a/n new story, I don't know if it'll last, but I'll probably be cool with it. It's written in Kayfabe making it extra fun.

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Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine

"Bullshit!" I screamed, "Absolute Bullshit!"

"Calm Down Mollie,"

"Calm Down? Calm Down? You fucking expect me to calm down?!"

"Well, it would be nice,"

"Pete, My dad is going to fucking try and take down Kurt Angle! He's retired!" I continued to scream, "He might get hurt," I became quiet,

"Jeff's strong, he's not going to get hurt,"

"Uh, Hello… Earth to Peter," I said waving a hand in front of the face of 'The Canadian Destroyer', "Kurt Angle… crazy mental psychotic Kurt Angle?"

"I know Moll, but he'll be okay, I promise," I sighed and turned back to the TV with this weeks episode of Impact. I should be there too, but… I had a run in with Awesome Kong which left me a bloodied mess backstage.

It's not always rainbows and butterflies.

"You're okay?"

"Yes I am Mollie,"

"Thanks to 3D…"

"Yes, thanks to 3D,"

"You should be more careful,"

"Did you see what he did to Creed, Jay and Eric,"

"Dad…" I groaned, "I know… but I really wish you wouldn't get yourself into these situations,"

"I am a grown man,"

"A retired grown man,"

"Fine, whatever…look, I have to go take care of something with Cornette, see you next week darl,"

"Bye Dad," I closed my phone and looked at the sleeping Petey Williams, "Night bud,"

"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

Walking into the front line locker room all eyes were on me,

"Relax gang, its only me," a sigh of relief washed over the room, "What's up with you lot?"

"Angle," Eric Young, Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal said together,

"Steiner," was Joe's response,

"I'm Guessing AJ would say Booker," I added,

"Beautiful People," Jessica (ODB) Kresa and Brittany Foley (my best friend of many years) answered,

"In other words, MEM and the bitches," I sighed plopping down on the nearest seat,

"Not forgetting Beer Money," Brother Ray and Brother Devon,

"Storm's got himself into shit he shouldn't have," I said quietly only being heard by Britt,

"And then there's that fat bitch Kong," the room's mood lighten at the un-intended bit of humour. We all chatted in our private conversations until a crash was heard and the whole room went into defensive mode. Joe, Rhino and 3D all stood up and brought their fists up ready to throw punches, Eric, Creed and Lethal stood in front us girls ready to get us the hell out of there. When the door opened and in walked Alex and Chris everyone's faces went from worried to pissed off,

"Way to scare the fuck out of us!" I screeched,

"What was all the noise?" Joe grumbled,

"A bit of fun," Alex said carefree,

"Well make it a bit less noisy next time ay?" I snapped. Alex wasn't my favourite person in the world. But he's part of the frontline, don't know why though, him and Chris don't seem to give a shit about anyone but themselves. He didn't say anything back to me, he just went over to the corner he usually occupied, threw his stuff on the floor and starting getting changed into his ring gear,

"Um, Alex, female's in the change room," Britt said shyly,

"Then shove off," he said shrugging,

"Then get some manners," I said harshly before storming off outside with Brittany and Jess, only to be caught by Rhino and Joe,

"Mollie, you can't be walking 'round by yourself," Joe said protectively. I rolled my eyes and kept walking, "How's Petey?"

"He's a bit shattered, but he'll be fine,"

"I heard you called your father," Rhino said starting a conversation,



"Coz he coulda got hurt," without another word, I turned the corner and entered the female bathroom,

"Mollie Kendal Jarrett, what's up your ass?" Jess said straight forwardly,

"Nothing," I lied,

"Bullshit," she said making me face her,

"Its nothing!" I said a little too loudly,

"Mollie, babe, what's wrong?" Britt said holding my shoulders,

"I'll tell you later," I said before walking out. If I hadn't, I would have been in tears right then and there.

