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I stared at the clock, 5…4…3…2…1… "Happy birthday to me" I said out loud. It has now been 10 years… 10 long hard years. 10 years ago I lost the one thing that mattered most; I lost the love of my life, Edward. Right after he lift my world came crashing down, my mom died in a car crash 2 weeks later. Then, Charlie went missing a month after my mom died. The only person who I had left at the time was Jacob, but then he started ignoring me until I found out he was a werewolf. Everything was better for a while, but on our 3 month anniversary he ended up imprinting on Leah. My life has changed almost as much as I myself have. Never would I have imagined my life like this. I have no family or friends; I'm by myself possibly forever. I never would have believed that there were more than just vampires and werewolves out there. I'm Isabella Marie Swan, I now go by Izzy, and I am defiantly not human.