Chapter eight: Reward
Elizabeth, Mercer and Lord Beckett. There will also be an OC who makes a brief appearance in this chapter; Mrs. Henrietta Keating
Hard M
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This chapter takes off where the last chapter was left. Elizabeth finds herself tied to a chair... refining her table etiquette. She is later rewarded for being well behaved in an unexpected way.

The first thing Elizabeth noticed about her house was that it didn't feel like her house. Beckett really had gone all out in arranging for it to be re-furbished and by the looks of things he'd even had the tiles replaced, as he said he would, and the wallpaper too. She gave a quiet sigh. She was at first upset by the changes he'd made but then she was grateful – seeing it in the condition she left it in would've only warranted for her to get upset when the memories came back. But that wouldn't mean that they wouldn't.

After a short look around in the sitting, drawing and dining rooms she found herself back at the entrance again. She knew Mercer had been following her and had done well to ignore it, until now. "What?" she asked full of revulsion.

"He asked me to keep an eye on you." He answered with just as much disdain as Elizabeth. He obviously wasn't too happy about having to babysit her.

How could she be so stupid? Beckett had only let her roam the ship freely because there was no chance of escape out at sea, but on land there were plenty of opportunities so it made sense that he'd have someone watch over her all of the time. This reminded her not to let her guard down or plot or make an escape attempt yet; because she knew now that Beckett still didn't completely trust her. She secretly thanked Mercer for warning her even though he did so unintendedly.

"Fine, I'll be going up to my room now then." She said and then made for the stair case. She hoped that when she got up stairs and to her room that she'd be able to quickly shut and lock the door behind her – she really couldn't have Mercer follow her everywhere and she'd prefer to be alone in her room for a while.

Her plan failed however when Mercer made his way up the stairs quicker than she (her dress and shoes proving more difficult that she had remembered) and went ahead and opened her bedroom door. She followed and then went into her room – she accepted that she'd be stuck with him after all. He followed her in, shutting the door behind them.

Her room... it was the very same as she'd left it; the furniture was the same, the floor and walls were the same, it even smelt the same. She moved her head around to her right slowly as if expecting something horrible to be near the dressing screen. She put her hand to her chest out of relief that nothing was there; there had been where a pile of un-opened wedding gifts had sat the day she was supposed to marry Will...

Before she could wonder where all of the gifts had gone Mercer suddenly asked "Are we done inspecting now?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?" she asked.

"The master 'as arranged for a refining on your table manners and the woman who is going to teach yer' will be 'ere shortly." He answered.

"Oh..." she said, remembering what Beckett had said back aboard the ship. "That was quick..."

It was not long before Elizabeth found herself losing her patience with an old woman down stairs in the dining room – the woman who Beckett had sent to refine her table etiquette. 'Hindrance' instead of 'Henrietta' was what she felt like calling her. She was wearing far too much make up (a cake would have less decoration), a hat which was too large for her head but suited her brown dress which had a small floral design and ridiculously large frills. From what Elizabeth had observed in the past three hours, the woman was very straight forward with her arrogance and kept making comments which contrasted Elizabeth and the woman's daughter. She also insisted that she was called by her first name instead of Mrs. Keating because it made her feel old. Did she not realise that she was old?

Elizabeth was sat at the end of the table, tied to the back of the chair with the old woman's scarf to keep her shoulders back. She wondered what on earth possessed someone in Port Royal to wear a scarf in the middle of the day if at all – ever. She was made to show Henrietta which pieces of cutlery were to be used for what foods and how to hold and use them. She must have looked incredibly stupid tied to a chair with a bright orange scarf pretending to cut and eat food. She felt stupid and embarrassed because at some point Beckett had arrived and was watching his pet learn and kept her from doing or saying anything impolite to the old woman. Oh how he was enjoying this. Elizabeth couldn't help but wonder if he'd hired her knowing all too well what she was like in order to test her patience.

When Henrietta decided that Elizabeth had done well enough she said goodbye whilst untying her. She replaced her scarf back around her neck and reminded Elizabeth to make sure she sat straight. "Remember m' dear - shoulders back."

Elizabeth put on a fake smile and said with even more fake kindness "I will, thank you for your time Henrietta."

The woman passed Mercer on her way out who gave her the money for her service.

