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Reno of the Turks

Elena could clearly see Reno's panic filled eyes as the last of the precious air in his lungs floated off toward the surface in several large bubbles. A hand was squeezing his throat, choking the last shreds of life out of the red-haired Turk. She knew she had to reach him soon and pry the grip from her partner's neck or he would be gone. It was so hard to move under-water. She could see Reno's face so close, but she felt a mile away. Her panic rose when he slowly stopped struggling and went limp. Those bright aquamarine eyes that had always been so full of life and mocking laughter were empty. Reno was dead. The fact hit her like a train as she stared at his pale face. A scream, strangely muted under-water, broke from her lips as she saw the hand release Reno's neck. Her hand. Elena reeled with confusion and shock as she realized, even as she watched his body sink gently, that she had drowned Reno. The screams came endlessly now as she struggled to grasp what had just happened.

Elena's eyes snapped open at the sound of her muffled screams. She frantically clutched the pillow her face had been planted in to her chest. Her panting breaths slowly became more regular, although still shaky, as she registered where she was. She closed her eyes softly and flopped over onto her back, pressing a hand over her racing heart. Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.She shuddered and opened her eyes again as a painfully vivid image of Reno's lifeless face flashed in her mind. Gazing around the room as her vision adjusted to the darkness, Elena lay very still, hearing nothing but her own quickly beating heart. Eventually she turned her head on the pillow to glance at her clock. 2 am. She sighed and groaned softly as she covered her face with her hands. Only a few hours of sleep.

She whipped her hands off her face and slipped out of bed as another horrific image engulfed her mind. Leaning against the wall near her bed, she looked at her hands, palms spread upward and wondered if she would ever be able to look at them the same. Her small, but strong hands had squeezed the life out of her fellow Turk. Damn, I won't be getting any sleep tonight. Again. She dragged a blanket off her bed and went to settle herself on the couch in the front room of her apartment. She flipped through the channels looking for anything to rid her mind of those terrible thoughts and images.

The routine was getting old, fast. Go to sleep, have a horrific nightmare, wake up haunted by what her mind had shown her, and try fruitlessly to sleep again. It had been going on for several nights now. Dark rings under her eyes were becoming a permanent fixture on her face. Reno's perfectly fine! She scowled angrily as the images of Reno flashed through her head in quick succession. Over the past few nights, she had watched helplessly as he had died any number of times, only to discover that she was always the killer. The deaths were different every time, although all were equally gruesome. It was enough to unnerve anyone, even a trained Turk. Tseng was beginning to give her strange looks as she staggered tiredly into work every morning looking, accurately, as though she'd barely slept. Reno had teased her endlessly, coming up with many horrible reasons as to why she looked the way she did. What was she to do? Explain that she was tired because she kept dreaming that she was killing him? Elena smiled a tight smile as she imagined him struggling to come up with a come-back to that. It will pass soon enough. She didn't believe it. With a sigh she resigned herself to watching sappy romance movies until it was time to go to work.

Reno sauntered into the Shinra Inc. building that morning on time for once. He grinned and winked at the pretty brunette receptionist as she looked at him, surprised. He laughed silently as he watched her check the watch on her wrist and the large clock on the wall above her. I should come in on time more often. It would definitely be a new and unexpected way to shock his co-workers. He leaned against the elevator wall, feeling it rise swiftly to his floor, as he considered ways to get out of the mission Tseng had for him. The Turk leader had informed Reno and Elena the day before that they would be going with the President as security. It was mostly precautionary. No one was expected to threaten the President's safety at a simple welcome speech to the new recruits. Probably because no one would want to listen to even a minute of those boring speeches, even to kill the head of Shinra. Reno smirked, shoving off the wall as the shiny stainless steel doors slid open silently. He rushed past Rude with a gigantic smile and a boisterous 'good morning' before rushing on, leaving the silent bald man shocked to see his red-headed friend so early.

