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Chapter 16: Volturi

Before I knew it, we were all climbing into cars and driving down the familiar road to Edward's house. My mind was racing as I thought about my dad. I needed to make sure he was ok; he is the only one I have left. I had my team yes, but I doubt that they will always be there for me. I know for sure that I can't count on Edward staying, this thought pierced through me as I sat in the passengers' seat of the Shelby. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' I snarled at myself, 'You knew not to get to involved. Now look at what you have fucking done. You got your hopes up only to kick yourself back down.' I felt a tear run down my cheek as this realization came to me. I almost never let my real emotions show; I trained myself to push emotions to the back of my mind after I joined PMAC. I told myself it was the best thing to do because I came to realize that at any moment things can change, and crying about it wouldn't do shit.

My thoughts were cut short as we pulled into the driveway leading up to the big white mansion. Memories began to flood back into my mind as I slowly opened the car door. It seemed like everything was going in slow motion. I almost wanted to turn and run the other way as Alice opened the front door and greeted us all.

"Hey Bella!" Alice squealed as she ran up and hugged me. "Bella is here everyone," she shouted while dragging me through the Cullen's threshold.

"Oh, goody," I heard a nasally female say from upstairs. Here we go again. I promised to myself that I was going to try and just ignore Tanya while I was here… but I'm beginning to think that will be impossible.

"Carlisle, can we talk to you for a minute? Bella has some questions she wants to ask." Edward said as Carlisle walked down the grand staircase.

"Of course! I would love too, come upstairs and we can talk in my office." Carlisle said while smiling. My team hesitated at the doorway of the house, but as soon as I started following Carlisle upstairs they were behind me in an instant. We headed up the familiar stairs and down the hall. Things all seemed to be exactly how I remembered, every photo on the wall, even the cross Carlisle's father made was exactly where I remembered it. I noticed though there were a few newer pictures of the Cullen's that were hanging in the hall at the very end.

"Well then, what can I do for you all today?" Carlisle asked while opening the door to his office and shutting it after we were all inside. He walked over behind his desk and sat in the chair facing us. The look on his face was so friendly and warm, exactly like how I remembered. The look on his face showed nothing but love and compassion as he looked around the room. 'Stop it Bella… you're here for a reason. Don't get your hopes up' I scolded myself. But I knew that it was already to late for that.

"What do you know about the Volturi?" Jake asked hesitantly.

"Well I know that they are very old. To us vampires, they are considered royalty and everyone knows not to mess with them unless you want to doe. They enforce our laws and clean up… messes if any are created. They posses a lot of power," Carlisle said. He had a calculating look on his face as he looked around at all of us. He seemed to look off in space as he looked at the wall behind us that help the picture of him with the Volturi. "Why do you ask?"

"We just needed to know what exactly we will be going up against." Alex said casually while shrugging his shoulders.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked while suddenly looking extremely cautious. I never thought I would see Carlisle with a look of fear on his face… but there it was right in front of me.

"They have Charlie, and I fully intend on getting him back then kicking their asses," I said like it was no big deal. If Carlisle's face could I'm sure it would be red.

"Are you insane? You can't do that, there is no way you can get past them. They have a whole army at their disposal that's been trained and can easily take anyone down that gets in their way." I had never heard Carlisle yell at anyone before, but I had to admit he was right about taking us down. Yes we may be more powerful than them, but there was no way we could take down a whole army by ourselves. I began to think about all of our options, but none of them ended like how I would want them to. At that moment I began to realize that the only way to save my team would be to join the Volturi… the type of people I swore to take down. There was no way that my team would actually let me go off and join them, instead they would probably take me to headquarters where I would be killed. My mind began to race while I thought about what I needed to do. I was going to have to lie to my team and break their trust, just so I could go run off and play hero and save my own father. My life is so fucked up.

I stood there totally frozen while thinking about my plan. I didn't notice that my team and Carlisle were in a heated argument over our plan of attack. I definitely didn't notice that Carlisle came to the realization that my team wouldn't back down, so instead of arguing he began discussing our options. Well more like discussing their options… I finally pulled myself together enough to notice Edward was giving me a strange look from across the room. I was surprised that he had yet to give his input on things but I decided it was pointless to bring this to his attention. I gathered information from my teams head in order to figure out what was going on and tried to keep up with what was going on.


I was watching Bella from across Carlisle's office. She seemed to be extremely deep in thought as her team discussed what would probably be their death. I stood there not paying any attention except to the expression of my angel's face, she seemed to be conflicted with something but I couldn't be sure on what. I watched for a few more minutes and suddenly a look crossed her face that I had seen a dozen times before, she had just made a decision on something, and there wasn't going to be any way to change her mind now. She seemed to come back to Earth before turning her attention back to her 'team'.

'EDDIE! I want to go to the mall, will you take me please? I'll give you a reward,' her voice made me want to jump into a fire. I soon understood Tanya's idea of a 'reward' as she began thinking of all the things she wanted to 'do' to me… I really needed to get away from her, and fast. I almost let out a sigh of relief as soon as I noticed that Carlisle was beginning to wrap up their conversation. As soon as we opened the door, Tanya was waiting there for me with a look on her face that said she wanted to eat me for dinner.

"Well are we going shopping or not?" Tanya was practically screaming in my face as soon as she noticed Bella there.

"Oh calm down Tanya, of course we're going shopping," Alice sang as she grabbed her purse. "I'm going with Bella in her car!" The look on Bella's face was priceless as Alice ran outside and got into the passengers seat of the Shelby.

"Who said I was going shopping?" Bella demanded, at least her hatred of shopping hadn't changed. That was good to know.

"Well to be far it's not just going to be you… ALL of us are going, so Jasper and Emmett get your butts out here and into a car! You too Edward," Alice said while glaring at me. 'I'll give you the passengers seat,' Alice told me. I rolled my eyes as I stopped over to Bella's car.

"But I don't wanna go to the mall," Emmett and Alex whined at the same time.

"To bad, if I'm going so are you two," Bella snarled at them. I guess she really didn't want to go. The others soon found themselves jammed into 3 cars and headed down the highway towards the nearest mall. This should be a fun car ride… Tanya wasn't to happy that we were in separate cars, but I had to admit that it made me feel a lot more comfortable.


I hated the mall with a strong passion, I had done everything I could the past 10 years to avoid the mall at all cost… but here I am driving my own car towards the mall. I don't think anyone but Alice was excited about this pointless trip to the mall, but just like 10 years ago there was no way to tell Alice no. Maybe this will do me some good; I needed to keep my mind off of my decision in case one of the team members decided to poke around in my head.

I began wondering what Edward would think about my decision. Would he be okay with it? Would he try to stop me? 'Get a hold of yourself!' I screamed in my mind. It doesn't matter what he thinks. He has no control over me and I'm sure he couldn't care less if something happened to me. That thought almost brought me to tears but I pushed it aside. 'What about that kiss though?' I thought to myself. Did it mean something? I can't imagine Edward just going around kissing girls for no reason… so there had to be something. Was it just the heat of the moment?

Oh my GOD! There were so many questions floating around in my head.

I took a deep breath of air as we pulled into the parking lot to the mall. 'This should be fun' I thought sarcastically to my team as I got out of the car and saw Tanya snarling at me.

I had no idea what was about to happen, but I knew that it would be anything but fun.

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