With fancy clothes and fancy ca-ars

"Lauren?! You can't be serious! Of course I'm *beep* scared! I can't let the guys away from me with out the fear of them getting jumped by the Main Event Mafia, like last week! I can't walk around without the fear of getting run over by the big fat bulldozer! Or getting attacked from behind my the 'Beautiful' People," I said using air quotes around 'beautiful', "You're scared Lauren, I know you are! I've seen the look you get on your face when the person your interviewing gets attacked! And to be honest Lauren, you should be more *beep* scared than me, I have training!" I was pissed, this place was becoming a living hell, "I never used to be scared to walk around the Impact Zone Lauren. Never! Now, just being here with you, without one of the guys, telling the truth, its scaring me. I don't feel safe here anymore. I don't feel safe…" I trailed off coming to the realisation, no one was here with me, it was me and Lauren. Two girls, two females. Standing there. No Protection. Walking Targets. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the familiar laughs of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky,

"Oh, so you are here!" Love said feigning niceness,

"Yeah? Why wouldn't I be?"

"You got taken out by Kong. She did a pretty good job too," Sky smiled sadistically,

"Well, I'm here, and nothings going to stop me from taking you two out,"

"Well, we have a match later. You've got that… uh, person teaming with you," Love said stupidly,

"Brittany," I said to the disappearing figures. The camera light switched off and I turned to Lauren, "Look, we gotta get away from here, or at least find someone," I said grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the Frontline locker room. Big Mistake. I opened the door and saw a bloodied Rhino on the floor with Kevin Nash standing over him laughing. Lauren called for help while I tried to walk in and check on him. Thanking God that men couldn't hurt women. Nash just stood there smirking. The Paramedics came in and Nash walked out looking very proud of himself,

"Sorry Rhino," I said closing my eyes, "So sorry…" This place wasn't fun, it's a war zone.

All the girls whose lips couldn't move fast enough… Sing.

A cracking of a whip signalled my entrance, I was a 'Ring Master' TNA being my circus. I carried a whip, never been used as a weapon though. Very proud of myself for that. I also carried a guitar like my dad. I never used to, but its added protection, just in case.

"Making her way to the ring, from Nashville Tennessee, Mollie Jarrett!" Taking off my tail coat and top hat, and placing my accessories down. I was left in a leotard, I know, sounds slutty, but it looks hot. Brittany made her entrance.

"And her partner, from Long Island, New York, Brittany Foley!" Mick Foley's Daughter. Fat chick? What you expect? Well, think again, skinniest little bitch in TNA she is. Her gimmick being a normal girl, with a bit of hardcore attitude. We stood in the ring waiting for our opponents. They came out, showed off their asses and then the match began, me in first against Velvet Sky…

Sippin', reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang

"1-2-3," The ref signalled for the bell as I got up holding my back, I had pinned Angelina Love after hitting her with a Bridging German Suplex. I got up grabbed my guitar and whip and made my way backstage with Britt,

"You want to tell me what was wrong earlier?" Britt asked when we got out of sight of the crowd,

"Alex being a ass again,"

"Sweets, you can't let him keep bothering you," she comforted me, "Its been months,"

"It doesn't change what he did," I said before pushing open the door of the locker room where not much earlier one of the members had been decked out, "For the belt?" I asked noticing Alex stretching,

"Yep, against my man here," he said patting Chris on the back,

"Good Luck, Chris," I smiled. He nodded thanks my way and continued to get ready. I placed my bag down in the furthest possible place from Shelley, "Hey, do you know where everyone is?"

"We're here," Eric said walking in and sitting next to Britt throwing his arm around her shoulder, Jay sat on the other side of her going through his bag. Creed sat next to me before I stood up,

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go for a walk. Come with?" I said pulling Creed up, giving him no choice.

I see you windin' and grindin' up on the floor…

"Where the hell you been?" were Joe's first words when we walked in,

"We went for a walk," I said shrugging,

"Dressed like that? You look like a stripper!"

"Oh yeah. Creed was my pole," I said jokingly grinding into Creed. I could have sworn I saw Alex scowl, but I've been seeing a lot of things lately.