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Author's Note: I haven't written much in a while, but I've been bogged down by homework and the such. Thats college for ya though. Anyway, this one is gonna be slightly different than the others, It'll be kind of like a follow up to "Something Weird". Enjoy and reviews are lovely!

I was in deep shit. No more than in deep shit, I was dead meat because once Silky, Coxie, and OC go make fun of Mac (No one in their right mind would ever make fun of Rammer), Mac would probably figure it out, and then tell Rammer, who would no doubt break my face in and thoroughly kick my ass.

Your probably wondering what I did, right? Well, it all started at the bar....

"That was the weirdest thing ever." I mumbled to myself as I walked into the bar. I had just seen MAC teaching RAMMER to cook. There was all sorts of things wrong with that. For one, Mac could cook? Who would've thought? Rammer was jumping around and being spontaneous, which NEVER happens, and they were acting all mushy by holding hands and kissing each other's cheek. Didn't they know that anybody could walk in on them?

"Hey Rizzo!" I looked up when my name was called, breaking me out of my thoughts. I saw Silky waving me over to a table seating OC, Cox, and Silky. I waved back and walked over to take a seat. I sat down with a sigh.

"What is up with you?" OC asked around a glass of beer.

"Couples. Stupid idiots that can't contain themselves." The boys just raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Well, it isn't a big deal or anything, but they can be a little less obvious and they're acting all mushy." OC, Silky, and Coxie shared a look before turning back to me.

"Who the hell are you talking about?" Silky asked after a long pause.

"Uh, just a couple of friends that got together a little while ago." I answered remembering Rammer's death threat. I had to keep this a secret. OC nodded his head before pausing.

"Wait, who do you know that we don't? The only people we all know from here is the hockey team." I mentally smacked myself. 'Dammit OC! Why did you pick now to become smart!?'

"Uh, well, I know them both. Pretty well actually." I was a horrible lier so I decided to leave out the most important part. Silky and OC narrowed their eyes. 'I think they are on to me.'

"Your leaving something out." Silky stated.

"Yeah, your starting to fidget too! That means your nervous about something!"

"Well, you would be too if Rammer threatened you with death, if you ever said anything!" I clamped my hand over my mouth in shock. 'What the hell!?' I looked around at the boys who were smirking and I had to mentally smack myself a couple times because now I knew they wouldn't leave me alone until they got everything they wanted out of me. 'Shit, Rammer is gonna kill me.'

"So Rammer is dating somebody that he doesn't want anyone to find out about? Interesting." OC mused.

"No he isn't!" My voice came out with a squeak, which only made the evil smirks on their faces bigger. "Dammit!" There was no way I would get out of this alive, just no way.

"Who is he dating Rizzo? Why doesn't he want anyone to know?" OC asked excitedly.

"Is it because she is really ugly?" Silky asked equally excited.

"Or is she way older than him?" Coxie joined in, also excited.

"Does she have some embarrassing trait like a lisp or something?"

"How do you know her and we don't?" The questions came so fast it was overwhelming.

"Hold on, too many questions!" They all stopped and looked at me expectedly. I scratched my cheek, 'How am I gonna go about this?' "Well, ugliness isn't a factor, neither is age nor is it annoying traits..."

"Is it because I'm so much better looking and he doesn't want me to meat her and steal her heart?" OC asked cockily. I had to roll my eyes, this is so ridiculous.

"Trust me, thats not the issue." OC pouted and crossed his arms at the insult that was implied. "Besides, all of you know this person fairly well." I hoped that all of them were stupid enough to not understand, but I should have known my luck wasn't that good. 'I knew I shouldn't have broken that mirror!'

"We only know the hockey players well, so..."

"Rammer is dating a hockey player, which means...."

"Rammer is gay!" Silky finished excitedly before what he just said hit him. "Rammer is gay? Holy banana bread!" I mentally smacked myself again, now I'm really gonna get it!

"Well, we now know Rammer is gay, but who is he dating?" Coxie asked and OC smirked. 'Oh shit! How did he get so damn smart all of a sudden!'

"Isn't it obvious?" The other two looked at him questioningly. "It can't be anybody else but Mac!"

"Well, that does make sense. They do spend an awful lot of time together." Silky said.

"So, those two were acting all mushy, huh? Somehow I can't imagine that." Coxie said.

