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Repercussions Pt. 2


There is something about those people that draws you back, like a moth to a flame. I swear to myself again and again I won't save their skins, because in the end I always get burned.

I didn't give a damn about Denham. I didn't care if those rowboats never came back from that accursed island, but suddenly there I was, like someone had tied a rope around my waist and was pulling me forwards.

With Miss Darrow no one had a choice. She had to be saved. But like a cocky fool, I believed that feat could be achieved in twenty-four hours... and, like a fool, I found myself traipsing through the jungle after them.

And then, somehow, Denham talked me into capturing the thing. He said we would be rich, and for a moment I suppose my desire of money outweighed my desire for justice. But now, seventeen men are dead (but I know it's more) and some would be better off that way, and Denham is the one who doesn't give a damn.

Three of my best boys at the bottom of a crevice, and those people are still sobbing over themselves.

There is something about those people that just leaves wreckage and destruction in their wake.