During dinner later that night Elizabeth made sure she did everything the old woman had instructed her to do with the cutlery all the while making sure her posture was perfect – she did not want Beckett to think that he needed to bring Henrietta back. She was quite sure that if Henrietta were to return she wouldn't be able to contain her comments. When dinner ended Beckett complemented her and said "I'll require you tonight. Wait for me in my room... I may be a while though as I have a few things which require my attention in the study."

"Yes, of course, my lord," she said, and then as the servants began to clear away the dinner dishes, Elizabeth and Beckett stood and went their own ways.

She'd read a few erotic passages from books of the genre which she had stowed away in her hidden book collection in her room while she waited for her husband. It was the same collection where she hid her swashbuckling pirate adventure novels from the eyes of her father. She'd aroused herself in the hope it would make tonight's episode with her husband more comfortable and satisfying. Then again, it would please him too as he'd told her many times how much he appreciated her wetness, and that was something she disliked.

The candle that sat on the end table next to her chair had melted away a good three quarters of its original length over the hours that she'd been waiting for Beckett. It was in the early hours of the morning now. 'He must be really busy tonight.'

When Beckett finally did show up he seemed surprised by the fact that she was still awake and waiting for him, her presence startled him at first and he was quick to fix himself in hope she wouldn't have noticed. "I'd have thought you'd have gone to bed or fallen asleep while waiting."

Elizabeth smiled, he was here now and she could have this over and done with so she could go to bed. "That would just be pointless because we both know that you'd have woken me up. Why fall asleep when I know I'm only going to be woken? And besides, if you hadn't woke me up then that would've made what I did while I was waiting a complete waste..."

"I see... and what was it that you did while you waited?" he asked.

She gave him cheeky smile. "Well... I read some very interesting material." She paused for a brief moment and then continued. "And while reading I made sure I was sitting correctly – speaking of which, please don't bring that old hag back again."

"As entertaining as her visit was, there won't be any need to bring her back, you should be fine as long as you do as she instructed." He said. After a few moments of silence he spoke again. "You know, your behaviour today was better than I'd hoped for..." he moved to stand in front of the chair. "I do believe a reward is in order..."

"Reward?" she asked.

"Stand," He commanded.

She stood without delay. It was no sooner than she'd opened her mouth to ask what he was doing that he'd lifted his finger to her lips to quieten her.

She remained silent as he slowly and gently removed her clothes. It struck her as odd, it wouldn't usually be this slow and certainly not gentle. Was this her reward? She could hardly see being intimate with him as a reward – it would be far from it. She would say something but he'd only stop her again so she didn't bother.

Once she was completely bare he commanded her to sit. Elizabeth obeyed but only after a short moment's hesitation. Her naked and warm body felt the cool of leather of the chair, it clung to her and it felt surprisingly nice, as if it were almost erotic.

Beckett lifted Elizabeth's legs one at a time and placed them so they hung over the arms of the chair. She became utterly shocked and embarrassed; it was uncomfortable and embarrassing for her to have her legs divided as such - with the apex between her legs on show in such an explicit way. "Uh, what are you doing?" she cried. Her checks began to represent her embarrassment.

He merely ignored her and got on his knees and pulled her hips forward so that the apex of her thighs came closer to the edge of the chair. Closer to his mouth... "Argh, please, no – don't," she cried, slapping both hands on the bottom of the chair simultaneously at her sides.

He lifted his head. "Why not? Is my reward not suitable?"

Her voice came uneasy out of her embarrassment. "A gift... would have... been nice."

"This is a gift... a gift of pleasure." He assured with a smirk.

"A gift that you also benefit from is hardly a gift." She remarked.

"Is there any better gift than a good wife who does as she is told? And a husband who would go out of his way to pleasure her and above his own desires to reward such?"

She couldn't argue with that, he even made it sound genuine and as if he knew all too well that he hadn't given a spare thought about her desires until now. He'd never put her pleasure before his and she certainly had never expected him to. She remained silent, not knowing what to say and out of defeat.

"See pet, I was thinking of you." And with that he moved his head toward her heated place.

Using one hand he pushed her leg back a bit to allow for greater exposure of her more colourful places. She blushed even more at his actions and her body began to anticipate what would come next with a gentle throbbing and tingling beginning in her moist, needy place.