"So, that is what they are doing in the kitchen?!" Silky said with a devious smirk on.

"Who wants to go catch them?" OC said standing up. The other two stood up as well and I face palmed. "Coming Rizzo?" I looked up and glared at the three idiots that were about to get me killed.

"I think I will enjoy my last hour on earth by drowning myself in beer. Have fun signing my death sentence." They walked away and I ordered another beer pitcher.

I had only made it through half a pitcher of beer by the time Rammer came storming into the bar scaring the other bar patrons. I looked up as he stood across from me. It looked like he was trying to glare a hole through me forehead. His fists were clenched at his side in obvious anger and I couldn't help but gulp. He was fucking scary.

"Any last words?" He ground out.

"Technically I didn't tell them you two were dating. They figured it out on their own." I blurted out in a last attempt to save myself. That is when Mac came running into the bar.

"Rammer! Don't kill him!" Rammer whipped around in surprise and the tension in the air dispersed. "It wasn't his fault! OC said Rizzo didn't tell them it was you and me, they figured it out on their own." There was silence in the whole bar before Rammer sighed.

"Fine, but now I've got to go threaten those three not to say anything." He walked out of the bar, taking the silence with him. I looked up at Mac in thanks.

"Man, I love you." Mac raised an eyebrow.

"Don't tell Rammer that, he gets pretty jealous." I chuckled.

"I bet. He is a crazy scary bastard." Mac chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah, he can be pretty scary, but thats only when he is really pissed off, which, thankfully, doesn't happen often. I'm just glad he doesn't get that angry at me." I snorted and took another drink.

"He doesn't get mad at you?"

"Oh, he gets mad at me plenty. Mostly when I disturb him when he is studying, but he only glares at everything and doesn't talk. However, if anyone disturbs him when he is like that he starts yelling and hitting things." I felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop. "Oh, he doesn't hit me. Usually its the wall or the bed or something. Like this one time, I disturbed him when he was reading this book for class, which was really annoying and boring he told me, and he got all moody and silent, but then his mother called. Oh man, he still isn't allowed to come home for another week after he yelled at his mother. And when he hung up, he kicked my bed and it broke."

"I find it hard to understand what you see in him." This caused Mac to scrunch up his brow in thought. After a minute he smiled again.

"Well, it is true that he is scary when he is angry and he does get annoyed fairly easily, but he is a really thoughtful person. Sometimes when I have a bad day at practice or something, he puts a bar of my favorite chocolate under my covers so when I go to get in bed, its right there. That cheers me up usually and then I go to bed happy. Or when he stops doing his homework just to listen to me whine and complain about the stupidest things. Plus, he folds my laundry and cleans up my messes. Pretty much the only thing I do for him on a daily basis is cook him his favorite food, which is the only thing I can cook. He does things for me and I don't even have to ask, but he usually has to ask me to cook for him. So, now who is the bad boyfriend?" I was pretty shocked by this.

"Wow, I had no idea." Mac shrugged and sat down.

"The only reason he was like that to you was because I'm freaked out about people knowing. He doesn't give a damn if people know. I know that is kind of surprising, because usually I'm the one who doesn't give a flying fuck about what others think, but I don't think I can handle all the crap, ya know? Mike is pretty much just protecting me, I guess."

"I understand. A lot of people are pretty closed-minded about stuff like that. I just feel bad about not keeping my promise entirely."

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Rammer is teaching those three a lesson on sticking their noses where they don't belong." Mac grinned and I couldn't help but laugh.

"What is he gonna do to them?"

"We'll probably find out soon enough." I nodded and we shared a few drinks together.

"So, what is Rammer's favorite food?" Mac snorted and took another drink.

"His favorite food is Macaroni and cheese with garlic and hot dogs."


"Uh huh, I was pretty shocked too. Its seems so childish, but there are a lot of things about Rammer that you guys don't know."

"Like what?"

"Well, he reads Shakespeare and stuff like that for fun. His favorite color isn't blue, but purple. He cuddles when he sleeps, he is afraid of losing his hair, and he has a recurring dream where licks a frozen pole and is stuck, while everyone laughs at him."

"He reads Shakespeare? For entertainment?" Mac nodded his head.

