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I drove home alone that day. Obviously something was up, and the girls would tell me when I needed to hear it. My aggressive days are long gone, the ones where if I wanted to know something I would get the info right then and there. Now, I could care less about what's going on with anyone but my girls, my new bf, Erwin (as of lunch!), and their bfs.

Going home has been a torture since he left. Passing his empty house, knowing he won't come back hits me like a ton of bricks every time. I don't look at it anymore, but I know I'm close to home, when I feel a pang in my chest. That's how close we lived to each other…

But for some reason, today I felt the need to look; As though something was calling to me to look. That's when I saw the most unreasonable thing ever… A MOVING VAN!!! AT HIS HOUSE?! -Our town's not that popular, we don't have people moving in like ever, so trust me, this is a big deal! – Someone was moving in, into his house! Panic and fear flooded through me. All would be lost.

Any hope of him coming home, him and his family. I felt tears in my eyes, as I willed myself not to go back to my old ways, to just go home and weep. I would call the girls later, they understood the most, and they've had heartbreaks just like I've had. They are more like me than anyone could ever guess. Well them and the old TJ…

As I pulled up into the driveway, I mutely got out of my 2004 Ford Focus. I walked into my house and headed straight to my room, thankful that my parents didn't get home until after six these days. As I walked into my room, I shut the door and headed for my bed. I sat down and cried, well balled is a better word, but who's to judge? Anyway, six years of wishing were gone. Everything would remain the same. He would never come back, and I could never tell him how I felt…

I've only felt helpless twice in my life. First time was when TJ and I were choosen to kiss. As hard as I wanted it to not happen, I couldn't avoid it, it needed to happen. We needed to prove that kissing was not as great as Frankie's brother made it seem. The second time was when I realized TJ was not coming back, at all. The gang fell apart just like I thought it would. That was when I needed him the most.

These new movers are my third case of helplessness. Know that no matter how much I hoped, how long I wished, TJ would never reappear into my life. And with that I cried harder.

With The Ashley's and Gretchen

"Alright girls, I sent S home. Let's get this meeting started," Ashley A. said.

"First thing first," Gretchen said, "what exactly did you hear and where were you when you heard it Q?"

"I was in the attendance office, with Dave. He was absent yesterday, and I offered to walk with him to turn in his note. You know how much I like him," she explained as they looked at her knowing full well she wasn't absent yesterday. "Anyway, I heard Menlow talking to someone on the phone. And then I heard him say, 'So Detweiler, Theodore J. is coming back?' silence, 'Yes, Mrs. Detweiler, we'll make him feel like he never left.' Then he laughed, you know that snorty laugh he has. Ew. 'Well he'll be pretty surprised to what he's coming back to. Yeah a lot of things have changed. Oh no, he'll be VERY surprised,' silence. 'Alright well you have a nice day and thank you again. Goodbye.' And then he hung up! I left Dave with an apologetic look and ran straight for A," she explained.

"Wow!" B said. "I can't believe it. He's really coming back. Can I tell Vince," she asked questioningly?

"NO!," A, T, and Gretchen exclaimed together.

"No," A repeated, much calmer this time. "Not yet, anyway. We need to come up eith a way to gently break this to her. S needs to find out before anyone else can. And maybe Lawson as well, just so he knows not to hurt S and to prepare him for her rationalized anger towards the guy."

"I agree A, but what about the rest of the school? Weams is sure to get a hold of this information and spread it like wildfire. Especially since he and Menlow are now the best of friends." T said with worry.

"She's right, how do we fight an upcoming fire when we have no extinguisher? Popularity can only get us so far," B said.

An uncomfortable silence filled Ashley A.'s dining room. Knowing B was right, there was only so much they could do from preventing any more harm to S.

A was close to tears, as she continuously reapplied her lip gloss, T's and Q's nervous habits, biting nails and playing with their hair, made a comeback. Gretchen was tapping her pen against her books, and B was staring off into the distance. None of them had any idea on what to do. What could they do to stop Menlow from spilling the beans, and Weams spreading rumors, and S getting hurt?

Several minutes passed as they were all thinking. None of them coughed, sneezed, or anything else. They just sat there until...

"We need to tell the boys. They might be able to help more than we know. They can come up with a plan, and they can help us set it up. I mean how much can we four seriously pull off without S questioning what we're up to?" T mentioned.

Q replied with a "Yeah I agree."

B, T and A flipped their phones open and immediately called their boys. Q and Gretchen called who they needed to, and told them what was going on asking for help.

The boys came over and came up with a plan. An amazing plan, that S would never know they were behind. It would be set up tomorrow, before school even started. It just had to work.

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