He had her placed and now he could begin. He started at her by lightly brushing his lips and the very tip of his tongue over her outer lips. She flinched at the sensation, and at the new and rather wanton experience. He slowly slid his hand down her soft creamy thigh to her even softer hip and spaced his hand out so his thumb spread her entrance even wider while keeping a force on her leg so she wouldn't be able to squirm as much. At the same time Elizabeth grew even more excited.

Lifting his other hand to hold her other leg for balance he began to sample the more tender, colourful flesh of her inner lips with delicacy and frustrating slowness, then, teasingly, he moved upwards to circle her clit. She drew a sharp breath as the texture of his tongue soothed over her pleasure pearl and aroused her even further.

The change in her breathing encouraged him; he began to circle her with more pressure of which added to both her and his own pleasure. Then when she drew a moan his member hardened, pushing outwards at the front of his breeches. Adding an almost rough pressure to her clit by circling it harder he stopped for a second and changed to give her full licks which covered the area around her clit in a very slow teasing method.

The open window could not be blamed for the goose bumps which began to form all over her body neither was it the reason for her erect nipples. She let out a small chain of moans as the tingling all over her body took her over just as much as his tongue that was capturing her most moist and tender flesh did.

He moved his focus back to her entrance, this time he began to circle his tongue around slightly inside her. The satisfaction of his teasing tongue was becoming too much for her to handle - she wanted more but he was persistent on teasing her. She went to flinch again when he changed his movement from circling to wriggling from side to side but found that she could not.

She was really quite wet at this stage, and still he desired more so he still teased. He continued to slowly wriggle his curled tongue around and inside of her.

She really couldn't hold herself back any longer, this was, after all, the best she'd ever felt. She arched her back which caused Beckett's tongue to unintendedly enter her deeper. With the taste of her wetness well on his tongue he grew hungry for more and drew his tongue deeper; now swirling it around fast inside the centre of her pool of moisture. Elizabeth let out a moan as the upmost of satisfaction was granted. "Oh... Uh, oh," she cried.

For someone who didn't want this to begin with she was enjoying it plenty; Beckett made note. Enjoying her taste and the way his saliva mixed with her wetness in his mouth to form the most wonderful sensation he began to fasten his wriggling and swirling and then graduated into taking her fluids into his mouth and swallowing by lapping his tongue in and out of her wetness. The new movement was just as pleasurable as the last and she let him know with a sudden increase in her moaning .The pitch she now made was also much higher. She arched her back further. The intensity of her enjoyment was felt all over her body in another fixated wave; it ran through her veins like wild fire through a dry paddock – quick and intense.

He continued his hungry and almost violent movements until there was hardly any moisture left for him to feed on. This was when his tongue began to ease and he eventually stopped its caress upon her. Elizabeth lowered her back and looked down to see what he would do next. There had to be a next. Didn't there? She was on the verge of a climax he wouldn't just leave her if this was supposed to be a reward. Would he?

He licked his lips and then stood and unhooked her legs from the arms of the chair. He then took a step back and admired what he had created. Her cheeks were very flushed and her skin was painted in very noticeable goose bumps. Her hair was placed as if creatively designed to arouse; over her smooth shoulders splayed across her collar bone and top of her breasts. Her breathing was still heavy so her chest rose up and down with a slow pace but with a large gap between her breaths causing her breasts to very noticeably rise and fall.

As she anticipated his next move she noticed there was a very evident amount of pre-cum at the front of his breeches with an even more noteworthy bulge.

"And there you were complaining. Now look at you." He finally broke the silence with his remark and a smug look upon his face.

When she managed to control her breathing she moistened her mouth and responded. "Yes, yes indeed."

"What's the matter?" he asked, not out of concern but of curiosity.

She could have said 'nothing' but at the moment she was far too intent on figuring out a way to get full satisfaction. She needed to lure him into sleeping with her... "You're aroused my lord." She stood and made her way over to him with her weakened knees. "How about you put it to good use..." she suggested and then playfully reached for the button of his breeches.

"Is that your provocation talking or are you willingly able to please me?" He asked.

