"How much do you know of Davy Jones?" Jack whispered to Will.

"Not much." Will said, confused.

"Yes, it's going to save Elizabeth." Jack said, looking at the deck of the Black Pearl. "Now William, on to something more important."

"What can be more important then Elizabeth's freedom?"

Jack sighed. "I'm just hoping that I don't end up in the middle of another one of your sword fights." He said, confusing Will. "Remember? At the gallows? With the big, huge, Hangman? You two fighting with my head in the middle?"


Jack reached into his mess of loose hair, and held out a strand. "William, what color would you say this is?"

"Gray?" Will asked, before realizing what he meant. "I saved your life, a number of times, and you're mad at me for a gray hair?" Then he grabbed the hair. "Besides, all you got to do is pull it out."

Before Jack could stop him, the gray hair was plucked.

"What have you done?!" Jack shouted. "Now I'm gonna get three more gray hairs!" Then he glared at Will. "William, you'd better find that monkey. I feel like shooting something!"

Very short, I know.

I thought of this while watching watching one of the bonus features for CotBP