Basically my first Beckett story will be a Beckabeth. Wondering how? Well after some of the most unusual circumstances to take place after Beckett says "and what becomes of Miss Swann?'' followed by Jack "What interest is she to you?'' then there is all those little plots and ideas in there, with a cannon shot into where Beckett and Jack are, sadly that cannon or any other cannons were fired…all the pirates are caged up except those who aren't of any use to his lordship; they were executed on the spot.

Chapter One: The Decision

Characters: Mercer, Beckett, Elizabeth

Pairing: Beckett/Elizabeth

Rating: For this chapter I think to be safe, a PG is suitable

Warnings: None…for this chapter anyway.

Word Count: 2222

Chapter Summary: Elizabeth finds herself having to negotiate her pardon with Lord Beckett.

Elizabeth Swann sat in a cell aboard the Endeavour all on her lonesome. She sat against the back of her cell crying, with her knees pulled up to her chest, resting her head on her knee. She was filthy from being at sea for so long without a bathe. She had dirt marks all over her and her hair once fine was now like that of straw. She was watching the cell door just across from her, through her hot tears. She was waiting for something, anything. Elizabeth gave up. With her mind jumbled in dreadful thoughts of the day she closed her eyes and before she knew it, she was in a world of dreams. Dreams, little did she know - would soon turn into nightmares.

When Elizabeth woke she was curled up on the cell floor. Her cheek resting on a pillow made of her bare hands. Her eyes opened and closed once more to give her some realization; it wasn't everyday that Elizabeth would find herself sleeping in such a place. She used her hands to push up from the floor and sit upright. She rubbed her eyes. She had her legs stretched out in front of her with a hand rested on each leg. She sighed and took in a deep breath. She had no idea what the world would toss at her next. So many questions wandered about in her mind: Where are Will and the others? Are Will and the others all right? What is going to happen to me?

Elizabeth stared down at her hands. She looked at one hand and one finger in particular. She knew that Will and she would never be married now. Maybe she'd never be at all. She bet that she would hang.


All of her life she'd dreamed of a happy marriage, a loving marriage. She had everything in her mind once, a plan for her life with Will. All her plans had since been a thing of the past when Lord Beckett arrested Will and herself on her wedding day. But really, could you call it such? Her thoughts were distracted when she heard footsteps coming her way. She stood. She lent forwards for a better look at who was coming. She saw a medium height man with a hat walk past her cell. The figure stopped and merged from the shadow, she knew his face. Mr. Mercer. He'd been there with Beckett when the he'd arrest them.

"Let's make this quick shall we miss? If you don't try anything we can all be happy. I've come to fetch you for Lord Beckett as he requests your presence.'' the man's dull tone gave away that it was defiantly Mercer.

"I don't wish to see him right now.'' Elizabeth spat in one of her rude tones, arms crossed.

"You don't have a choice.'' his dull tone came again. She heard a click. It was the sound of keys opening her cell. Mercer entered. One hand held keys, the other hand held shackles. She knew that they'd be destined for her wrists.

Elizabeth made her way over to Mercer slowly. She put her hands behind her back and spun around; her back now to Mercer. "Are you going to use those or not?'' oh how she loved playing these little games with anyone and everyone.

Elizabeth felt Mercer's cold hands place the even colder irons over her tiny wrists. "You didn't struggle, good, but very unlike you. The attitude is still their unfortunately.'' At his words he spun her around to face him. He took her right shoulder and pushed her in front of him. Still holding her tight he locked the cell. The whole time he did this Elizabeth kept an expression of frustration on her face.

Mercer pushed her around corridors and corners all over the ship. She was enjoying her rushed tour of no words quite well. They soon came to a set of double doors; they were large and much fancier than the others they'd passed.

Mercer knocked "I have her sir.''

"Excellent send her in.'' a male and very familiar voice came from the other side of the door.

Mercer opened the door and gave Elizabeth a good hard shove into the room before Elizabeth could even think about anything other than 'what the?'

Mercer tossed the keys across the room to a good catch. The catch caught by Lord Beckett rather smoothly straight into his right palm with a nice fit. Mercer then closed the double doors and stood outside.

Elizabeth didn't speak. She observed. Lord Beckett was dressed in fine noble gents clothes, all the fashion and top of the price range of course. He was wearing a white wig and a smirk from one side of his face to the other. He casually walked over to the door and locked it with a set of keys; this set came from his pocket. Elizabeth felt a slight chill run up her spine at the sound of the door locking. She breathed in and out but making sure that she didn't make it obvious. He walked straight passed her, practically ignoring her to take his seat at his desk.

His Lordship span around in his to face her "Ah, it is nice to see you awake Miss Swann. I trust you slept well?'' he questioned.

"Yes. After all, I was too worn out from thought to even consider that I was sleeping in the brig.'' she said with great pride and a little sarcastic smirk to add the finishing touch.

He gave a short laugh. "Fair enough; I had you brought here for a reason I have you know....'' he said sweeping her body with his icy blue eyes. He noticed what a mess she was so he removed his glance from her and redirected to a map on the wall.

"Really? What reason would that be?'' she asked out of curiosity. It was pretty obvious that he'd had her brought to him for a reason; she just needed to know what that reason was.

"To negotiate your pardon and well being - should I remove those?'' he answered and motioned his hand to her wrists – the shackles.

