that I wouldn't come prepared, boy?" Sliding back to the foot of the bed, he unscrewed the vial, pouring a fair amount into his palm, slicking it over his fingers.

A worried flicker took Lavi's expression, despite the assistance of the lube solution, and he leaned up on his elbows. "Wait—" he protested, but was cut off when a wetted digit slipped suddenly into his virginal entrance, forcing the command into a cry of shock and slight pain. "Shi… Shit, are you sure you're not sticking a crowbar in there?" he demanded, shifting his hips as the fingers carefully grew in depth inside of his body.

The Portuguese laughed at this, flexing experimentally in the smaller male's entrance, not wanting to hit the boy's knot of nerves yet—he intended to bring that powerful pleasure only when he was in the more physically intimate position. The gentle stretching of his hand still brought desire into the moment though, as made clear when Lavi let out a choked groan and pushed his frame down to allow the fingers further entrance. "I'm prepared," he muttered almost incoherently. "I'm ready, Tyki."

The older man snorted in amusement, "Eager, are we?" He hadn't flexed the boy as much as he normally would've liked, but they were both impatient enough to not really care. He'd just have to be a little more delicate when finally taking Lavi. "Not that I mind your enthusiasm, of course." Wasting no time, the Pleasure sat himself at the joint of the exorcist's thin hips, lightly folding the legs up to make more room between the thighs.

The redhead shifted slightly, laying flat on his back to pull his knees as high up as his chest, helping to make more room for the larger man. His flexibility obviously pleased the Noah; causing a look of appreciation to fill his dark features at both the younger's physical capabilities and utter willingness. Taking this open invitation, Tyki slowly pressed the head of his erection to the boy's entrance, studiously examining the peridot iris for any possible indication of sharp pain. Using the utmost caution, he meticulously buried his shaft into Lavi's pelvis, receiving no verbal reaction save for the gritted shaking throughout the boy's body as he violently clamped his teeth down on his lower lip. "Feeling anything yet?"

Instead of admitting weakness, the redhead only shook his head slowly, eye waning as he held back his urge to throw the man off of him and stop this entire ordeal, before the throbbing pressure could increase anymore.

"Right, then." Willing to just accept the silence as a go-ahead, the Noah pulled from the boy, then, a little faster, pressed back into him. This time, Lavi's eye flinched shut at the coiling feeling in his lower body, but was still devoid of an oral reaction. But when the Noah buried himself in the boy another time, a low gasp escaped both their lips as the exorcist's muscles clenched instinctively, and dizzy with rapidly growing euphoria, Tyki feared that the feeling was so addicting, he would be unable to stop if asked to.

"Don't treat me like an old woman," Lavi growled surprisingly, speaking through ground teeth. "You keep having me think you might actually make this feel like sex between two men, but you're acting so cautious—agh!" The redhead threw his neck back when his victimizer compliantly thrust quickly into him, a devious grin on the poisonous lips. He paled against the dark of night, veins clearly lining his throat as he clung onto his front of being pain-tolerant. It was more than evident that speaking those encouraging words killed him, but Lavi refused to show any lack of endurance; a half-hearted attempt to make his betrayal to the Order any less treacherous. "Like I said last night; better ways of shutting me up…"

"Oh, I know," the Noah replied cheerily, pressing his hips deeper into Lavi's when he finally reached the pleasure spot, earning another pant of lusted suffering from the boy. "It's obviously more fulfilling when I go about it this way, don't you think?"

For the life of him, the redhead was unable to imagine how Tyki kept himself so composed, even when moving increasingly rhythmically in speed. He was about to try for a witty comeback when the older man twice more found his pocket of nerves. Almost blindingly, the pain ebbed from his body to give way to ecstasy, forcing the intended words come out in an incoherent jumble, instead.


"Show some expression, dammit!" Lavi groaned in a mix of annoyance, torture and pleasure, his frame pushing back heatedly against the other's touch in sheer thrill. "Other than that fuckin' grin," he clarified, twitching as said smile only widened. His thoughts were diverted soundly though, when he grew aware of a hand on his neglected arousal. Air came scarce to his lungs as sensations inundated his entire being, and still wanting more, his own hands flew to Tyki's hipbones, pulling the Noah deeper inside of himself—completely ignorant of the hurt.

The Portuguese closed his eyes in leaden intoxication, lips curling back in a twisted wanting when Lavi displayed his eagerness so bluntly. His hand curled tighter around the redhead's erection, luring a noise of euphoria from below him. Amidst the haze of pleasure, he was conscious of the exorcist's quaking legs wrapping themselves around his waist in acceptance, and encouraged by this gesture, Tyki searched harder for the other's nerves.

He realized he'd gone too far when the boy under him lost his breath suddenly, the green eye snapped open with fear. Lavi tightly pulled Tyki's body closer into him reflexively, but instantly let go as obvious discomfort tainted that movement. The Noah wondered with annoyance if he'd broken the delicate tissue, but couldn't bother to stop and check.

"Why—" the redhead's mouth fell open as he struggled to put out the question, body faintly shaking against the older man's. "Why did you go that fast--?"

Normally, Tyki would've replied snidely that he'd been told to be less gentle, but just feeling the exorcist trying to slowly move himself off of the Noah's shaft sent a poisoned jolt of lust down the elder's spine. Slightly miffed by the Lavi's attempt to recoil, the Pleasure asserted his control in the situation by using his free hand to latch onto the boy's hip, and forcefully drove himself even further into the other's body.

