Originally intended to be a part of another Watchmen fic, but it didn't quite fit and interrupted the flow. So it's here in this drabble. I always enjoyed the 'friendship' between Dan and Rorschach, because really, Dan's Rorschach's only friend. As cool as Rorschach seems to be, if you look at it honestly, he's that friend that no one quite likes because he's quiet and brooding and smells a little funny.

Disclaimer: If I owned this...well, I don't. So there.

Summary: Some things stay in your memory, no matter how much you try to drive them out. Other things you place in front of you so you never forget.

Dan finds out later, when he sees the elegant red rorschach patterns in the snow and the worn fedora is dusted with snow. Jon's homage to him, he supposed. Dan's breath hitched as he carried the fedora back inside. He paused outside the door, a sob quietly racking his frame.

He'd betrayed Rorschach. He was the man's only friend, and had not had the will to stand behind him.

For the rest of his days, Dan Dreiberg will keep that fedora locked away, but where he can always see it. When he is a father for the first time, he tells Laurie they should name the child Walter.

Her face sours at this, but immediately softens.

They make it the child's middle name.

When the boy asks why, Rorschach does not get named. He's merely "an old friend".

Laurie and Dan leave New York long before their children are ever born.