In a cold, uncaring world, there was a small girl-child. Among her peers, she was suspected to die first. Among her peers, she was the ugly duck. Among her peers, she was the only survivor. It was not easy, and she probably had the hardest time of all, but that is another story all together. This story is about the impossible....and love.

Yonai Sayuri:

Navy eyes, midnight hair

A medium breasted knock-out,

Third seat of the 6th division,

A member of the Kuchiki clan, who utterly refuses to be 'lumped in with such a group",

Only in the 6th division to be under Byakuya's supervision,

Loves sour food

"Byakuya-san, why am I here?" I asked impatiently, tossing my elbow-length hair over my shoulder.

He glared at me and my slouching stance, "You know you are under my command, on our father's dying wish,"

I slouched lower still and sighed, "Hai, I am indescribably thankful to him for taking me in, but I am not part of your family,"

"Such insolance! Be thankful he asked me to not cause you harm, no matter what!"

I rolled my eyes, "And there you go, acting all high and mighty,"

He sighed mentally, "I must keep my earlier promise to abide by the rules and teach you a lesson,"

"Ooh, what cha going to do? Spank me?" I laughed, doubting I'd receive a heavy punishment.

He turned to the only witness, "Vice-captain Abarai, leave us,"

Renji nodded and hastily left, though I could tell he wanted to stay.

Byakuya pulled me from the wall to the middle of the floor. He started to circle me. Undoubtedly he was planing a suitable punishment.

"Is this going to take all day?" I snapped.

"Hai, you do wish to go about your duty. Hm, I think for one thing, I shall put you on indefinite leave," He stopped in front of me and watched my face contort.

"You unbelieveible bastard! Taking the lowest possible blow," I glared at him and did all I could to stop from striking him.

He shook his head, "Iie, if I were taking the lowest possible blow, you'd be in much different place now, in much larger company,"

I lowered my head and started to cry. Was it his intent to submit me to mental and emotional warfare? Or was it pure coincidence? Iie, he knew perfectly well what he was doing.

"Sayuri, it is not my wish to do this, but you leave me no choice," He shook his head with the smallest traces of remorse, or at least something close to it.

I fell to my knees and bowed at his feet, "Onegai shimasu, forgive me! Onegai shimasu, Byakuya-nii-san, Gomen-nasai!"*

He nodded and helped me back up to my feet, "Sayuri, now do you understand that my word is your law?"

I nodded, tears still falling from my eyes, "Hai. I will hold my tongue in front of others,"

"From you, that is a large step. You are still on indefinite leave, however," My ears perked up, "Should I find you acting more presentable, I shall rethink your punishment,"

"Oh, arigato gozaimasu Byakuya-nii-san!" I bowed low.**

He nodded and left to our home. I followed behind him, hating myself so deeply at that moment. I hated myself for being so weak and crying in front of him. I hated myself for bending so easily. I hated myself for bowing to him. At least no one was around to see me acting like that.

Hey, it's my second Bleach fic (that I posted)! I don't Bleach! Yeah, well, thank you for choosing to read my fic and I hope it's to your liking! ^-^ I would greatly appreciate any feed back you give me, whether it be to post another chappy, advice, comments, or what ever! As always, I'm open to requests! Also, I am only in chapter 80 of the manga and episode 105 in the anime so things may be different in this than in the manga/anime. Also, I am trying to work on keeping the characters in character, so please, if something too far off from the truth, please tell me so I can try to correct my mistake!

Here is some vocabulary:

(if it is wrong, please tell me so I can correct it)

*Please, forgive me! Please, big brother Byakuya, I'm sorry!"

**"Oh, thank you very much big brother Byakuya!"

Iie: no

Hai: yes

san: respectable suffix used after a person's name