"Stop—!" the redhead exclaimed, the pained demand spilling desperately from his mouth. As the Noah shifted his pelvis in regularity though, he struck the smaller's satisfying ganglion soundly, exchanging the exorcist's aching for overwhelming bliss. The exorcist's visible eye fluttered closed as the pleasure swallowed his senses, and he let out a stunned cry of delight, reeling his frame down onto Tyki's.

The Portuguese's lips curled back in a snarl of dizzied want, and he plunged into the younger man's burning body in an unchecked pace, satisfied with the way Lavi's knuckles retreated from his hips and fisted onto the bed sheets with faltering strength. He wryly noted that the smaller hands never clung to him needily, as he'd expected of the redhead. This somewhat rankled him, and he pushed himself forcefully into Lavi, the tangible salt of sadism lacing his jaw. The boy exhaled in evident hurt, but said nothing, too fixated on the heavy desire to care—it wasn't as if the older man would've stopped for him, anyhow.

Tyki's rhythm slipped sporadically then, signaling his arriving peak. With a few final, needy thrusts, he managed to brush the redhead's pleasure one more time, before he came with a shuddering movement, his release filling Lavi's already trembling body satisfyingly.

Breathing labouredly, the Portuguese man subsided his hips' movement, though as his lower body slowed in pace, his fingers on the exorcist's erection quickened in balance. Sensing the last climax only seconds away, Tyki hummed in approval at the quiet cries coming from the younger's mouth. Calculating the timing perfectly, the Noah pulled smoothly out of Lavi, shifting his body so he could lower his head between the boy's thighs. Capturing the moisture-slicked tip of the erection neatly between his lips, he licked the hot slit of the member, smiling smugly when the exorcist shortly bucked his hips up, coming as tight fingers intertwined themselves in long, dark curls.

The boy's fresh release filled his maw strongly, the salted essence tasting of triumph and sadism. Tyki swallowed it thickly, carefully taking his hands off the still-panting boy to wipe away the excess fluids on the corner of his lip. He knew how sensitive men were about being kissed with release still on his mouth, after all. Tactfully allowing Lavi a few moments to recover his orientation and breathing pattern, the Noah busied himself with finding all the stains on the hotel's sheets, rather pleased to see that there wasn't as much of a mess as there usually was. Only slight areas of the cloth were damaged, as most of the release fluids had been caught well enough.

Glancing down at the drowsy redhead, Tyki laid down next to him, curling the boy into his dark arms possessively. He half-considered getting up to find a washcloth and wipe away the remnants of their sex, but couldn't seem to conjure up enough willpower to leave the warm bed. Besides, for Lavi's first time, he didn't know how much energy could be stirred on the exorcist's part, either. "So how'd you enjoy that?" he questioned then, content with just lying there to mock his bed partner.

"I don't know," Lavi admitted in a tired sigh, letting the Noah run soft lips over his jaw line. "Physically… you know… thank you. For that, and also for… not killing me."

The Noah tisked in shame, bringing the boy's head down to rest on his sculpted chest. "I've had plenty of chances to take your life before, remember. So," he dropped the subject, surfacing another, somewhat more complicated one. "Would I be correct in assuming you wouldn't mind having another rendezvous such as this one?

Lavi stiffened, edging back from the older man gingerly. "What?"

"I still have plenty of pleasures to reap from you," Tyki explained, his grip tightening unconsciously as the smaller tried to disentangle himself. "Of course, we can't keep meeting at random hotels throughout the world, 'fraid my new duties as Cyril's bachelor-bait keep me rather restrained nowadays. Would you be averse to having a solid meeting place in France?"

The redhead contemplated this, too many questions about this proposal flying through his mind. "First off—am I under any obligation to go to this 'place' if I agree?"

"No, it'd be loosely on a whim."

"How do I get to France from Britain in one night?"

"The Ark. You and the Walker boy used one of our doors to get to Nice for that first night, am I right?" Receiving a nod, Tyki explained, "I saw where you came out. The house isn't far from there."

Lavi opened his mouth to point out another flaw in the plans, but he was politely silenced, this time with a warm finger against his bruised lips.

"Shush?" the Noah asked, a sincere smile on his own mouth. Getting another nod of consent, the man leaned close to graze teasing teeth over his unsuspecting prey's lower lip. "It'll all come down to chance and coincidence. Don't worry about it, alright, Lavi?"

The boy in his hold shuddered at the touch, grumbling words of reluctant agreement. "Whatever, but give me at least a little more information about this place…"

A yawn was returned tiredly from the older male. "Fine. But not now. I'll leave you a paper in the morning."

"Don't fall asleep yet," Lavi complained, tugging one of the Noah's long strands of hair. "How do I know you won't kill me if we do meet at this house in Nice?"

"Here's my next chance to do so." Without warning, Tyki plunged his fist lazily into the redhead's chest cavity, stroking the heart casually. Just as swiftly, he withdrew his hand unstained. It was all so rapid, his victim hadn't even had time to suffer. Instead, the boy actually relaxed at this reassurance. "See? I didn't rip out your organs. Anyhow, you should know—I make a point to separate the opposite sides of my life, and what belongs on the battlefield stays strictly on the battlefield. I have no need to attack you when you're unprepared. That's cowardly and weak."

The exorcist gave a noise of acceptance, gently releasing the ebony lock from between his fingers. "I can believe that enough… Oh, and thank you for grabbing my heart. It's oddly comforting."

"…You're a strange boy, Lavi."

"You're one to talk, gentleman-vagabond."