"Hey, boss!" Reno said loudly, thoroughly enjoying the surprised look on Tseng's face as Reno leaned in the doorway, "Thought I'd come get the details about the mission you've got for me and the rookie. Let me guess, watch the President's back and try not to die of boredom?"

"Reno? What are you doing here…on time?" Tseng asked, a mixture of surprise and suspicion on his face.

"I just told you. Should've been listening better," Reno strolled over to the desk and perched on the end of it, swiping a folder out of Tseng's hand, "I assume this is it." He flipped through the folder quickly, noting the amount of un-filled paperwork with an internal groan.

"Um…yeah that's it. You're due to leave in 15 minutes," the Turk leader replied, recovering from his surprise quickly.

"Sorry I'm late!" Elena cried, rushing into the room trying to examine her gun and chug a cup of hot black coffee at the same time.

"Hey, look who finally showed up!" Reno grinned at her tauntingly, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming." She glared at him before replying,

"You're one to talk! I'm surprised you don't have a raging hangover!"

Reno pretended to look hurt by her words.

"Me? A hangover? At work?" his voice sounded so innocent it would have fooled anyone except for the teasing look in his aquamarine eyes, "I would never!" Tseng groaned and rolled his eyes. Elena opened her mouth to reply when Tseng cut her off,

"Shut it you two. Get what you need and get to the helipad before the President notices you're late."

"Sure thing boss," Reno said, flashing his trademark grin, "sorry I'm being held up by the rookie." He snickered as Elena gave him one last withering glare before hurrying out of the office and down the hall. Reno was about to follow her out the door when Tseng's voice stopped him.

"Oh, Reno. Keep an eye on Elena, she seems pretty exhausted lately," he said worriedly.

"She'll be fine, don't worry about it," Reno waved his hand in the air as if the matter were so inconsequential he was simply wiping it away. Tseng just nodded before turning back to his paperwork as Reno sprinted down the hall to catch the elevator before Elena left without him.

The two Turks had been in the elevator for only a minute when the doors slid open to admit an attractive secretary with a sheaf of papers in her hand. Elena watched, annoyed, as Reno perked up at once. He watched the woman push a floor just a few below the roof where they were headed. With a devilish grin and a wink for Elena, he reached a long arm over and deliberately pushed every floor between the one they were on and the woman's floor. Elena let out a loud, exasperated sigh and leaned her head back on the elevator wall, massaging her temples. Reno casually leaned against the wall next to the secretary and proceeded to ask several questions about her work, smiling irresistibly the whole time.

"You got plans tonight? I know this great little place right around the corner…" His coaxing voice was clearly working.

"Reno, behave!" Elena snapped before the young woman could answer. Reno looked over his shoulder at Elena, mildly surprised, as the lady he was talking to blushed bright red and stared down at her shoes. Reno spit his tongue out teasingly at Elena's glare and turned back to the secretary.

"She's just a little jealous is all," he said snickering softly, "don't mind her." The woman was too embarrassed to carry on the conversation, and silence settled over the three almost making Elena regret speaking out. When her floor finally arrived, the woman hurried out glancing back at Reno with wide eyes. He winked and waved, causing a fresh wave of red to cover her face as she looked away quickly.

"If we get yelled at it's your fault," Elena said sourly crossing her arms over her chest.

"Aww, don't be upset," he said playfully, nudging her with his shoulder. She scowled darkly and shoved him back with her shoulder. He bent down to peer up into her face, only the ghost of a smile on his face. His aquamarine eyes were coaxing. She looked away quickly, with a sharp intake of breath as those eyes flashed lifeless in her head. Before the moment could get any more awkward, the elevator doors slid open on the roof. Several helicopters were spaced out over the massive area. The whir of blades whipped the air into a frenzy, making Reno's red ponytail fly around. They quickly walked over to the President who was too busy speaking to his assistants to notice they were late.

"Let's get moving!" a voice boomed above the noise as several Shinra executives and many members of the normal security force boarded their respective helicopters.

