-Chapter Fifteen-

Mixed emotions. That's what was flowing through Seeley Booth's head as he stared at the dark TV screen.

Anger. Happiness. Reassurance. Sadness. Love. Love for Parker. Love for Emma. Love for Temperance. He ran a hand through his hair before sighing, standing up, walking to his bedroom and slamming the door shut. He collapsed on his bed and pulled Temperance's pillow to his chest, inhaling its scent deeply. He really missed her.


Weeks later, Angela got out of her car at walked around the back to get Aggie out of her car seat. Today was Aggie's 16 month checkup.

"Come on sweetie." She said as she hoisted the little girl onto her hip. Then she froze. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she felt her heart rate increase dramatically. She looked around, and seeing no one, quickly made her way into the doctors office.


"It was weird, Jack." Angela said as she pulled the covers back later that night.

"I'm sure it was nothing."

Angela glared at him. "This coming form the conspiracy theorist."

"Ok." He slid into bed. "What do you want me to say?"

Angela climbed in and curled up next to him. "Nothing, just hold me."


Jack Hodgins was on lunch run. He was currently standing in line at the local sub place, impatiently waiting his turn. The woman in front of him was trying to decide between turkey and ham, and in the mean time, pissing him of extremely. Finally, she made up her mind, salami, and it was Jack's turn. He quickly placed the orders of the members of 'Team Brennan' and left the restaurant. The moment he stepped outside, he felt eyes on him. Quickly, he scanned the area. Nobody. He slowly made his way to his car and sped off towards the Jeffersonian.


Camille Saroyan pulled at her dress as she waited for her date to arrive. She sighed and fell back onto the couch in her living room.

"You better not stand me up again Kevin."

15 minutes later there was a knock on her door. She jumped up and greeted her date with a kiss on the cheek.

"Just let me grab my bag." She got her purse out of the closet and the two exited the apartment. Once outside Kevin looked around, a puzzled expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" Cam asked, smiling nervously.

"You don't feel that?"

"No. Feel what?"

"Like we're being watched."

Cam was silent for a moment as she tried to pick up on the feeling. "No." A lie.


"What can we do?" Angela asked Hodgins the next day.

"Do for what?" Cam asked as she entered the office.

Angela and Hodgins looked at each other, not sure as to what they should tell their boss.

"Come on," Coaxed Cam, "You can tell me."

Jack sighed. "Ok, you might think that it's me being overly paranoid, but Angela felt it too." Cam gave him a look that encouraged him to go on. "We think we're being watched."

Cam's face fell. "What is it?" Angela asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

"It's probably nothing, but I got that feeling last night."

The trio was silent for a minute, but to them it seemed like hours.

"What do we do now?" Angela whispered.

"Booth?" Jack suggested, but Cam shook her head.

"Booth was suspended, right now he can't do anything." Cam said. "Sweets is FBI, maybe he can help?"

Jack sighed. "Well, he's better than no one."

Angela sighed. "But what if it's nothing? We'll be getting the FBI involved for something it isn't anything to worry about."

Cam and Jack were silent while they thought that through. Finally Jack spoke. "I'm not going to take any chances. Not when my wife and children are involved."


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