"Yes. What do you mean by negotiate my pardon?'' she asked with a look of wonder and curiosity giving him direct eye contact with her narrowed eyes.

Beckett made his way over to her, passing her, their eyes not leaving one another for a split second. He took hold of her wrists and unlocked the irons. "As I said you're here to negotiate your pardon. We'll investigate and see what you can do for me,'' he said and once again a chill stuck Elizabeth's spine, leaving her felling rather insecure.

She turned around to face him. He'd already moved to his desk. An alcoholic substance in a large bottle on a tray with two glasses was what he'd gone there for; Elizabeth presumed. Elizabeth was assured when he asked "Port, Miss Swann?''. Elizabeth nodded and said "Yes.'' She sounded very polite for the first time in the conversation. Very polite for someone who hated this man – it was just an act of course.

Beckett filled the two glasses with the Port. He sat the Port bottle down then picked one glass up. He walked over to Elizabeth and she walked over to him. He handed her the glass and she took a sip almost immediately. He walked back over to the desk and sat down. Elizabeth wasn't quite sure what she should do so she remained where she stood.

"Come, sit across from me. It wouldn't be right having you to stand there like that now would it?'' he said with a sip of port.

She looked puzzled for a moment but amazingly enough she sat without any facial expression or sarcastic comment. She sat knowing that if she wanted her pardon she would have to stop the verbal games she played. She sat quietly. She was unsure of what he wanted, but something from deep within told her else wise… it had to be something bad on her accord. He had arrested her and Will on what should have been the happiest day of her life. She hated him and especially stronger now that he'd murdered her father; he'd taken her only close relative away from her. He'd taken everything. What could he possibly want to take now?

"If I can't get you the compass, because I presume you already have it, then what can I do?'' Elizabeth asked with her eyes fixed to his glass of port which was being raised to his mouth.

He took a rather large sip. "Let's see. What kind of person are you? Hmm…you're a young woman, brought up high in society; you must have a good education I can imagine. So what do you think I should gain from you?'' he said all eyes upon her in ready for her reply.

"I'm good with charts and sailing? …and I do like to think that I have a good education,'' she said with her head down looking at the glass of port resting on her leg in her hand. She knew that the ship was huge. He would have to have many people working on it; maybe one more person wouldn't hurt.

"Charts and sailing?'' he laughed. "No place for a woman in my armada if that's what you're suggesting. Oh and I forgot to add, you're a young woman, a young unmarried woman. Let's see I an unmarried man, then you a beautiful, young and unmarried woman. I think that's what you can do for me. Fix my, unmarried problem.'' he said coldly with a huge smirk on his face looking directly on her.

"No, I won't! Please not that! You don't want me! Beautiful; Look at me!'' she protested. He wants her. First he takes Will then he takes her father and now he wants to take her.

"If that's what you think than what can you do for me?'' he asked still with an evil grin.

Elizabeth went silent; she tried hard to think of something. All she got was blank.

"So you have nothing? That's a shame.'' he said yet again after some port.

"I don't have anything… What will happen if I refuse?'' she asked. It was if it all went dark sadness had clouded her blue skies with a grim fate for good. She had nothing. She didn't have Will. She didn't have her own father anymore. She had herself and herself alone.

"With no pardon; you'll hang like the others.'' he said smoothly looking at his remaining port.

Elizabeth's heart sank like a ship full of water. She immediately turned her thoughts to Will. All she ever wanted in life was a happy marriage. She wanted to make real of all that romance she read. But here she was; stumped. She could go ahead and not marry to become Lady Beckett but if she did that she'd die. Both she and Will would meet the noose, and then they could live happily together in death forever. What if after death never existed? Then dying was a hopeless option. She thought of her other option to become Lady Beckett, he was rich… and handsome somewhat. Elizabeth almost slapped herself at that last though.

"I'm waiting.'' Lord Beckett said leaning forwards to rest his elbows on the desk, hands clasped together.

"Sorry to disappoint! We can't all make split second and hard decisions like you! I'm sorry!'' Elizabeth spat out without even thinking.

"I didn't ask for your opinion. I was implying. I want an answer pardon or no pardon? Simple question, simple yes or no answer, there is nothing difficult about that.'' he tormented her.

"Agh! Fine then! I chose…I-I….I want to see Will before I make my decision.'' she really wasn't thinking when she spat that out.

Beckett stared at her. "Seeing Mr. Turner wasn't an option. Though, if you want to see him again you'll agree to marriage.'' he said giving her a cruel look in the eyes.

She wanted to see Will, if not she might never see him again. She couldn't stand the thought of the last time they'd seen each other. She could easily just make marriage hard for him, yes revenge and Will in one. "Fine, I-I will marry you…'' she said head hung low and mumbled.

His smirk appeared once again, it was even wider this time "Excellent. We are to wed tomorrow in late noon. After all, late noon is close to evening which is very ever so close to night. So close to what happens on the wedding night.'' he said with a manner of all cruelty teasing her decision. "For now you need to get yourself out of that filth. You'll be given your own room. I will take you there after you're done having final moments with Mr. Turner,'' he sounded pleased to know that she would be his.

"Tomorrow…'' she whispered her dooms day. He didn't hear her and was sure that even if he did, he wouldn't care.

Still sitting at his desk Beckett shouted "Mercer go fetch Mr. Turner from the brig.''