"Yeah, one time when I was sick, he read it to me in the middle of the night so that I would go back to sleep. I never get it, but he tries to explain it to me and I try to understand it. I just don't have the mind for it I guess."

"I didn't know Rammer was that mushy and sweet. I always figured that he-"

"That he would be aloof and disconnected?"

"Well, yeah I guess."

"A lot of people think that about him. Its because they don't stick around long enough for him to open up. He told me every girlfriend he has ever have tried to pry it stuff out of him after a few hours of dating. He doesn't like it when people try to pry stuff out of him, he gets annoyed."

"Then how do you know so much about him?"

"If you pay attention, you don't have to ask. Like the Shakespeare thing. Most people would just think it is for class, but when he is reading it at 9 in the morning on a Saturday, its pretty obvious its not for a class. He usually wears blue pretty often, so you'd think its his favorite color, but his senior class ring has a purple gem on it and he wears a purple threaded bracelet that he hardly ever takes off. He sticks it in his right skate before every game after kissing it for good luck." I was honestly surprised.

"I had no idea you were so good at noticing things." He laughed and took a drink straight from the pitcher.

"I'm usually not, but its Rammer. So, I can't help but watch him every once in a while."

"So, everything you know about him, you observe?"

"Nah, he tells me plenty of stuff, usually randomly and when I least expect it. He told me his favorite food when we were watching Jaws. Don't ask me why, because I'll never know, but he usually just says stuff like that when he is relaxing and feels comfortable enough. He does it quite often, actually."

"Not with us, he doesn't."

"Probably because he feels uncomfortable around you. It takes him a while to warm up to people. I don't think the whole 'threatening to kill you' thing helped either. He is sorry about that, by the way."

"Its okay, I would probably do the same in his situation. No harm done." Just then Rammer walked back into the bar. A lot of the people went quiet again and stared, to which he glared at, making many of them turn away.

"Hey." He sat down next to Mac. Mac looked at him for a moment.

"What did you do?" He asked suspiciously. Rammer chuckled.

"You'll see." Mac and I shared a look and silently decided to go check it out.

"Better go see what you did to them." Mac said grabbing Rammer's shirt and tugging on it. "Your coming too." Rammer huffed and followed us out. When we arrived at the dorms, we didn't even have to enter the building. Mac and I both stopped walking and stared in shock at the sight before us.

OC, Silky, and Coxie were all tied to the street lamp pole with their pants down around their ankles and their shirts tied around their eyes, effectively blind-folding them. All three of them were complaining and struggling against the rope that held them.

"Man, when I get out of this I'm gonna tell EVERYBODY!" OC shouted angrily.

"Dude, you know Rammer would kill you if you said a word!" Coxie said.

"Yeah, look what he did to the three of us! Just think of what he could do to just you." Silky contributed.

"You guys wouldn't have my back? Some friends yous guys are!" OC said disappointed. Silky scoffed at OC's pout.

"We are your friends, but I value my life thank you very much!" He snarled. Mac and I eventually broke out of our shock, just in time to see Rammer walk over and stand right in front of OC grinning evilly.

"Whose there?" OC asked feeling the presence in front of him.

"Hello Jack." Rammer said in an evil voice. OC yelped and tried to hide behind Coxie and failing miserably.

"H-hey th-there Rammer..."

"I swore I heard you say something about telling everybody. Is that true? Because if it is, you do know what will happen, don't you?" OC visibly gulped.

"I d-didn't say a-anything l-like th-that!"

"That is a good boy." Rammer patted him on the head and turned to go into the dorms. He turned back at the doors and looked at Mac. "You coming?"

"Huh? Oh yeah! Bye guys, Rizzo!" He waved and headed over to the taller man. I waved back, but his back was already turned.

"Rizzo? You there?" Silky asked blindly looking around.

"Yeah its me."

"Oh thank god! Can you help us out here?" Coxie sighed in relief.

"Actually, I think I will leave you here. Teach you guys to be nosy. Your lucky Mac came and saved my ass or else I would've done a lot more than tie you to a pole half naked." They started to complain and whine, but I ignored them and left to go into the dorms. I turned around at the door. "Have a good night boys and watch out for the dogs! They are pretty obnoxious and they bite!" This caused them to shout and complain even louder. I chuckled and walked to my room. I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow and slept like a baby all night long.