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Bella's P.O.V

I was going to live with my father in Forks, Washington. One of the rainiest places I know. I would miss my mother and even her new husband Phil, but I knew he would take care of her.

I must of fell asleep on the plane trip because I awoke to a flight attendant with a big cheesy smile plastered to her face shaking me awake and telling me the plane had landed. I put on my jacket, I knew I was going to need it, and walked off the plane to be greeted by my father, Charlie.

"Hey Bells, how was your flight?" he asked me giving me a hug.

"Long, but I fell asleep" I answered involuntarily yawning and smiling at the same time at the thought of getting more sleep.

"Come on, we'll get your luggage and leave so you can get some more rest for your big day tomorrow!"

Ughhh, as if I needed reminding of my first day at my new school. I didn't want to think of the stares everyone would be giving me, the new girl, in the town where everyone's grandparents new each other and they all grew up together. But hopefully this year I would make some friends, I highly doubted it though, with my glasses, out of season cheap clothes, my brains and now at this school my Aussie accent, the popular people looked down on me and with them looking down on me suddenly the whole school looked down on me and teased and hated me.

We arrived at the house, my house, which looked exactly the way I remembered it from when I left for Australia with my mum when I was 5, I said goodnight to Charlie and made my way upstairs to my room and immediately started unpacking. I came across my favourite book of all time Wuthering Heights and started reading it to calm down before falling asleep, which I did almost straight away.

Edwards P.O.V

"EWARD ANTHONY CULLEN YOU WAKE UP RIGHT THIS MIN.." I heard my mother Esme yell from downstairs and I turned over and pulled my pillow over my ears to block out the sound. I decided to get up before she got a brain hemorrhage from screaming at me.

I got dressed and ran downstairs and grabbed some toast to eat on the way to school.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked my mother while putting on my jacket.

" Rosalie, Emmet and Jasper are in the garage and ALICE IS STILL UPSTAIRS," she said a little louder to grab her attention.

My sister bounded into view with an apologetic smile on her face, she quickly ran down the stairs grabbed her bag, kissed Esme on the check and ran into the garage.

I smirked and said "Bye Mum"

In the garage everyone was already getting in the car so all I had to do was hop in turn the key and drive towards Forks high school. I enjoyed school and was the classic popular guy with the good grades everyone wanted to be friends with.

We pulled into the car park and greeted our friends and headed off for our classes when the bell rang.

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