She thought for a moment, this was her chance to get some much wanted satisfaction, she could not mess this up now. She came up with something and smiled lustfully and responded in a seductive tone "You rewarded me... I think now it's my turn." She took both his arms and pulled him over towards the bed and was surprised to learn that he did not object.

"If you wish to seed me you'll have to be quick... judging by the look of you." She said as she let go of his hands and sat on the edge of his bed. She lent backwards and then propped herself up with her elbows. He couldn't resist that now could he? He removed his wig and breeches. Without any time, he didn't bother to remove his waist coat or undershirt and lent forward to take his prize by the hips. He then, with skill, turned her over and pulled down closer to the edge of the bed. She not expecting this rash movement pulled on the sheets of the bed as she was dragged down towards him.

He moved her legs apart and stood in-between them, he didn't even bother to step out of his breeches. He placed his aroused member inside of her, slowly with the head of his manhood just as one final tease. He moved his hands to get a good grip on her hips and then he pursued his arousal further inside of her until he was completely inside. She let out a plea for more and that was when he began to thrust her at a fast pace. She was warmer than usual, wetter than usual and for those reasons better than usual. He was enjoying this never before seen side of Elizabeth so much that he didn't even consider questioning it; he just continued to pound her until they both cried out loudly in their release. He came first and then she followed shortly after; the final catalyst being his hot release shot up deep inside of her.

Beckett replaced his breeches and sat on the edge of the bed next to Elizabeth. She made an attempt to push herself up but instead she ended up remaining where she was; she too was weakened by the aftermath of her release. Beckett noticed her movement and commented. "Can't get up, pet?"

"No! What's the matter with me?" She said her voice full of concern.

He gave a single chuckle. "You surely didn't expect to get up right after that did you?"

"You mean... it's supposed to happen?" she asked.

"Of course..." he said, he sounded rather puzzled by her questions. Had she not felt this good up until now?

"Well, I wouldn't know what to expect... I've never really done that before, you've never let me..." she said.

"All the more reason to appreciate it; I don't have the time to play with you like that pet. Did you not notice all the time and effort which went into it?" he said.

"Oh... I see..." she said.

"When you can move, get up and get into bed." He said before getting up. He walked around to the other side of the bed, which he must have thought he was capable of but wasn't because he was having a hard time of it.

She somehow found the strength to prop herself up and turn her head. "You want me to stay?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face. She never stayed.

"You're quiet welcome to this evening; just don't expect it to happen all the time." He said as he pulled down the sheets on his side of the bed.

It wasn't until he was comfortable in the bed that she found she had the strength, or at least, sort of, to walk over to get her gown. She went to walk over to it but was stopped. "You don't need that."

And with that Elizabeth got into her side of the bed. She was no sooner in bed when Beckett moved closer to her, placed her head on his chest he kissed her hair. "You're going to need a bigger reward."

"Again?" she exclaimed.

"No - as much as you've appreciated it and I've enjoyed it. I'll buy you something, maybe something you can amuse yourself with," He said. He drew a deep breath and then continued. "You know, I was planning on taking you to watch the hanging of the pirates tomorrow... Including Will and Mr. Sparrow but I've decided not to now because it was intended as punishment... and you don't need punishing anymore."

"Oh..." she said. He didn't expect this response; he expected that she would correct him like before. 'Captain Jack Sparrow.'

She'd almost forgotten about James' warning about that. She was glad she didn't have to go anymore because she hadn't thought of a plan to save Will or the others and even if she had she'd be going against her promise to Will. 'You go ahead and marry Beckett, live Elizabeth.' His words echoed in her mind. If she did have a good plan than getting caught would certainly break that promise. She could not save them. She tried to keep herself from thinking about it in attempt to refrain from crying but she couldn't. She began to weep.

Beckett lifted her chin and he made direct eye contact with her. "You're crying. Why?"

She couldn't tell Beckett so she lied. "I'm happy." She said before quickly burning her face into his cravat.

He said nothing to her and just stroked her, suspecting she was lying. He knew she was probably thinking about Turner and he idly stroked her to comfort her until she fell asleep.

In the morning Elizabeth woke in almost the exact position that she'd fallen asleep in – still wrapped around Beckett, using him as a pillow. She removed herself from the position and sat up and looked over at the clock - he should have left for work hours ago.