I know a lot of people have been hearing about the problems that writers have been having with this website. It is for this reason along with several others that I have decided to start posting on livejournal (as well). My account here will still be active and I will still be posting here but I want to use livejournal as a way to interact with you guys.

I will be posting sneak peeks, posting about the writing process, posting new stories, and sharing the music that is helping inspire me.

I've been thinking for quite awhile about revamping a few of my stories, including To Feel. These new re-vamped versions will stay true to their former plot but there is things that I feel were left out or that could be added to make the plot better. These new revamped versions will be posted on livejournal.

The link to my livejournal account can be found in my profile.

I encourage you to come on over and take a look, if you like it, then add me as a friend and join in on the fun.

New updates should be coming soon…

Until then...