Elena settled back in her chair, hoping to get some rest while she could. She and Reno were sitting up front of the President's aircraft. Reno was swiveled around in the co-pilot's chair to face her. She found herself watching her red-haired partner as he, being an excellent pilot himself, critically eyed every move the pilot made. The pilot was obviously more than a bit intimidated by this careful scrutiny. He was constantly flexing his fingers and stealing glances at Reno while flying in formation with the other helicopters, all emblazoned with the Shinra logo. Elena jumped slightly and rubbed her eyes vigorously, doing a double-take. She could have sworn that moments ago Reno's shirt was covered in blood. Her dreams were haunting her endlessly now. When she dared to look again, he was watching her curiously, the faintest line of worry etched into his forehead. He slipped out of his chair once he caught her gaze and came to sit by her.

"Hey," he said so softly that the pilot couldn't hear, "are you ok, Elena?" She couldn't bear to look at his face, fearing what horrible image would attack her, so she stared at his shirt collar instead.

"I'm fine," she muttered, leaning her head on her hand. He shrugged and sat back in his chair, closing his eyes as he laid his head back.

"Don't tell me if you don't want to," he said, his voice oddly kind, "but remember that if something's bothering you, you can tell me." She looked up at him then. He cracked an eye open and grinned before his voice returned to it's normal teasing tone,

"If it's about how much you love me though you might want to save if for after the mission," he said reaching over to tug on her short blonde hair. Elena swatted his hand away, her astonishment at this new side of Reno quickly fading to annoyance. He was just messing with her. As usual.

"You're so conceited!" She scooted as far away from him as she could, crossing her arms over her chest and looking the other way. He just laughed and stretched his long legs out in front of him, entwining his fingers over his stomach.

The flight was a short one, and soon they were landing on the Junon airstrip. The Turks took their places near the President as their helicopter landed smoothly. Reno was out the door almost before the craft hit the ground, scanning the area quickly while questioning the nearest captain about the military base's security. There wasn't a trace of the sarcasm that was usually his constant companion. No wonder he's one of the best. Elena mused, slightly awed as she watched him barking out orders as if he owned the place. He quickly returned and fell into step with the President's group consisting of a few choice executives and many soldiers. The two Turks flanked the head of Shinra on either side as they made their way toward the open field where a large platform had been erected. All of the soldiers at the base were assembled as well as hundreds of new recruits.

"You watch the left, I'll watch the right," Reno muttered to Elena as the group split up on the platform. The executives took their places in the chairs provided for them. The soldiers lined up behind them all as the President took the podium after a few words of welcome from the base commander. Reno and Elena stood several meters behind the President and to the sides. Both began scanning the crowd meticulously for any potential threat.

Elena glanced over the assembled soldiers slowly, feeling her eyelids grow heavier every second. How long has it been since I've had a full night's sleep? 3 days? 4? 5? She imagined how good a soft, warm bed would feel. Come on, Elena. You can do this. Just a couple more hours and then you can crash. If only his speeches weren't so boring! The President's monotonous voice droned on and on, his words slowly becoming less and less distinct to her ears until it settled into a mere buzz. Before long, Elena was asleep, miraculously still standing upright.

Here go another couple hours of my life completely wasted. Reno resisted the urge to yawn as the President began his speech which was sure to be lengthy and utterly boring. No one in the audience seemed unordinary. The red-head noticed many who were already nodding off. Still, he didn't stop examining his side of the crowd for a minute. The sun was shining half-heartedly which brightened the place up a bit, but no amount of sunlight could make the President's speech any less long or less boring. Reno had been searching the right half of the group for almost an hour when something changed. Something was shimmering just on the edge of his sight, something from the left; Elena's side. The sun was glinting off of a gun. Held in the raised hand of a man in the very back of the assembled group. It was pointed straight for the Shinra President. Instinct taking over, Reno dashed towards the President. A shot fired and the two men collided.

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